BEST webcam 2021 | Webcam, Camcorder, or DSLR/Mirrorless? | Budget, Reviews, Gaming

We’Ll put the links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below let’s get started number five anker c300. The anker c300 is a small, yet capable webcam that’ll suit, most users, be it for video conferences or liver streaming, gameplay on twitch, unlike most webcams, that tend […]

Get 4k at 60Hz with USB-C to HDMI for PC, MAC, Samsung Dex+PD3.0(100watt) by OREI!

0 ports capable of 5 gigabytes per second data transmission and supports power. Delivery function up to 100 watts, with power delivery, 3.0 standard and in today’s video i’ll show you all the use case scenario of this ore, adapter with a monitor tv and samsung decks for you to have an awesome home office […]


Today we have the HP Envy X360 Convertible laptop.. This 2021 edition premium laptop, is brand new to the market.. So, thanks to HP for sending me this review unit., This is not a sponsored video.. The box has a minimal design and shows the laptop and HP branding. Inside the box. You have the […]

Laptop for just Rs 17,999! Is ASUS Chromebook C223 any good?

The price is amazing. The laptop is very good as well when it comes to the build quality and all should you buy this laptop. If you are a student watching this video or if you’re, a parent watching this video i’m planning to buy a laptop for your child because they want to attend […]

Best Laptops of 2021 So Far!

. These are the best laptops, I’ve reviewed and used this year., And there is not a lot of budget laptops.. I thought about why there isn’t and the reason being is manufacturers are not sending them in for review due to the fact that they’re having zero issues pushing premium laptops.? If you look […]


Descargar el show seitz mente, o salsa gmail; no s cmo. Se pronuncia de eso, pero bueno, ah andamos el hombre es el chiste en espaol tambin les quiero, dar la gracias, gente por, todo el apoyo que le dieron al vdeo de ayer, al nuevo, juego la verdad. No me espere tanto apoyo y […]

MI PC SE REINICIA SOLA!! SOLUCIÓN al Reinicio Automático del Sistema en Windows 10

As que si era de esas personas que le han sucedido que puede hacer iniciar solo, o te sale. Esa pantalla azul y tu profesor e inicia para eso te traigo, varias soluciones en una industria as que te invito a ver este, vdeo hasta. El final para que lo puedas aprovechar al mximo y […]

Asus Zenbook Duo 14 2021 review (UX482) | A dual-screen laptop for the masses?

You say this isn’t sci fi it’s, the asus zenbook duo ux482, catchy name, this sequel to the editor’s choice award, winning ux 481 straps, an 11th gen intel rocket to the internals and works to address some of the problems. From last time round now i have never used a two screen laptop before […]


Lo vengo a probar, a mostrrselos ya que veo que a mucha gente este juego le est gustando as que mi gente si quieren saber qu juego es y de qu se trata simplemente qudese en este vdeo y tambin disclpenme que lo estoy dejando saludos en los ltimos Vdeos pero en el prximo vdeo […]

HP lokal ga pernah sebagus ini! Review Advan GX!

Di Facebook, juga di forum forum, Android, banyak Postingan yang ngebahas soal Advan GX. Hype, HP, ini, nyata., Momen, yang langka, sih netizen mendang, mending bisa semangat, banget, sama, HP, lokal, karena, selama ini, HP, dari, luar, negeri, memang, cenderung, punya, kualitas, yang lebih, bagus dan lebih, ditunggu marketing, mereka juga, lebih, heboh, kan., Terus, […]

HIT or MISS: Orbitkey Mat, GameSir F7 Claw, Vissles V84!

So when you think of gaming phones, most of us usually picture something with that: gamer aesthetic, like rgb lights and really quirky in your face designs, and you know what not everyone’s into that. Well, nubia has decided to do something a little different as a follow up to the red magic 6 gaming […]

Dell Inspiron 15-5510 (2021) – SSD and RAM Upgrade Guide

This is the 2021 edition of the dell 15 5000 series with the intel core i5 11th gen 11 300h processor. In this specific machine and to start with, we are going to go around, we have a philips. I believe it is a double zero screwdriver head and we are going to go around […]