ONEXPLAYER – Keyboard Review

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Jelly Comb Bluetooth Multi Device Keyboard Review

So this is jelly combs website, the uk version on here, it’s 34.99 or you can get on amazon for 29.99 um yeah. This is the same product and everything from the official store um. So i’ve got the thing here: um very cheap. Actually, for how solid it feels i mean it’s, it’s, very […]

Kobo Rakuten Elipsa 10.3" e-note Full Review

These are the big three because they are the primary and most major manufacturers of all the e readers. We know and love the kobo forma, the amazon kindle the barnes, noble nook, etc. These companies make e readers and e readers only when it comes to the consumer, electronics they make. However, there were […]

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 Review: UHD+ (Core i7) & FHD+ (Core i5)

Everything involved with this laptop – and i got ta say still one of my favorites here for 2021 and i’ll – explain why, in this review? Hey everybody it’s andrew – and this is my review of the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9 coming up Music and, as we take a look at […]

GMK NUC BOX 2 Review – 4K Mini Windows 10 PC

2.. Now you might be familiar with the original nook box. I’Ve done a video on it. This is a super small form factor: 4k windows mini pc powered by a j4125 celeron cpu. It actually turned out to be a pretty cool, little mini pc, but gmk is back with a more powerful unit. […]

Fire HD 10 NEW 2021 Model – Unboxing and First Impressions!

The one in this video is olive, but it also comes in lavender denim and black you’ve got a 64 gigabyte version, and this one here is 32 gigabytes. I really feel 64 gigs should be the minimum by now, but it is what it is. You can also get it without the lock screen […]

Avita Magnus II review Windows PC for portable ham radio operations

I’M. Sorry, i didn’t post many videos in the past few months, as i mentioned in the past i’m, very busy at work and uh. I just hope that kovid will end, so things will get back to normal, but for now still very busy, but don’t worry i’ll be back. I have a lot […]

Chromebook Review II Acer Chromebook Spin 11 #ChromebookReview

My name is april monique. If you’re brand new to my channel, please consider subscribing and if you’re a returning subscriber. Thank you so much for returning back for another video in today’s vlog. This is going to be a 2020 acer, chromebook spin, 11 review. Yes, i am finally coming with my review video. […]

Webcam für's Homeoffice? | eMeet NOVA Review

Zunchst aber noch ein kleiner disclaimer das, video ist in zusammenarbeit mit der firma entstanden die haben mir ein testsample zukommen, lassen, zum, testen, allerdings, wird, beim, blick, trotzdem, unabhngig, davon, neutral und objektiv, sein, viel, spa, hier, haben, wir, das, gute stck die kamera, untersttzt, full hd, also, 1080P hat einen autofokus und zwei […]

NEW 24" M1 Apple iMac (YELLOW) – Unboxing & Review | Tour + Initial Impressions

Mathematical and special like and Remind me of us outline width, game and very personal and live Way Back and peace of mind is how to show me. The way that i’m crazy train to thousands and Vietnamese the hands and variable Westlife modification to the Civil War with Symphony live fourteen years, many people […]

MEJOR TABLET BARATA 2021? 📱 | Amazon Fire HD 10 2021 Review COMPLETA en español

Si realmente es la mejor tablet: calidad precio y por menos de 150 euros as que all vamos y ahora un mensaje de nuestro patrocinador cede cada da el cual es una tienda online que vende claves de windows, 10 pro claves de office totalmente originales y vlidas, para Cualquier pas europeo, o de manera […]

HP Pavilion x360 (2021) | Review and Unboxing

Two in one laptop. This configuration is rocking the latest tiger lake specification. So for this particular laptop right here we have intel’s latest 11th generation, core i5 processor, eight gigabytes of ddr4 ram, intel’s latest integrated iris xc chipset. We also have a 500 gb, solid state drive and yes, of course, we have […]