Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro – This is Still Impressive | Mi Pad 5 PRO Review

Pro lets go ahead and jump in Music, all right, just some quick housekeeping news here, the regular me pad 5. So not the me pod, five pro like this one, so the me pad five actually launched globally as of last week, i believe in europe, specifically so as of now as of the […]

2021 iPad Mini Review

Finally, a refresh after two years of the old model that looks sort of like a retro iphone 8 with the big bezels top and bottom and the touch id button on the front. This ones sort of more like a smaller version of the ipad air. And it has a whole lot of improvements […]

Notebook und/oder Tablet – HIZ353

Der stand: nachts dann kamen die notebooks dann kam, letztlich smartphones, usw und die; beherrschen an sich immer mehr die arbeitswelt sie werden immer moderner jetzt sind natrlich notebooks auch nicht gewalt einsetzt pltze nicht berall einsetzbar, aber es gibt lsungen die ihnen, noch, universeller, sind und ich hab Hier so ein kleines ja, irgendwas […]

The Huion Kamvas 13 Tablet Display | Review | Set up | Final thoughts

As the name says, this Kamvas13 is 13 inch. Pen display actually 13.3 inch pen display, not so big, but just the right size for you guys to carry around for your work. All right so lets open up in here, as you guys can see Its pretty decent size. … Okay for now, im […]


. The product was launched together with redmi 10.. The tablet has been awaited by many people, as it is claimed to have greater specs and more stunning features, particularly for those who prefer using a bigger screen device. Xiaomi pad 5, indeed sounds promising more than that. The brand is also well known for […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Global Version: The Best Android Tablet €350 Can Buy in 2021?

Only one way to find out lets inspect Applause. Music, hey welcome nice to meet you im, michael. This is techro, and what we do here is inspect cool, fresh tech like xiaomi part 5, something that they released just a few days ago and ive been using this tablet for the last couple of […]

Fantastic for gaming and movies! | Xiaomi Pad 5 + Smart Pen review!

Is this xiaomi pad 5 any good, so in todays video were going to take a look at it, so we start off with the design of this tablet and overall, the xiaomi pad 5 has a pretty nice looking design overall, its very thin, but the shimmery back. Might not be everyones preference, but […]

The New Microsoft Surface Duo 2 and Laptop Studio!

Is the new surface duo two? The first version of this thing i was such a huge fan of, and the updates theyve made in this version too, are so exciting, theres, also something new in the lineup, and this is something that looks really incredible. Im so excited to show it to you guys […]

ADEUS iPad❓Xiaomi Pad 5💥Unboxing Análise Review Português PT

A caixinha para ver estava tudo maravilhoso, mas eu vou, j querer arrancar para, a configurao e comear, a instalar os jogos porque eles, vo algum tempo eu quero mostrar em ao ou, Instagram e assim, enquanto eles estavam, eu vou te falando de tudo por isso, ele, vai, Ser simples um bocadinho diferente sempre, […]

Surface pro 8 vs iPad Pro 2021 – Which is The Best Pro Tablet?

Some even have a magnetic keyboard support to assist you in productive tasks. As more and more popular brands keep flooding the market with tablets of their own, its quite overwhelming to get your hands on the right one that will serve you the best in todays video. We will be comparing microsoft surface pro […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Vs Pad 5 Pro 5G – Where is the Global PRO Version?

Here that I got I bought this one. This has, of course, 5g support and its called the pad 5 pro 5g. Is it more than just a faster chipset and 2 gigabytes more ram? Well, as you see in this comparison, it offers quite a lot more than you would think the pad 5 […]

iPad Mini 2021 review: The best small tablet?

The 2019 version got an upgraded processor and a slightly nicer display, but essentially looked the same as the tablet that originally debuted in 2012, but that hasnt stopped the ipad mini from gaining a loyal following, and we even called the last one, our favorite small tablet. Now it appears that apples giving the […]