CHUWI HiPad PLUS 📲 El TABLET "Barato" que necesitas | REVIEW en Español

Les traigo la radio, a fondo del show y hi bad plus Msica parece que el inters por los tablets, ha vuelto, a un primer plano con el lanzamiento de los nuevos ipad y cada vez, ms usuarios buscan, este tipo de dispositivos, esforzndose principalmente, para un consumo multimedia Y precisamente de tablets va el […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Review: A New Affordable Samsung Tablet

A7 lite. This is another budget oriented tablet from samsung. It is on sale on samsung’s official website. I’Ll have some links down in the description. If you want to check it out, for yourself, the price is 160, it comes in colors silver and this dark gray color here and has 32 gigabytes of […]

M1 iMac 24" (2021) – One Month Later Review!

So this right here is apple’s brand new redesigned desktop and when it was first announced, it came in all the crazy colors and people were really fascinated by it as to where it fit in the lineup. How much power it had with the m1 chip, and also just whether or not it was […]

✅ Best Portable Gaming Monitors 👌 Top 3 Portable Gaming Monitor Picks | 2021 Review

While we get on to the world to work school or wherever life takes us., But there is one thing that can really up your mobile gaming experience., And that is the help of getting a dedicated gaming monitor, which could really get you to see much better and Play or peak performance in more […]

Windows 11 review

So today i will be talking about the new unreleased windows. 11 coming this holiday season, 2022 it’s been nearly six years since the last release of windows, 10 and i’m. Not gon na lie it’s always been in the back of my head when or if they will replace the outdated operating system. The […]

Chuwi Hi10 XR 2-in-1 Convertible Tablet Review

Its remarkable worth for money combined, a great equipment mix, makes it an extremely deserving rival to the more popular surface, go tablet computer. We received the tablet computer and the keyboard bundle and shall take a look at the duo with each other. Plainly, the target appears to be the microsoft surface, go tablet […]

HP Spectre X360 Laptop Review |After One year!|

Yes, i did even go ahead and answer you guys then and there, but i wanted to go ahead and let you know in this video and i’m very excited to make this video, because i’ve been having even more comments on how the laptop has been doing. How the reviews have overall, been doing […]