Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 Review

. So a storyline, the thinkpad t line 14 inch are also also available as a 15 inch ultrabook for business users and at least that’s who they targeted at and it’s a bit of a confusing line too. But first let’s talk about what it’s not. There is also the thinkpad x1 carbon node […]

TOP 6: BEST Android Tablet in 2021 – Tablets For Any Budget!

We have listed the top six of the best android tablets in 2021 to help you find the right one for your needs and budgets. So let’s get started. Our list begins with the samsung galaxy tab s7, plus the samsung tab s7 plus is one of the highest quality android slates on the market. […]

Graphic tablet GAOMON S630 Review

Inside of this box? It has a greetings card, warranty card and links to download the driver., And this is the pen tablet. Its super cute, especially the doodle it’s, small and lightweight.. It doesnt need a lot of space on your table.. It has four customizable keys and has anti slip, so it won’t […]

RIWBOX CS6 and BT05 Kids Headphones Unboxing Review and Test

That is a blue one, and this one is called cs6, so they almost have pretty same features: they’re both support voice control, microphone, hi, fi, sound quality, sound proofed. Aside from the fact that this one is wide connected, and this one is bluetooth, stereo headphones, yeah sensor. This is 85 db, limited volume. […]

UNBOXING Simbans TangoTab XL: The $199 2-in-1 Tablet that turns into a 11.6" LAPTOP!?

6 inch tablet. That is also a laptop featuring android 10, with a 2 gigahertz arm 710 4 gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of storage. It is an all in one exclusive device for your personal needs. So in this episode here, we’ll be unboxing. It trying it out seeing exactly what it’s all about […]

How to Check If Your PC Can Run Windows 11 – TPM 2.0 Explained

Today we will talk about windows, 11 and upgrading process. So, if you want to know if your computer is compatible with windows 11, you have to come here on this website: microsoft, english windows, windows, 11, and here on this website. You will be able to scroll down scroll down, go to the end […]


Eight o’clock a.m so it’s, 7, 51, 8, o’clock, 10 minutes more before the drop, so twelve thousand pesos for the adults. Eight thousand three hundred for kids and infants. I think i think that, with this kind of uh srp price here in the philippines, 12 000 pesos us is 200 resole. Pressure in […]

Rp4.399 JUTA! Unboxing vivo V21 Indonesia!

Bukan yang 5G., Beda. Kalau versi, yang 5G, ini udah, pernah, kita, bahas, kemarin ini, harganya, 5.799, juta sementara, yang kita, bahas, kali, ini, versi, 4G, ini, harnya, 4.’9, juta., Buat, anda, yang nyari, Altenatif HP, vivo mid range yang, lebih, kejangkau mungkin, versi 4G ini, bisa, jadi, pilihan, ya, Soalnya, bedanya, bisa hampir, satu […]


dan, home dimana, ini, bisa, difungsikan, jika, kalian, mau memainkan game game di Android, dengan, menggunakan, emulator, atau, bisa, Juga memainkan game FIFA, mobile dari, Playstore namun, memerlukan, settingan, khusus, Melalui, aplikasi, syuting V3 yang bisa kalian, download di playstore, kemudian jika kalian, menekan, tombol X, dan home maka, ipega, PG 9156 ini, akan, berfungsi, […]

MURAH, Sikat Ga Nih? Bongkar Infinix InBook X1!

Seattle dengan varian yang paling, murah ini, Imin, Quraisy, kini, rasanya, masih, bisa, diadu kok, sama, Evan, silver, atau, Alfan, gold, disegmen yang sama, yang penting, kita dapatnya quotes prosesor Intel Core Duo, asal Celeron Pentium, kerja, kerja, dengan, jelas, Oke, buat, pelajar, pegawai, yang sekedar, berkutik di office. Browser ini, bisa, banget, asal, ya, […]

The Best iPad to Buy in 2021 – iPad Pro vs iPad Air vs iPad 8th Generation

Today we are going to be talking about which ipad out of the legion choices that we have, which ipad you should buy in 2021, let’s go Music. So, if you’re in the market for an ipad in 2021, there are five options to choose from we’ve got the ipad mini the ipad budget, the […]

Lupakan Tablet, Beli Ini! – Laptop Convertible Acer Spin 5 Lite

Si tablet itu jus tidak mumpuni untuk menjalankan, itu semua, bukan cuma, karena, hardwarenya, bisa, dia hardware, nya mumpuni tapi juga karena softwarenya, nah, belakangan ini, mulai, banyak, produsen, produsen, yang mengeluarkan, laptop yang convertible yang juga, bisa, digunakan, sebagai, laptop ataupun, sebagai tablet, salah satunya ini, Acer, spin, 5Lite ya kita bahas SR speedfight […]