? So, Im going to give you some of my top picks for Tech, not all of them wildly expensive, because not everybody has that much money, but were going to cover the same things that we cover on our Channel with smartphones laptops gaming laptops tablets, some cameras, even That sort of thing no manufacturer or anybody paid to have to be one of the top picks Im going to pick for you. We do have a paid placement that has nothing to do with these top Tech picks for the holiday season. But just so you know theyre there, because I think theyre good all right lets go. First up is laptops just straight normal laptops and well this year I mean, I think you know unless youre an apple hater, unless you really need to use windows program, specifically its going to be any M1 or M2 MacBook thats on the market, depending on the size. You need and the price range the MacBook Air with the M2 processor is really a pretty good deal for the price performance, the display quality and all that sort of thing again. The challenges because now that theyre on arm processors youre not going to get native x86 performance, so if you must have Windows instead! Well, obviously, there is at the higher end the Dell XPS 13 or the HP Specter X360, if youre looking for a convertible, but also the Dell Inspira online for the more affordable models and the HP Pavilion line, good, looking good quality way less money, you know, but Us techies, we have needs that extend beyond Tech, especially during the holiday season, and this video sponsor, HSN or Home Shopping Network.

Is there to help? Yes, sure you can get a lovely HP laptop there if you want to even an hpvictus gaming laptop but its the holiday season. You have gifts to give and we all have these Beyond tech. For example, we need to brush our hair. We need to store our leftovers and some nice glass containers that sort of thing HSN has a unique curated selection of products and top name brands and electronics, lifestyle, Home Health and Beauty, crafts fashion and more youre, probably familiar with their two channels that reach millions of U.S shoppers they have weekly deal drops and now you can pay overtime using their Flex Pay or you can pay all at once. So yeah. We know about the HP laptops thats awesome, but what about the tablet stand that you folks have often asked about us using well. Here is an example right here of the kind that we use and also there are fancier ones that will stand up your ipad, Nice metal design. This is all name brand stuff that youve heard of too, for example, say youre in the health and fitness theres a Fitbit verse of four here, and you got to store your leftovers during the holiday season. So we have Anchor Hocking glass storage containers and for the gamer in your family, theres, the Turtle Beach gaming headset works with PC works with PlayStation 5 keeps the noise down. So nobody else has to hear you when youre playing Call of Duty after your holiday meal, and then we have the shark vertex corded, upright vacuum cleaner, the kind that looks like a Dyson but has a cord for more power and a very crafty under Appliance attachment.

Cleaner tool, too so be sure to check out HSN and Link in the description and now back to our video next category is. Is gaming laptop something I really wouldnt recommend MacBooks for because no x86 and the performance in terms of Graphics, optimized for gaming and all that sort of thing you get the idea. I mean casual gaming, fine, but Im doing my AAA title kind of gaming. Here you want to play Metro, Exodus and cyberpunk those sorts of things, so one of my long running picks for full body. Laptops of the 17 inch size is the MSI ge76 Raider. I mean compared to gaming laptops of old its, not that big and heavy. But this is one of the bigger thicker tankier, hence really high wattage gpus for more performance in games and also more room for cooling and an easy to open to upgrade and repair kind of design, not cheap, though so you know its funny Alienware. Actually, people think of that as the most expensive brand other than boutiques and actually sometimes Alienware is more affordable than the MSI. So do keep that in mind, because Alienware is actually doing a pretty good job these days themselves too, which gets to a point also with so many of the name brand products out there. Often none of them are terrible choices. You know its a good time now, because Tech is very mature, its not like Im saying that any product I dont mention isnt good Im, just trying to pick some of the ones that I have found over the years that are really good like Im, using that Raider myself for playing games nightly, but when I have to travel theres the Asus Rogue strix scar, which in the 15.

6 inch size, though you can get it in the 17 inch. If you want is really light really portable has decent wattage gpus on board the option of AMD or Intel processors and Nvidia RTX Graphics. There was one that they did. That was a complete AMD platform, but that one is getting a little long in the tooth now, but anyway, nice QHD good, looking screen on that one, some RGB bling, if you want – which you can always disable if you bring it into the office, its a well Made package, and also again easy to get into and easy to upgrade, and the price is fair for what you get. These are well under two thousand dollars. Typically now an honorable mention for those who are looking for more budget things is the Acer Nitro Line. If youre looking more at a thousand dollars, which you can get an RTX, 3050 or 30 60, that sort of thing and its a good, solid, laptop, also keep in mind anything that is one generation old youll still get RTX 3000 Series Graphics, but one generation older Cpu, it doesnt make that much of a difference, but you might save like 400 bucks or something and theres plenty of those deals to be had this time of year. Next up, it is smart, watches and well, if youre, an apple person, obviously its going to be the Apple Watch, series, 7 Series 8 or the ultra, if youre really on a tight budget, and you can find it at a good discount.

The series 7 is pretty much everything that the series 8 offers theres, not enough of a difference. For me to say: hey, if you can save you know 35 or something like that. Yeah, I would, I would say, save 35 is what Im trying to tell you there uh, obviously very mature platform, very sticky in terms of its hard to give up your Apple lunch once youre used to using it and then theres. Also, the Apple watch Ultra that I reviewed now. Obviously, this is certainly the best Apple watch in terms of battery life in terms of dual band: GPS in terms of durability and all those nice Creature Comforts all those little upgrades we wish you could have seen on Apple watch, but the drawbacks are. It is a chunker and its also 799 dollars, so its a lot more than many of you are looking to spend, but for those who are already into premium, watches or typically by the stainless steel model of an Apple Watch anyway, its fifty dollars more than the Stainless steel models – those are okay with the chunk its worth, considering it certainly now, if youre on Android its going to be the Samsung Galaxy watch 5., I mean its a very mature platform, even though they reworked it and partnered with Google, so its running, wear OS, But it very tizen Os from Samsung influence, design its got all of the sensors, all of the exercise and sleep tracking features down.

I mean theyve been doing this a long time now. Samsung and partnering with Google is the best thing ever because you get that more wider platform functionality for things like you know, using Google Voice Assistant on the watch so also quite affordable, which is nice and the pixel watch. I like again thats why Im going to do a follow up video on, as they add, features its lovely looking its a little bit more expensive, though than Galaxy watch5 and its a first gen platform. So it has fewer features its, but its very minimalist. Looking its very attractive as long as youre, okay with the small watch, because that one only comes in the smaller casing size, it might look a little funny on a big bone guy. When it comes to tablets, you know first off yeah. You know how a lot of reviewers say our review titles say the best product for the for most people, and I just hate that phrase, because Tech is complicated, youre complicated right. You know, everybody needs a certain set of features. They may have platform preferences. All that kind of thing, its usually really hard to say the best thing for most people to buy. I think thats like snotty as heck to say it, but if there was ever a time that comes close to feeling, that is the thing to say its with the iPad. If youre shopping for a tablet, a mobile OS tablet uh.

Why? Because the ecosystem of iPad apps is huge, youve got so much. Software games, productivity um, you name it even creative content, Adobe working on getting their Creative Suite ported with more and more features over to iPad OS, and you have a great accessory ecosystem and theres such a wide range of prices. It starts at 329 for the iPad. 9Th gen, you can go all the way up to the super fancy iPad Pros if you want all the premium stuff and the M processor family and all that sort of thing, so yeah and then youve got the apple pencil, which is one of the best digital Pencils or pens, whichever you want to call it on the market in in terms of its great for art, its great for note taking, but I understand some of you just hate apple or you have an ecosystem of android devices and obviously Samsungs line of Galaxy tablets. Are really solid Hardware, its, not their fault? The only thing that holds them back again is the app selection, and many of them have the Samsung pen, which is Wacom EMR technology, also a top technology for using the pen, mothers for art or for note taking and lastly, for those of you who, like tablet And like Windows, clearly theres the Surface Pro 9. or if you want to say money, go to the Surface Pro 8, because thats sort of like the Apple watch, 7 versus Apple watch, 8.

theres, just not enough of a difference. And if you can save several hundred dollars and believe me Ive already seen the ads coming out, you can its okay to get a Surface Pro 8 youre going to get pretty much all the good stuff anyway, and the pen experience there among Windows competitors other than Samsung, who still has walking EMR on their laptops and convertibles, the the pen experience unsurfaced products Surface Pro 8 and 9th generation is really Head and Shoulders. Above most things, youll find on Windows convertibles these days. When it comes to cameras, I think you know if you watch my channel were pretty much a Sony Camp ever since they went mirrorless. I got on board with Sony, and now they have such a huge selection of lenses at various price points and a wide selection of camera bodies in different price ranges, which is important right. Theyre. Not all just six thousand dollar Fancy Pants things. You know if you can get A7 III, its still a solid camera and discounted. Now that the a74 is out, you get the idea there, the a7r series, even going back to the a7r III, really really nice high resolution camera, though I do have a weakness for Fujifilm cameras too. If youre looking for well a lot less money to spend on lenses, yet theyre, very high quality and very portable bodies, theyre more photography, rather than video Centric there, but its a photographers camera in terms of dials and hardware and feeling traditional and, lastly, theres phones.

This is the one that most people still get most been out of shape about which they like better. I obviously, if you like, the iPhone its the iPhone right uh this year. The iPhone 14 is pretty much just existing as an upsell to the Pro Models and, in fact, Apple seems to be selling a lot more of the iPhone 14 pro than the base models. If you cant afford it, I say GoPro this time around theres, not enough of a price difference to justify what you give up with the 14. and in Android land. Oh, this is getting tough man, not you know in a way, Samsung owns that market in the United States, which is where we are, but uh do you want to fold, or do you not want to fold right if youre fold curious, if youve been looking for Something flexible or somebody in your family has right now theres a lot of sounds going on that make the Samsung Galaxy, Z, flip 4 and Z fold for more affordable, particularly the Z flip, which list price was 9.99, is less painful than almost two thousand dollars for The phone but and right now you can probably find the flip on some special for maybe 700 750, or also its probably the time to buy if youre willing to now I cant guarantee that it wont ever break, though you know flexible displays. I personally havent had that happen, but Ive had friends who own the move, thats some problems.

So if you like traditional, durable glass, this time around its nice to be all the settings, but I wouldnt go with the pixel 7 Pro yeah last years, pixel was almost a disaster. This years has been a very solid phone if youre looking for a big screen premium phone with some of the best cameras on the market and less of a span than a lot of Samsung Galaxy high end phones. It would be the pixel 7 Pro right now, which is cool its nice to be something other than Samsung for a change. So there you have it. Those are my holiday picks for 2022.. Im Lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.