Toshiba Portege z20T Review

This is a famous design, so it’s an intel m5 uh. Eight gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage. Now the thing that makes this different, this particular device is, it is actually essentially toshiba’s version of the surface pro or probably even closer to the surface book now. What do i mean by that […]

iPad Pro 11 inch VS 12.9 inch (2021) Pilih Mana?? Final Review – iTechlife Indonesia

Pixel dan kembali pertanyaannya Apakah signifikan kerasa perbedaannya dari perbedaan angka pixel karena ukurannya berbeda buat gua, sih sama aja karena Iya di sini, masih kelihatan bening, masih, khas banget Retina Display nya Apple untuk, keakuratan, warna, segala, macem, menurut gua di sebelah, sini walaupun lahiriah masih panel IPS Display in khas karakternya display display […]

#Windows 11 Official #Review

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Ich habe vergessen die Kamera auszuschalten.. (Sehr Peinlich)

Bringe ab jetzt einfach wieder jeden tag, vor ort ein videos, auf meinem, zweiten kanal der heit, sie mir das ganz oben in der beschreibung verlinkt last da wo das tier ein abo da zeigt dieses video vernier ge, halbzeit, das, wieder jeden tag fortnight, videos und vor, allem, Auf auch jeden tag, auf diesem, […]

Can a Chromebook Replace a Budget Windows Laptop in 2021?

Today, Im working with Asus on this video, they are launching a bunch of chromebooks soon and they wanted a video on how chromebooks work so thats. The association part. The views here are mine and mine alone and is in no way tampered with by any brand. With that outta the way what are […]


.., But I won’t cease to impress. This is the theme of our story today Once upon a time, … QUIET. This happened on 5th June 2021, around 4 PM, when I was recording a video And then the display of my PC that you might have seen several times in my videos or streams, […]

Torras PC Fan Bar for Computer and TV

Robot 4 000 pascals looks like this. Guy can sell clean itself. Has a lifting bottling system? Wow that’s? Perfect? Oh hey, guys, how’s it going well. I was just doing some research on my upcoming product, but who is hot in here in colorado, like 90 degrees, huh that’s, better whoa, you guys guessed […]

우리는 이걸 모니터라고 부르기로 했어요🖥️레노버 요가 탭 프로 개봉기 [4K]

5 JBL …, …, HDMI, USB C HDMI, HDMI, HDMI, 3.5mm, …, USB C C, C C, USB C, 30W, 30W …, …, 13, 2K, 2K, 2160, 1350, FHD, QHD, 3D, ToF Face ID 3D … USB C HDMI. In … 870, 888, 865, 865, 870, 870 8GB, 256GB LPDDR5 UFS, 3.0, 10200mAh ZUI for […]


We are performance, hay, ninguna, mams est en mantenimiento Msica tuve que esperar como, mil horas no estaba en mantenimiento, esta hasta cambiar el ngulo de la cmara en hambre ya, somos batos; no, no se debe crear hoy, no le pongo, mi, cinto, Msica es una salchicha, esto Es una salchicha, un desaire y […]

Virtual Reality is Amazing and Now it's Actually Affordable – Oculus Quest 2 Review

, Although I really wanted to pick up a virtual reality headset at that time, the cost was just too high and less expensive. Vr experiences like the Samsung Gear VR were reviewed by some as being sub par experiences. Fast Forward to October 2020 and the introduction of the Oculus Quest 2 and my […]

LG webOS 6.0 overview and tips on C1 OLED TV 2021

0 on lg’s c1 oled tv, which you see right next to me. I’Ll show you this new home menu, which is the biggest change to webos platform. Since the initial release, i’ll show you settings connectivity and give you a feel of what to expect from this platform. So, if you’re interested keep watching […]