PC Tablet Murah Elegant Buat WFH WFO | Review Jujur Avita Magus 2 IN 1 Tablet PC

Jam nonstop dengan, brightness 50 karena ini tablet, jadi tampilannya, bisa, horizontal dan vertikal, seperti ini, kompetisi, hai, hai, hai, oke, detail, keyboard, nya, Hai, touchscreennya, cukup, luas, Hai, guys, ini, masih, bisa, Klik, kiri, Klik, Kanan, ya, tuts, keyboard, juga, enak, nyaman, ini, ceritanya, a logo Avita bantalan Karet untuk monitor teksturnya kasar supaya […]

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!! Viewsonic TD1655 Portable Touchscreen Monitor Review!

It is a portable touchscreen monitor by Viewsonic, and while the intended use case for it is on the go with your devices like laptops and smartphones, I will show you how you can use this on your desktop PC to take your computer interaction to a totally next Level., Hey guys, I am Siddharth […]

Diablo 2 Resurrected Beta Gameplay Impressions! Is PC Better than Consoles? (PC vs PS5 vs PS4)

The first thing i want to talk about is the fact that ive gotten to play on pc playstation 5 and playstation 4.. I want to talk a little bit about the performance and how i think performance is across these platforms. Lets talk about pc first. This is probably the best platform to play […]

Lenovo Tab P10 with Smart Alexa Dock review / Lenovo tablet quality in general

This model has been out for a couple of years now and it is running android 9. um. It is still available in the uk uh. You can get it from amazon and uk ao.com, both 250 pounds. So um im not going to go too in depth. This review its not its going to […]

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro Tablet Review: A Promising Refresh but dragged down by MIUI

As usual, we strived hard to get the nume pad tablet early and we are one of the first ones to review the meatpad 5 pro the android tablet market has been plagued with issues such as the lack of applications and appropriate use case scenarios without significant hardware Upgrades and software optimizations, it was […]

SHOULD You Upgrade To The Z Fold 3? (Ft Fold 2 VS Fold 3 Comparison)

I think they are the future im, a big tablet user and since getting the fold too, i really havent been using my tablets as much, and i prefer to actually do a lot of it. Just on this, with the large screen, of course, so as you know, the fold 3 is out and […]

Why I prefer Android Tablets to the iPAD | Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in 2021

Yes, and it was a very conscious and thoughtful decision now. Why do i have such a dramatic opening statement to begin this video? You may wonder well thats, because the popularity of the ipad has skyrocketed so much that most tech reviewers seem to outright dismiss the thought of recommending an android tablet. Some […]

Review Tablet Zyrex ZT216 Super di 2021 – Apakah tablet di bawah 1 juta ini Worth?

000 Yang resminya dan kalau misalnya kalian, tertarik, untuk, beli, produk, ini, juga, bisa, cek, link, dideskripsi, video ini, kita, akan, taruh di Situ dan kita akan bahas kelebihan maupun, kekurangannya, tabletnya, setelah, kita, gunakan, sehari, hari, Apakah tablet, ini bored, untuk, kalian, beli, atau, tidak, pastikan, kalian, tonton, sampai, habis, ya, guys, tapi Sebelum, […]

Um BOM tablet básico? Galaxy Tab A 8.0" (T290) Review

Uma boa surpresa que tive foi alterado da Caixa ele tava com, o Android 9 pai s que depois de uma, srie de atualizaes, agora, o Android 11 com; a one way: 3.1, a interface da Samsung muito interessante ver como essa, marca, vem, lidando com, atualizaes de software. Um modelo longe do Topo recebendo […]

Wacom Intuos Review: It's Great!

For the record, this isnt a sponsored video so a. Im here to review the Wacom Intuos that I just bought recently and b. Im gon na find out if its worth the money spent. First of all, the Wacom Intuos comes in 2 sizes, Small and Medium. Whats. The difference you may ask Well.., […]


The dream quest is another mini pc that tries its luck in the market, with a sufficient configuration to use office programs classroom or surf the internet with multiple open tabs. Thanks to its 8 gigabytes of ram, its small metal box stands out. It only measures 1′ by 1′ by ‘ millimeters with a […]


1 pulgadas cuenta con una pantalla de mil 280 x 800 ips uff qu ganas de sacar, esto pero todava, no veamos la parte de atrs aunque parezca negra es de color azul oscuro y tiene una textura que est bastante piola esos dos orificios son, los Dos altavoces que tiene es un quad core […]