Xiaomi PAD 5 Global, sencillamente BRUTAL! 🤩 | Review en Español

The global version of what Xiaomi presented a few weeks ago, with its Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro, which were aimed only at the Asian market and which comes to compete directly with the iPad Air from Apple, but at a much lower price.. At the moment, we have no trace of […]

Xiaomi MiPad 5 / Xiaomi Pad 5 and Keyboard Case Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Today, um we have the unboxing of the new xiaomi mi pad 5. All the way from china. Im really excited about this device, so really exciting and ive also ordered the um keyboard case. So well be looking initial impressions as well, so really excited yeah so ordering this uh through lazada. It was […]

Top 5 Reasons The Apple iPad Pro 2021 is G.O.A.T

In this, video were going to be talking about the five things that make the newest generation ipad pro. The greatest of all time lets get started: Music, the newest generation apple ipad has the m1 chip. Now this is the same chip that you find in the new m1 macbook pro, as well as […]

TOP 05: Best Tablet for Students of 2021

Five samsung galaxy tab s7, plus this samsung 12.4 inch galaxy tab, s7 plus tablet lets you watch movies, draw and edit photos on its super amoled display, which has a resolution of 2800×1752. It can be configured with an ssd of up to 512 gigabytes and supports microsd cards of up to one terabyte, […]

BEST Tablets 2021: top iPads, Android and Windows slates

We have included links in the description for each product mentioned so make sure you check those out to see which is in your budget range Music, starting at number: five apple ipad: air 2020. Our number one tablet recommendation for most people thats the latest apple ipad air. This technically is the ipad f4, […]

GPD Win MAX 2021 Review – Intel and AMD Handheld Gaming PC Unboxing and Overview

Today we are checking out the brand new gpd win max 2021 edition, with an unboxing and overview of the handled gaming pc Music lets start with the unboxing inside. We have the gbd winmax 2021, which we will show in more detail shortly. Underneath is a user manual which is in chinese and english […]

iPhone 13 – What was Apple Thinking?

What i liked what i really didnt like and then, if i think these new iphones will actually beat the competition, and i do have something that i want to call them out on. Okay, so on the face of it, the iphone 13s look pretty similar to the iphone 12s theres, four phones, a […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 // Unboxing

and in this video lets unbox it. If youve been following my channel a while, you know ive been looking for an on the go laptop to handle the business side of youtube, editing, thumbnails, planning videos as well as some light video editing. Now i want to have good color accuracy. I want it […]

Học online: Máy tính bảng có thay thế được laptop?

vn; u tin, mi ngi, cn phi hiu vn l, bt k, iPad 2, l, nhng mu, my tnh bng Android, th, cng, khng, th, thay, th C mt chic laptop: u c bit: l ci mt h, tr phn mm ci, ny trc khi mua, my d, l laptop hay, l, my tnh bng […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Review – Affordable 12.4" Android Tablet With 5G

Florence actually did a review of the galaxy tab. S7 fe fe stands for fan edition mid range tablet. She actually theres a lot to like thats coming up next. This is now you can go by the way i reviewed this tablet for gizmodo.com you can go read. The review is up on the […]

Mi Pad 5 Pro Unboxing & First Impressions | India Launch ⚡ 11” 2.5K Screen, Snapdragon 870 & More

For many multiple reasons, many brands are launching their tablets., And today we have the Mi Pad 5 Pro.. It comes in 3 different variants. This one we have is the Wi Fi version theres. Also a 5G variant Today well talk about the Wi Fi version that we have here.. We are doing its […]

iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

We of course had apples expected anticipated september 2021 event. This is where they announced the new iphone lineup, the new iphone 13s and a couple other small things as well heres. The thing this is a pretty small update overall, but you know apples events are always these huge grandiose things they had tons […]