Windows 11 The 60 Day Review

I always try and be as proficient as possible with any windows release because thats. What most population uses so i want to be as proficient as possible and looking at this theres certain things i did run into like a couple bugs with like some of the snapping uh, which has actually been off […]

XP-PEN Artist 22 (2nd gen.) Display Tablet Review – Budget friendly!

So lets start hey guys its neymar and welcome to another tuesday tech episode. There are a bunch of drawing display tablets on the market, huey and xp, pen, artisal, wacom and so on and so forth. They have all amazing products, but the price range is different. This is xp pen 22 inch, so […]

Why YOU SHOULD BUY the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE!

4, Tab S7, Tab, S7, FE, 0.03 S, Pen, 1610, Tab S7, FE, 7S Mystic, Black micro, SD, USB C S, Pen, Tab S7, FE, Tab, S7, Tab S7 iPad Pro Face ID. iPad, Air 4: Tab S7 Tab, S7 Tab, S7 FE, Samsung, 12.4 Tab S7, TFT Super AMOLED., 1600, 2560, 1752, 2800, Tab, […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review

That turns into a tablet. Now i did a first look video a couple of weeks ago and now ive had two weeks to test this and also test it with the s pen, which we did finally get a hold of pretty quickly. Actually after we got the phone for that. First, look were […]

Tablet PC Serba Bisa, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus

com, sel, yang udah, ngirimin, Microsoft, Surface Pro, Seven plus ini, untuk, kita, cobain, Maksudnya, kita, masuk, ke, pembahasannya, Tapi, sebelum, kita, gatuline, ya, paketan, penjualannya, ada, apa, aja, Sih bosnya sih, simple banget, ya, enggak ada, tulisan, apapun, selain dari IMEI yang tertera, pada bagian, sampingnya, ke, Ayo, kita, buka, boxnya, maka, akan, langsung, […]

new laptop review ish

We have a warning these touchscreen yeah lets open up the box all right. We have weird black thing, weird black thing, with black thing: cardboard: wrapping um, cardboard, Music. This is a very nice manual. It just says it has a limited warranty: thats legit it so yeah uh, the computer, its here now […]

Tablet Baru OPPO, realme, Xiaomi, Harga Gadget Naik & Mi Notebook Pro/Ultra: TechNews 36

com MediaTek, Gan, segala, macam, yang lainnya, tuh ya, Nah, dampak ini, sangat, terasa, sekali, kepada, tsmc, yang memang, saat ini, merupakan, produsen chip, terbesar di dunia, yang menangani, fabrikasi chip, untuk sebagian, besar, processor, GPU, soc, yang ada, saat, ini, efektif, Peningkatan harga ini, Seharusnya, akan, mengakibatkan, peningkatan, biaya modal pembuatan, smartphone tablet, laptop […]

Sasha Found a Secret Playroom in Giant Maze and Pretend Play a Fried Chicken Drive Restaurant

I wonder 5 too, to tou the cowl lee over 5 order to be too, we we to 5 coho, be our hope, be the tool to pop out or 9 podcast. We jae hee lee 5 people, 5 dewa woo woo, ote 5. To be tower, e2re eie, 222 hotel, we oo hou, tel […]

The perfect portable monitor – Espresso USB-C Touch Display

I mainly work from my surface studio, which has a beautiful 28 inch, 5k touchscreen display, but sharing my 5k display with people attending my training on mobile devices. Wasnt working very well theres, just too many pixels to deal with. So i decided that i needed a small display to work alongside of my […]

Chuwi Hi10 go: un tablet Windows sorprendente

I 10 gol ed un tablet, pc che mi ha veramente dicevo sorpreso perch comunque, mi ha dato la possibilit di poterci, lavorare ho mantenuto, il blog ho gestito il canale twitch ho dato una rapida, occhiata anche al mio, canale telegram, insomma avuto la possibilit di fare tutte Le cose tipiche di un divulgatore […]

The All-New Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 PRO Is an Amazing Tablet!

now ive been waiting a long time for this tablet to hit the market and theres been rumors for around the last Year that they were going to release some new tablets and its finally here and ive got my hands on it if youre a regular viewer of the channel. You know i love […]

Sinh viên nên dùng Tablet hay Laptop | Hạt Đậu Xanh Reviews

Li channel ca? U xanh v mnh bit c ng trong khong thi gian, ny th, cng, l, khong, thi, gian m cc, bn, tn, sinh, vin ca, cc; trng, i hc th, cc bn, ang, rt, l, au; u cng; ngi, ang, rt, l Ho hp, trong, vic, v; mnh s Chun b g […]