Huion Kamvas Pro 16 (4k) Test / Review

We will find a 3 in 1 cable with 3 extension cables, a usb power adapter and a pen case, a battery free pen and a pen holder with pen nibs inside an artist, glove, quick start guide, documentation and a cleaning cloth. And finally, the st200 stand. The build quality is very sturdy as […]

Review PC Tablet alldocube iwork20 pro

0, satu buah, USB type c, satu buah, port micro, Hdmi port DC untuk charging sudah, quick charging port untuk, audio port untuk micro, SD tombol power, dan volume, dan Fort magnetic untuk keyboard, Oke, sekedar, informasi tablet, ini saya, beli, dengan, harga, 5juta sudah in Cloud keyboard magnetic untuk, spesifikasi, Iwak, 20pro, framenya, adalah, […]

Top 5 Best Tablet 2021

Now it can help us play even harder introducing our most advanced tablet. Yet the galaxy tab s7 plus get straight to work on our biggest screen ever with space, to work on multiple things and meet with multiple people get typing with the new advanced keyboard, with a larger touchpad and full function keys […]

Unboxing iPad paling murah di tahun 2021! – iPad 9th Gen (2021)

Gb kayaknya enggak worth juga ya, buat nambah2 juta, mending yang paling, besok ajalah Kalau Anda memang, mau nyari efek yang Desa, Giri 64 GB Wifi, kalau mau bayar 8juta mungkin udah, bisa, mikir, buat, ambil, iPad yang er, soalnya, bisanya, apa, apa, udah, jauh, banget, ini, jangan, pilih Yang lain sih Kalau saya bilang […]

Logitech MX Keys Mini Review | Best Mac, PC & Tablet Keyboard Got Better!

com and in this video ill be looking at the new logitech mxkeys mini compact wireless bluetooth keyboard so keep watching for my review Music. So i was perfectly happy with the apple magic keyboard for the mac. But when i built a new windows based pc machine, i didnt enjoy having to switch between […]

Surface Pro 8 vs Surface Laptop Studio

These are two very different machines, but many of you have been asking which is worth the money, and really that comes down to what you plan on doing. To be clear. The pro 8 is the king of the hill right now when it comes to tablet two and ones remember, it does not […]

Tablet pc nuvision 2021 windows 10 de escritorio en Tablet

He comprado una tablet que a m en lo personal me ha fascinado me ha emocionado es una tablet, demasiado hermosa demasiado, bella aparte que tiene buenas especificaciones es muy buena de verdad que es muy pero muy buena me ha impresionado, completamente tanto, as que la he comprado Yo la vi en marketplace: unos […]

¿La mejor pantalla en una tablet? Review Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Habr que decir que es una tablet. Que cumple ya. Que me refiero a que en el da, a da es la perfecta opcin para que ustedes van a hacer sus trabajos usar la paquetera de word: usar tambin todo. Lo que tiene google drive todo lo que tiene de presentaciones todo ese tipo de […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 vs. iPAD (2021): WHY PAY MORE!?

continue. So it will be very timely to do a tablet. Comparison: hey guys, its rita girl, mary and welcome back to our channel for todays video. We will be comparing the xiaomi mi pad 5 and, of course, the ipad, 9th generation or the ipad 10.2 inch. We all know that when it comes […]


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realme Pad Unboxing and Hands-On

Hey guys, whats up its me ellen, welcome back to the channel where we take awesome out of the box today. Lets take a closer look at the realme pad for the box. You get a simple white box with the photo of the tablet on front with some ruby branding on top and both […]

PinePhone Pro is HERE — Is it a worthy upgrade from iOS & Android!?

Phones. Sorry not sorry. Today they have announced their brand new pine phone pro an upgraded pine phone starting at 3.99, and i wanted to walk through the details. So you know what to expect hardware wise software wise if its a good fit for those of you trying to avoid big tech when you […]