Best osu! Beginner Tablet? | GAOMON S620 Review

I didn’t expect anyone outside of the osu community to watch that video. However, with that many influx of new players, i created by uploading that video, i figured that at least some of them might be deciding whether or not to buy a tablet or stick with their mouse. Seeing as most of the […]

Top 3 Best Video Editing Laptops 👌

So today, we’re going to make your search for the best of the best easy as we dive into the top three laptops for video editing and cover some of the important features that make them superior to the rest. As always, i’ve gone ahead and included links to each of today’s devices in the […]

Teclast F15 Pro Review 10th Gen Core i3 15.6" Win 10 Laptop.

6 inch, more budget orientated laptop, and this one was sent out to me from tech last. It is called the f 15 pro now. It is powered by a core i5 it’s, 10th gen, the g1. It has integrated graphics and tells you hd, but it has 32 executional cores, which is slightly better […]

Steam Deck: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

Now, officially so let’s break down all the info with 10 categories, let’s get started off with number 10 and, of course talk hardware and some of the specs of this thing. So it’s got a custom amd apu. The cpu is zen 2, with 4 cores and 8 threads at 2.4 to 3.5 gigahertz […]

Valve's Steam Deck Gaming Handheld Device

This was actually the main story. This was the main big thing on my twitter feed. Today i saw a lot of people posting about this uh look, it’s kind of like a nintendo switch. Let’S, be honest. As far as the appearance is concerned, the difference here is we’re, seeing two touch pads, one […]

Asus Chromebooks Hands On Overview

I’Ll show you all. In fact, asus launched actually six chromebooks uh and they have sent me actually four versions of them. So we’ll have a look at that one uh, but before that guys just want to make it very clear that this video was made an association with asus india. But no way […]

RedmiBook Pro 14 First Impressions & Quick Review ⚡ Mi Notebook Pro 14 In India? | Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM

It might launch in India as Mi Notebook 14 Pro.. As this laptop has been launched in China. It might come with some rebranding when it launches in India. Design. Without the windows sticker below it looks exactly like the Macbook AirPro., In fact kudos to Xiaomi for coming up with something like this. As […]

NEW ThinkPad X13 Gen 2 (2021) Review

My review of that link will be in the description below one of the best ultra portable business focused laptops here for 2021 and for good reason, but a lot of people are put off by the price just too expensive. They want something more affordable in the thinkpad line, but don’t want to skimp […]


Today we got a fortnight video with the king let’s see if we get some dubs bruh bruh anyway, be sure to like comment and subscribe from the drums. Thank us. We got more heat on the way it’s. My yeah yes, sir bro brian, oh no what’s up brian we’re gon na get him […]

XPS 15 9510 Maximum Gaming Performance DLSS & External Monitor Review

This thing here is amazing. This external monitor i’ll talk about it in a sec. Now you may know or not know that if you go to an external monitor and you bypass the integrated graphics, you get better performance on the laptop we’re, also going to test it with dlss on and off. As […]

2 in 1 Laptops (Top 5 in 2021)

usable as both capable laptops and touch friendly tablets.. They let you work and play just the way you want it., Whether you’re looking for something super affordable to tuck away. In your bag, as you travel or want the ability to turn your laptop into a great movie watching device when you’re done for […]

Blackview Tab 10 – Pas cher et de bon niveau dans presque tous les domaines

J’Ai la version rose cuivre est ici, je vous, ai mis, le lien directement dans la description, pour aller voir le prix de la tablette, est all voir les diffrents types de revtements proposer, toute, nue, elle est aussi trs sympa et les films, 8 8 mm d’paisseur et Abrite l’intrieur une grosse batterie de […]