Windows 11 Insider Preview Tour (Dev Channel) – Krazy Ken's Tech Talk

! How are you all doing If you’re new here welcome., My name is Krazy Ken and last week, Microsoft officially revealed Windows 11. And today people in the insider program got a developer, build of the operating system. So I wanted to show you what’s new, real quick., So let’s take a look.. I […]

ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 2 in 1 Laptop Review – I didn't expect that…

Of course, i’m talking about asus, chromebook, flip c43 twin one laptop. I am so excited to tell you about it. First of all, what makes it so unique okay, so this thing is on sale. Now it costs only 429 bucks instead of 480. for 429. You won’t ever find another laptop with this […]


In realt una nuova filosofia, che microsoft, sta cercando di tenere in tutte le sue, scelte e in tantissime strategie, che sta applicando in molti; reparti, il posizionale microsoft, al centro, al centro di tante, controversie tra, diversi, colossi, hi tech, la neutralit e la centralit, che microsoft, vuole Ad esempio tenere nei dibattiti con […]

Ini beneran HP Xiaomi?? – Review Mi 11 Lite Indonesia!

HP, 3 jutaan lagi dari Xiaomi., Tergantung, varian RAM sama memori internal yang kita, pilih ya. Kalau misalnya, mau varian paling irit ada yang harganya, 3.699 juta itu dapet RAM 6GB sama internal 64GB, terus kalau nambah 100 ribu dapet 6 128GB dan varian paling, tinggi 3.999 dapet RAM 8GB internal 128GB., Buat saya yang […]

Samsung S6 LITE Review After 3 Months | Galaxy Tablet | Samsung Student Discounts

Amazing. For me, it is working really really great and the name is perfectly fine and the speed is very fast. As you can see, I have so many acts in the tab and it doesn’t lag at all. The quality is very good, very bad issue. I had with this tag: does the iPhone […]

Why I use Apple Notes | Mark Ellis Reviews

Reviews, thank you for subscribing. If you have, if you haven’t, just click that button, there were lots of quite exciting things announced at wwdc this year. One of them weirdly was notes. You can’t get too excited about a notes. App can you well? Actually? Perhaps you can? I think most of us take […]

HP ZBook Create G7 Review (i7-10850H, NVIDIA RTX 2070)

Mobile workstation, aimed at the mobile creative workforce like photographers and video editors competing with premium laptops like the dell xps 15 and 16 inch apple macbook pro. Does the zed book create justifies market price tag let’s find out Music? The g7 is robust and as a solid, build with military standard, 8 10 […]

Lenovo Thinkbook 13s G2 Review – Great Performance in a Small Package

This is the intel version of this sub notebook and it’s running with an i5 processor, and a really nice, 13 inch display and we’re going to take a closer look at what this laptop is all about in just a second, but i do want to let you Know in the interest of full […]

Windows 11 kommt – Überflüssig oder wegweisend? Alles neu oder doch nur ein Update? –

Rauskommen herbst was ich gelesen habe wobei dass wir nicht ganz fest steht ist das auch entweder kostenlos verteilt wird, also fr all diejenigen die, zehn einheiten, haben und windows, sehen bekommt man, indem man, zum, beispiel windows, 7, vorher hat oder windows; 8, dann auf industrien, abgerechneten, dann Kommen ja, ich technisch gesehen, auf […]

Windows 11 Reactions: It Runs Android Apps! (Kinda)

Then windows vista was not great, but then windows 7 was great. Then windows 8, with the tiles not great windows, 10 great and now windows, 11, no pressure, microsoft. But this is your chance to break that cycle. So today we got a windows. 11 reveal the newest next version of windows coming as […]

Wacom One Review – Techcheck

Heute gehts mal wieder um ein Zeichentablet, aber diesmal eins mit Display und zwar dem Wacom One. Ob es mich, im Test berzeugt hat und wem, ich es empfehlen kann verrate, ich euch nach dem Intro, also viel, Spa Angefangen mit der Verpackung finden wir, im Inneren der schicken Verpackung das Zeichentablet selbst den Stift […]

Nyobain BOCORAN Windows 11 buat pertama kali!

Windows, sebelas. Ya, mungkin, sebagian, dari, anda, udah, ada, yang tahu, kalau, …, ada, isu, bahkan, udah, hampir, jelas, isunya, kalau Windows, 10, … yang kita, cintai, dan sayangi, yang udah, sering, banget, kita, Lihat selama … mungkin, 5 10 tahun terak, 5 10 nggak … ini, munculnya, 2015 jadi sekitar 6 tahun terakhir lah, […]