HP ENVY 34 All-in-One Desktop PC with 5K display

I also reviewed one from hp on the envy line last year and i thought it was a really good one and i wanted to see what hp would build upon this year in a follow up with the hp envy 34, all in one desktop. Well, i took delivery of it about a month […]

Surface Pro 8 Review – The Microsoft Tax

. I used it for a lot of coding and taking notes in class when i was in university and i absolutely loved the experience. The stylus and the touch interface with windows was a completely new direction for microsoft and they kept moving forward with the pro series every year, theyve been refining the […]

Hp X360 Spectre 16 Long awaited 2 in 1, the Good and the Bad review OLED I7

I couldnt wait for the video review uh, just a new guidance excitement. The hp comes in this outer case with lovely spectre box, the laptop itself, which ill start going through dimensions in a minute, lovely leather case original case, the barrel, pin charger and no pen. So i will step through the the […]

ASUS Zenbook 13 OLED UX325E Review!

Now the major aspect that matters to other techies, like myself, is if this computing device here actually has that processing power to back up this shiny and perfect, looking design more like beautiful brains. This is a review unit of the asus zenbook 13 oled lets find out what you get for about a […]

Top 5 Best Windows Tablet You Need To Buy In 2022!

Technological updates is something that every individual requires. During the current situation, though, one can get a large screen tablet with android os or even get an ipad. The number of the functionality on these devices is somewhat limited compared to tablets featuring windows os. Moreover, they work as professional devices with support for software […]

Chuwi Hi10 GO, tablet con Windows 10 | ¿Merece la pena?

Con windows de la wii high 10 go tienes los detalles de los precios en la descripcin del vdeo vamos, a ello vamos, a ver primero cmo; se presenta el producto en esta caja de cartn sin florituras la abrimos y retiramos. Lo que hay dentro la tablet, viene en estas pumas de proteccin y […]

Powerful Mini Laptop – One Netbook A1 Pro Full Review – | Core i5 | Windows 11 (Latest 2021 / 2022)

Now this is the one netbook a1 pro and whats immediately. Special about this laptop is the fact that its so compact in size weighing only 550 grams making it one of the lightest laptops i have tested in recent times. You have a 7 inch ips capacitive touchscreen its full hd resolution and supports […]

Tab S7 FE Long Term Review

Finally, circling back around to the tab: s7 fe. So i got this a little while ago, a couple weeks before black friday and i had hoped to be able to get my full review in before then and it just didnt happen too much stuff was going on, but circling back now i think […]

XP-PEN Artist 24 Review (#sponsored)

Aber ja ich habe das produkt gesponsert bekommen das ist dass ihm das exponat ist 24 ist ein grafiktablett mit integriertem display das heit man, kann direkt, aus, einem motor zeichen, anfnger modelle, haben, normalerweise, kein das, hier habe ich zum beispiel noch letztes, jahr benutzt, das artist, 24, Kostet deswegen auch ganze 46 euro […]

Top 5 Best Windows Tablet

Keeping this in mind, companies manufacture, windows, tablets that come with rotating or removable keyboards that can replace a traditional laptop in this video. We showcase the top 5 best windows tablets that you might want to check out. Techfluency delivers a complete buying guide for tech enthusiasts. Here we try our best to make […]

Watch This BEFORE You Buy A Pen Display – XenceLabs Pen Tablet Review (NON WACOM USER POV)

They sent me this for review. Lets, get right into it. Okay, so just a little bit about me, im an animator, slash illustrator. My main project is working on a short film called castle, dark thats going to come out soon. What comes in the box is the tablet itself. You get this quick […]

Günstige SURFACE GO 2 Alternative mit Stylus: CHUWI Hi10 Go Review – N4500 | 6GB+128GB – Moschuss

Ich wei dass die frage aufkreuzt in den kommentaren ja, es ist ein die, wortbrecher bzw war, der papst des abschiedes links und ich, hoffe jetzt, piepst das, video nicht weil, es nervt mich sagte auch schn, juli hat ergo, nun 10 zoll tablet, aber eben mit windows. Zehn super spannend habe ich mir schon […]