MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Pro) Review – The Best Laptop of 2021!

and usually with my laptop reviews, i like to talk about the design and the new features it comes with and im going to do that, but today were starting off with the performance, because that to me is the Craziest thing ive ever witnessed on a laptop before and its weird, because when i […]

Huawei Mate Pad 11 vs Mi Pad 5 🔥 Welches sollte man kaufen!

In der hand, aber das liegt auch daran dass das, hohe, beim ipad, elf, auch etwas, gerundet ist und das, wepad fnf eher, kantig ist kann sein und das huawei map pack, l wiegt auch 26, gramm leichter, als das ipad, fr die, kamera, aussparungen, ist beim, ipad, fnf, Circa doppelt so gro obwohl beide […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review | Is It Worth It In 2021?

But microsoft has still continued to build upon their original foundation here, giving us the beautiful surface pro 8., but this machine here is just the microsoft surface, pro 7 and its still a better deal than the current surface. Trust me, this is probably the better option from a financial standpoint, so lets go […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Review: Gameplay Test, Unboxing & Game Pass

So this is running windows 11 because it just released and it released alongside this device. Weve also got this keyboard extra, so this is a standalone thing you purchase outside of getting your device, and i thought i would talk about it, but the main review is focused on the device itself. This is […]

XP PEN Deco Pro M Tablet Unboxing and Review + Speedpaint

Um xb10 sent me this this box to like review. Well, they sent me a tablet, so im gon na unbox it and then, and then were just gon na like take i cant open. This were gon na like take a look inside and see if its good, so ive never done this before […]

Top 4 Picks: Best Tablets For The Money Review In 2021 | You Can Buy Right Now

The tablets weve chosen here represent the best android and apple options for the money lets check them out number one lenovo, tab, m8, tablet, stunning and stylish. The lenovo tab m8 is the second generation multimedia tablet, thats tailored to make your entertainment experience richer with the standout metal design. This small tablet is […]

Surface Pro 8 Review Vs Surface Laptop Studio

. This is part 1 in that series, and we have the surface pro 8 here on my desk. I have it connected to the dock. This is the dock ii. It also works with the old dock one. This is important because, if you are coming from a previous surface device, youll know that […]

5 Best Windows Tablets 2022

The fifth product on our list is the microsoft surface go 2.. This is our best budget windows tablet. If youre looking for an inexpensive windows tablet, the microsoft surface go to is a more than capable budget tablet with plenty to offer at an affordable price retailing. At around 400, the surface go to […]

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Review (2021)

. This is a top of the line. Graphics tablet, with a built in display you can draw directly onto in this review ill explain. The new features make a test painting with the cintiq pro 16 and ill give you my overall opinion of the device. Wacom sent me this device unconditionally for review […]


This is the really pad i have seen the specs and the design they are really good already saw the reviews on this thing and it looks to be a great gaming machine plus excellent content, consumption machine great for youtube great for netflix. Its got dolby atmos, hi res audio. Look at that display […]

Surface Laptop Studio VS Surface Book 3: Which Form Factor Is Better?

. The question is: is it worth the upgrade? A few months ago we expected that microsoft might introduce the surface book 4 this holiday season, obviously it didnt. However, the surface laptop studio is as good as a surface book 4., in fact its as good of a surface as weve seen in about […]

M1 Max MacBook Pro Review! (14" + 16")

Now these are the products where apple gets serious, with the professionals where they give pros the gear that they need to do what they do right. And you can tell right from the unboxing experience that these are going to be professional devices, because in addition to the laptop, you also get the new […]