BETTER than EVER!!! iPad 9 – One Month Later

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Review

Im Alex Colon and Im here with Sascha Segan and today were going to be talking about the Microsoft Surface. Duo 2. Sascha Im going to have to interrupt you from reading on the Surface Duo, 2 and, as you can see, this device its not quite a phone, its not quite a tablet, its […]

RasPad 3.0 – turning #RaspberryPi4 into tablet

Im martin today were talking about raspberry 3 2021 has been a great year for raspberry pi for owners, starting with crowbiter, which turned out favorite boards of yours into a stem oriented laptop. You can watch the review in here, or maybe a desk by pro, which basically takes the same raspberry pi form […]

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Review

My name is sarah d2 rhymes with peachy. Today we have the beautiful microsoft surface laptop studio, not to be confused with the surface studio, which is their desktop solution, really cool the hinges. You have three different positions: studio stage and just normal laptop, and when i saw this, i actually got really excited […]

Top 7 Best Gaming Tablet Reviews in 2021

That might be the primary reason, especially if you have a stressful day. You just want to sit back open your favorite game and forget about the real world. It might be primary, but people will always want the option to surf the internet. Watch movies have video calls with family and friends. If people […]

Galaxy Tab S7 vs Tab S7 FE – Here Is The One to Choose!

I actually thought i made this video, but apparently i hadnt this is my galaxy tab. S7 fe here versus my galaxy tab. S7, that you see there with the fireplace in there so battle. Video here lets go ahead and jump in Music, all right, starting off with the price breakdown. Here, the samsung […]

Đã mua được Xiaomi Pad 5, cảm nhận nhanh của mình

I mua n cng cc kh gian nan lm v, nhng ci Cm nhn ban. U ca! Mnh v chic Tablet: ny lu, lm ri, mi mua li ci tt, my Android Ti mun tri nghim th coi l do ny sp ht, Android, n c kh, hn, ri, cha, N c n, hay, cha […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Test: Ein Flaggschiff Killer?

de und genau das, erfahrt ihr in diesem test Musik brigens, dieses ein test, kommt schaum, ipad 5 es gibt Auch einen part 5 pro das derzeit, aber nur in china, verfgbar ist ab und zu werde, ich erst mal erwhnen das grunddesign des staates fnf hnelt ein bisschen dem ipad, pro vor allem, aber […]

This Is One Of The Best Tablets You Can Buy! Samsung Tab S7 FE Review

As making this video, so if you do pick up one of these tablets just keep in mind, it will come with this s pen its also going to come with a lower watt charger, but the tablet itself does support up to a 45 watt, quick charger youre. Also going to receive a standard, […]

Cwowdefu 10.1 Inch Android Tablet Review

1 inch android tablet see while defu provided a complimentary sample of this tablet. For my unbiased review, youll receive the tablet with a pre installed screen protector, a replacement plastic film screen protector, a leatherette case, a touch stylus, an ac charger, a 31 inch micro, usb charging, cable and a brief illustrated instruction […]

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Review and Unboxing (With Surface Type Cover)

How it goes in in todays, video were looking at the microsoft surface, go 3., many call it a laptop some call it a tablet, some call it a hybrid. I guess youll, never truly know what we do. Plan to find out, of course, is whether or not this is the right machine for […]

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Review

This is the microsoft surface duo 2.. This is a handheld pc, slash android phone now running android 11, with a redesign same basic premise: sort of like a passport foldy design displays fold in displays fold out, but last years model was expensive at 13.99 and it was lacking in specs. Clearly, the specs […]