Unboxing a BRAND NEW Copy of Windows Server 2003!

But this was also in that package and when i opened it up and saw what this was, i decided to do a poll over on twitter to figure out. If you guys wanted me to open this up or to keep it sealed – and i was kind of surprised to see the response […]

Jouer à des jeux PC sur Android et iOS ? GeForce Now et le Cloud Gaming expliqués !

Si j’ai pas envie d’attendre et va en fait l’abonnement prioritaires qui 9 euros 99 par mois sa c6 r de cession d’accord j’ai dj faut y aller, six heures d’affile et est. Prioritaire pour rinscrire donc en gnral tu attends j’ai me voil donc, c’est, accder son catalogue de jeux distance o que tu […]

Another best smart band 2021 : mi band 6 review

Welcome back to my channel kali ini, dalam, segmen Smartwatch kyuto dc.com domain for sending me this item: sekiranya kurang, berminat, untuk, mencari, pelbagai, jenis, gadget, termasuklah, Smartwatch, kamera, dan berbagai, lagi gadget, menarik, korang, boleh, pergi, kepada, desa.co.id, ataupun, kepada, dongsaengnya, Lazada, dan shopee, n, situ, memang, harga, Semuanya murah Mari kita, tengok e […]

Why I Prefer Edge to Chrome (and YOU WILL TOO!)

I love the extensions and the look and feel of chrome, but then i realized that all these extensions now work on the new microsoft edge plus edge got a bunch of additional features that i always wish. Chrome had. Let’S take a look at why edge may actually be the better choice for youtube […]

I Turned This GameCube Into A Gaming PC!

It went together much easier than i ever thought. It would, and it turned out really really nice. What you just saw running was forzo ryzen 4 running on the native hardware that’s inside of this unit. It wasn’t streaming or anything like that. So we do have enough power to play a ton of […]

(GIVEAWAY) Nintendo switch murah cuma RM69!!! Review Ipega PG-9217

So today, pada hari ini, kita, akan review lagi satu ritus label, kontrol ataupun, depannya sebagai, the diskopi controller daripada abiga dengan wireless Foley, tunggu dengan, bluetooth, 5 point kosong, yaitu ipega, PG 9217 kita ketik wajib, ikutan, Oke, dia, seperti, Android, iOS, 7 ke Windows, tapi, telepon, gunakan, Kawin news kita guna muka wireless […]

Let's talk about the 2021 Dell Inspiron 15 5000! Review time!

It is dell’s answer to the sort of like middle average computer user, somebody that doesn’t need the fanciness of the dell xps or the gaming powerhouse of an alienware. This is just for somebody that needs like a good quality machine to do productivity work and to do everyday tasks, and today, we’re, going […]

Introducing a new class of laptops: Intel Evo Platform!

Now, these guys parted, with top laptop manufacturers such as asus, acer, lenovo, hp and dell to co engineer an exciting lineup of premium laptops that are dedicated to keep up with you, whether it’s for work play or leisure. A few days back. We actually posted something that may have caught your attention and […]

2021 M1 iPad Pro Announcement & Procreate 5.2 Preview!

No, not that today was the day of apple’s spring event. Press conference today saw the announcement of quite a few new products, but since this is an art channel i’m going to focus on the new ipad pros that were announced today, plus not to be outdone, savage entertainment gave us a sneak peek […]

M1 Mac Mini with 49" Super Ultrawide Set up – 1 month later. Somethings aren't quite right

This is the second video that will focus on my mac mini setup, combining it with a 49 inch super ultra wide setup. If you haven’t seen the first video it’s in the top corner, now go and have a look at it and shows how i spec the system, what i did and how […]


Se utilizaba es muy asequible es muy barato para todos aquellos que estis empezando puede ser, ideal para visualizar la forma de la onda, adems de este north y los copi encontramos instrumentacin virtual que son dispositivos que se conectan por ejemplo, a un pc oa un smartphone, a Un telfono mvil y nos permite, […]

CrowPi2 Raspberry Pi Laptop Review

The crow pi 2 is an inexpensive, raspberry, pi laptop computer, with lots of integrated digital components at an inexpensive price. The software platform is polished, enabling leaping into experiments with a minimum of hassle. The crow pi 2 is a raspberry pi, centered laptop computer that accommodated trainees and experimenters. This new addition is […]