Chuwi HiPad Plus – Meine Erfahrungen aus den letzten 2 Wochen mit dem 11 Zoll Tablet

Ich sagen die verarbeitung ist absolut in ordnung, ich habe da nichts auszusetzen wir erinnern uns dieses tablet: hat vier gigabyte, arbeitsspeicher 128 gb internen speicher ist ein 11 zoll gert mit einer auflsung von 2000, 176 x, 1.600, 16, 10 der prozessor ist ein mediatek und zwar ist Das, der 81 83 v strich […]

Review: Huion Mini KeyDial KD100

. So in an earlier video where i reviewed the huion kidao kd 200 tablet, many of you said that the key dial should be separated from the tablet. Well, here it is official retail price 49.99 us dollars just to give you the condensed review. This is a keyboard shortcut, remote with 18 buttons […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ | long term review (unbiased)

I bought it uh half a year ago on the samsung store with my own money. So everything i will tell you is my own unbiased, uh opinion and yeah. I used it now for a half a year on a daily basis for um for web browsing for media consumption, uh, of course, with […]

GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gamepad Review: Controller for smartphones (Android / iOS)

Sir sent me this x2 bluetooth controller for a fair and honest review and we’re going to do exactly that. This controller is meant for android and ios devices. Looking at the back of the box here, there is something interesting. It says: minimize delay, wired connection born for esports. You can’t really use this […]

14 inch HP Spectre x360 Late 2020 Unboxing and Review

It now has a 3×2 aspect ratio and if you look at some of my reviews of the microsoft surface products it’s something that i always comment on is that i love that they use the 3×2 aspect ratio for their screens. So i decided to pick up this spectre. X360 14 inch i’ve been […]

Surface Laptop 4 13,5" im Test | Cyberport

2 und usb c 3.2 anschluss sowie, einer, audio buchse ist dieses notebook, eher, sparsam, ausgestattet das, ist allerdings auch der Kompakten bauweise geschuldet die anschlussvielfalt kann mit einem surf dog 2 erweitert werden allerdings muss dieses separat erworben werden digital stehen, uns noch, bluetooth, 5.0 sowie wifi, 6, zur verfgung die neueste technik, also […]


Ms grande y un poco ms pesado que otros ya, que en este tipo de notebooks se prioriza el rendimiento y, no tanto la portabilidad el diseo es atractivo pero menos llamativo que otras notebooks gamer tiene un recorte en la tapa que al estar, cerrada permite ver, los Leds de actividad que se encuentran […]

Wacom Intuos Review for Retouching in 2021

I mainly use it for retouching actually that’s. All i use it for, and i use it in lightroom and photoshop. So if you are looking for some review on my drawing and animation, this is not the right one but i’m going to be answering. Questions like who should be using this and if […]

iPad Pro 2021 Artist Review

You can get access to over 20 000 brushes tons of different brush categories start your three months trial now there’s a link down in the description and get access to up to 12 brush back straight away. Okay, so i finally got my hands on the new ipad. Pro this year, there’s two different […]

i've had this tablet for a year… | Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Review

You may be wondering, is the tablet trash? Is it decent or is it the best around i’m gon na answer? All the questions regarding the huion canvas pro 16 in this video. Okay, now i can play the title card Music. This is the huion canvas pro 16. it’s got a 1920×1080 resolution. It’S […]

Apple iPad Pro 2021 – FULL REVIEW!!

Please subscribe, followed by the bell. You can also keep up on facebook twitter by clicking the links in the description. Apple’S latest ipad pro gets upgraded with the game, changing m1 processor and a new screen that rivals the very best tvs, let alone tablets and laptops the fifth generation ipad pro comes in […]

Blue M1 iMac Base Model Unboxing! (2021)

This is the base model with 8 gigabytes of ram uh, the 7 core gpu 256 gigs of storage and what is probably going to be one of the more popular imacs. This is in the blue color, which i think just from the packaging alone looks really good, but i don’t know if you […]