HOYOKI 9 in 1 Type C HUB CB-C92 Review

, CB, C92, 9, 1 HDMI, 4K, Ethernet. C USB Android TV, Box., Fulminare, USB Type C, HOYOKI, USB HOYOKI, Fulminare C, USB 3.0 C, LED. C SD, micro, SD, HDMI., LAN C. 9, 1, 9, Ethernet, LAN Type C, 9, USB Type C C Type C: C. C USB Samsung Dex, Samsung, EMUI, Samsung, […]


id Oke divideo kali ini, gue, mau ngebahas, salah satu laptop atau, bisa juga Dibilang ultrabook, tapi ini, dari, arodj, jadi, bodynya, itu ramping, banget, Dan jeroannya, itu enggak, bisa, bener, bener, diremehin C ini, adalah, asus, eroji flow X13D, Indonesia, Hai cara, dimensi dan ukuran laptop ini, tuh, mirip, kayak, ultrabook, tapi, jeroannya, ya, […]

The REFINED foldable: Galaxy Z Fold 3 review

The first reaction is wow. I really do want the biggest screen possible in my pocket and, if samsung can make this thing right, i am in. The second reaction is stop trying to make folding phones happen. Samsung theyre not gon na happen, and even though those two reactions seem completely contradictory, i dont […]

Teclast T40 Plus Review Vs iPlay 40 Pro Comparison WHICH is Best?

, Just in is this one that ive been testing out for a few days now, a lot of you did ask to see my review of the tech glass t40, plus very similar to this tablet, which is the Iplay40 pro ive got a full review of this one, also so im going to […]


But i am here again to discuss with you more of this powerful tablet. The huawei mate pad 11 2021. for more details and full review of this product. Just keep on watching so lets, discuss the design and build quality. We all know that huawei is very impressive in creating design and body of […]

STEAM DECK, Tapi Lebih Canggih? – GPD Win 3 (Handheld PC)

Today, kita pertama kali nyobain, PC yang berwujud hand held konco ya, berhubung steam Dek belum keluar di Indonesia, kita udah penasaran nih, sebenernya, enak, dak main game di perangkat hand held seperti ini, Ayo, kita, lihat Musik, full soft bagi yang belum, tahu GPDI, itu bukan, Klaten police Department development, ya, melainkan sebuah, perusahaan, […]

Samsung Z Flip 3 Review: The First Big Step!

Now the thing I remember saying at the beginning of this whole foldables wave is if we really want these foldables to catch on. If this really is the future of how smartphones could be, then, the tech is gon na have to get better and better to the point where folding in half is […]

Why I'm Switching Away From My iPad | Galaxy Book Pro 360 vs iPad Pro For Notetaking

So recently i unboxed the samsung galaxy book pro 360. and this is actually a two in one device, meaning that i can use it as a laptop just like this. But i can also flip it over 360 degrees, and now i can use this as a tablet. So ive been using this device […]

5 Best Drawing Tablets You Can Buy In 2021

We have canvas to make your creation special, amazingly 11.8 millimeter only in thickness and the lighter than a book easy to carry yeah absolutely whats more for stylish teens like you. Color options should be the last thing to forget: only one color no way besides size options, there is always a right size […]

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro: SUPER TABLET! Productivity and Gaming Machine COMBINED!

Now today were going to be checking out a very exciting product. This is the me pad pro 5. that was just launched by xiaomi a couple of weeks ago. I think so. This is actually the china version that i got here. As you can see, the box is very slim and thats because […]

Kindle VS Tablet For Reading Books 2021 | Which Should You Buy?

If you already have a tablet – and you read very very occasionally, if youre not in any of those two cases, i think you should just get a kindle now that you know my upfront conclusion lets have a look at the differences between these two devices. Music. The main difference between these two […]

⚡️ BERANI PAKE CHROMEBOOK..?? Review Acer Chromebook Spin 513

com dengan GPU adreno 630 ini, chipset, octacore, dengan, proses, manufaktur, 800 M yang Sebenarnya didisain untuk lebih condong ke power, efficient terus, kemudian, laut, temperatur, jadi, targetnya, lebih, ke, laptop yang tipis, dan hemat, baterai ya, bukan ke, performa, tetapi, ternyata, melakukan, banyak, hal, diecer, chromebook, Spin 513, ini, terasa, cepat, jadi, mulai, dari, […]