Oh thats, confusing right. This is the gigabyte arrow 16 for 2022.. Now, when i say its been around for a while, i mean gigabyte. Aero has been around for several years and at first it was marketed as a gaming laptop now theyre repurposing it as a creator slash. You can also game with it laptop and thats a space that i like to see competition. We cant have it just be razor blade right or the 16 inch macbook pro for those who are not so gaming centering that sort of stuff. So we have a couple of things that people are going to really like here. Besides the intel 12th generation, core i7 14 core cpu, you can also get with the core i9. We have nvidia rtx graphics. We have the 3070 ti inside. You can also get a 3080 ti or a 360 if youre on a budget, so those things. Okay, those are nice. You expect them for 2020 2022 right, but we have a 16 by 10 aspect. Ratio 16 inch, 4k plus oled display, which is lovely its to die for whether youre, creating or whether youre gaming or just watching a movie youre going to love. It were going to look at it now now. One of the reasons we like competition is it can help with pricing in this typically expensive space, so the model that we have with the core i7, the 3070 ti 16 gigs of ram and a terabyte pcie gen4 ssd and the 4k plus oled display is 23.

50 At best buy right now its on sale for 2200.. So for what youre getting here, thats, not too bad, and when you look at something like the razer blade which, in the similar configuration but no 4k plus oled display youre. Looking at almost three thousand dollars, then youre like oh, this is looking good. Of course, m1 16 inch macbook pros are pretty pricey too, and ill talk a little bit more about that oddball kind of comparison and theres. Also, the msi stealth, of course too, which is actually a little bit more expensive, so nice to see that so its all sounded like great. You should buy this thing right. It weighs five pounds which is about 2.3 kilograms, which is in the thin and light category. Certainly its a lot of performance for the carry not too thick, not ungodly, skinny, but thats. Fine with me, because you want room for cooling for something thats powerful. One of the drawbacks is well the plus. Is you get two thunderbolt 4 ports plus a usbc 3.2 gen 2, a headphone jack and thats it on the body, those grille vents on the side that look awfully like usb a ports do not stick usb a plugs into those because theyre not now gigabyte does Include their little hub here and its a pretty decent hub, hdmi mini display port a usb, a and ethernet on board its a little flippy flappy. If you mount it directly to the side, they give you a little shorty cable, so you dont have to deal with the flippy flappy.

If you dont want comes with a case that does not fit the cable as well. Oh well! So, anyway, its a bit poor constraint and if youre aiming at this at creators, i think particularly id like to see some usb a ports. I use a myriad portable hard drives, for example, for storing video and photos on and even archiving stuff. I dont even need fast ones, so theyre, typically spinning platter, two and a half inch usb a drives well gon na need an adapter and for all sorts of other things. So theres that what can you do? Well, especially since you get the hub in the box, so im not saying that this would stop me from buying the laptop. So the next thing youre going to wonder about well is how is it doing in terms of thermals, especially when they start gravitating over marking? It the creators versus gamers right that might be a tell. Actually they do a very good job now. To keep in mind here is that the gpus, regardless of which of those three you choose theyre 105 watt maximum, so basically max q territory. So dont expect it to be something like the msi ge, 76 raider 17 inch desktop replacement that we reviewed because thats a different class of machine and that does go up to 160 575 watts right. So i thought: okay, its not going to be primo in gaming. No im can be okay with max cube in a portable kind of form factor.

This thing actually does pretty well, and the cooling is better than i expected now. They have a nice marketing name for their cooling system, wind force or whatever it is with the dual fans, the five heat pipes and all that nice stuff uh. The platform is well managed. One thing i used to ding gigabyte on was their software, which was typically kind of buggy and all that sort of thing they kind of got a handle on it. Now theyve been pushing the whole ai management system for and theyve gotten it working now. So you have a couple of different profiles like five to choose from. You have gamer, which you can overclock the cpu and the gpu, and you have creator which, interestingly, just overclocks the gpu. We did our tests on gamers. So you can get some overclocking on each theres turbo, which is just unnecessarily loud and didnt really seem to make much of a difference and then theres the usual low noise, low power kind of thing so leaving on the gamer profile. It performed better than i expected to be honest in games. I mean this has more than enough horsepower to make your adobe premiere experience, wonderful, working with multicam 4k footage and its overkill for most people for photoshop. Even if you have a 60 megapixel sony a74r model right, you know i mean, but even when gaming it did quite well now its pretty easy to see, and you can always see in the gaming footage in the top left corner.

We have the thermals the watts, all that sort of stuff there, so you can see the frame rate and its obviously that the bios or the firmware on this is contraining. The cpu and gpu is always constrained to a thermal maximum, so thats across the board. I usually it doesnt go above 90 degrees centigrade for the cpu, but that said, it really kept up the clock rates really well, so the balancing of the power between the cpu and the gpu is well done. The most i saw the cpu hitting games was about 50 watts, and normally this is a 45 watt processor, so thats fine, its not madness territory, but the frame rates were quite good and something like assassins, creed, valhalla, even playing at 4k resolution, its fine. And since this is a 4k 60hz oled panel, theres no point to overrunning that, unless youre going to use an external monitor anyway. So as long as you can get 60 frames, thats fine now something like cyberpunk, its still a pig as ever and running it on ray tracing ultra. You know upper 30s running that at 2k resolution. So if you up the lss from the default setting, which is auto and put it on performance oriented, you can get to the upper 40s, which is actually okay for cyberpunk, so not phenomenal there, but pretty good if youre playing something like apex legends and all that Sort of thing youre certainly going to max it out.

That said, because this is a 60 hertz display, those of you who are playing esports competitively or competitive first person shooters online are going to want a faster display. No doubt sub. This again is where it balances between creator and well content. Consumer too, with that 4k luscious oled display, but not super duper high frame rates possible. Then that effect of this those also done here in toasty dallas, our ins inside temperatures are 74 fahrenheit. Sorry, i dont know the centigrade immediately, what that is, but its on the warming side and the thing did not get burning hot to the touch. The only two places that it does are far away from you. Top dead center bottom rear dead center, where it can get pretty hot. It typically was not that loud for a thin and light gaming. Slash creator laptop now its no m1 macbook pro level of absolute chill, but compared to any windows. Gaming laptop. This thing ran fairly quiet, so i was pretty impressed again, dont put it in turbo mode because it will just blast the fans and to no really great advantage, so the power management is good here. The thermal management is good on this and like any laptop geared towards creators or gamers and mobile workstation folks, its very upgradable lets. Take a look at the internals. Take the bottom cover off. Remove torx t6 screws be mindful of two things. First off these two black ones here, theyre painted with black over the center of the screw head, but they are screws.

You have to unscrew those, and there are some along the front edge here to dont forget about those. Those are normal screws, but anyway thats pretty easy to pull it off. We start from the front and then work it off the hinge on the back and it comes right off metal cover there and here are the internals, a giant 99.9 watt hour battery and we have an m.2 ssd pre installed again pci egen for so very fast And then theres a second slot available symmetrically across on the other side of the battery, so you can put a second drive in yay and we have two ram slots here. Ours came with 16 gigabytes, its ddr4 3200 megahertz ram and ours, but it can support ddr5 4800 megahertz ram interesting. I dont know why we dont actually have that. Anyway, you can go up to 64 gigs in two slots, two fans right here. Obviously the heatsink area and reasonable size, so thats looking good and lastly, we have a socketed wi fi card, its a good intel 6e card. So you probably dont want to replace it unless something went wrong with it, but it is socketed, so you can do that. So easy access easy to replace if you want to do that sort of thing, good stuff. Now for other little bells and whistles, you have two two watt stereo speakers and they are very loud. They dont have much bass, however, so id rather have more bass and less volume, but thats what it is.

You have a white backlit keyboard, its pretty comfortable to type on. It feels crispy no perky rgb. So for those who want to bring the bling, this will not bring the bling the trackpad as usual. Microsoft. Precision is quite large. It looks a little odd in black to me. I thought silver. Might you know, go with the look a little bit better, but whatever you know its nice cnc aluminum chassis, its okay. Looking as a laptop goes, you have wi fi 6e thats an intel ax210 card, so youve got good connectivity with bluetooth 5.2 on board as well. Also its nice to see a windows, hello ir camera for facial recognition, logins, you dont see in certainly gaming laptops all that often, and only some creator laptops now. When we talk about this as a mobile workstation stand in, obviously one of the reasons it can be cheaper is the fact theres no isv certification, theyre, not using quadro gpus theyre using g force. So this is more like consumer slash, content, creator types, maybe people who make youtube videos for living. For example, we dont need no darn. Cuadra were not doing cad for a living or a blender for a living for our companies who insist on isv certifications. So thats all fine, but youre not going to see a few things you might see on those kind of things: theres: no optional, 5g, for example. So no wn here like you, would get with a lenovo thinkpad x1 extreme, or something like that.

I can live with that, but you know you so for battery its its huge, its 99.9 watt hour, the highest capacity you can have and still take it on an airplane. So that bodes well right by the way 230 watt charge youre pretty par for the course. I you know youre, looking at a very powerful machine with a 4k oled display a big power consumer. So if youre really frugal and set the brightness to 150 nits, which is bearable to look at, then you know youre, looking at with really light use, seven hours. Realistically speaking with mixed use, doing something more than streaming, video and twitter youre going to probably see about five and a half or six hours at 150, nits now compared to the competition with the 16 inch m1 macbook pro i mean i get it, but i dont Get if youre cross shopping because different os different platforms? Do you like final cut, or do you like premiere, for example, if youre using it for those kinds of things, you can run blender on both, of course, and all that sort of thing, but i still think that arrows appeal to gamers too and theres no native X86 windows gaming on the mac, so not quite the same kind of comparison, but the mac will run a lot cooler thats for sure, because its the coolest laptop on the planet temperature, wise and, if youre, looking at something like the msi stealth.

I understand that similar. Certainly offerings there no 4k oled for you. There, though, and thats a little bit more expensive and again theres, that razor blade that i talked about and its a premium brand with premium pricing and its a very good laptop, and it will net you more ports on board without having to use the hub. But then, again again, no 16 by 10 inch aspect, ratio display and no 4k oled, though they do offer some high resolution options and obviously they offer a variety of other high refresh like 2k resolution and full hd there and lastly, theres alienware, which surprisingly is one Of the most affordable on the block these days with the alienware m15, when we up to r7 ill be reviewing one of those soon and thats, actually the least expensive starting around twenty two hundred dollars for a sort of similar config. But there youre, looking at full hd youre, not going to get that 4k 16 by 10 aspect ratio, oled display, so its good to have choices and again thats. Why im happy to see gigabyte soldiering on with us, with the best of the arrows that weve ever reviewed, weve reviewed a few of them? Im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool and useful tech videos and hit the notification bell.