GODOX WMicS1 kit2 UHF Wireless Microphone Review + Manual and FULL TEST!

I’M, not sure if everybody already knows, but the docs not only makes the uh the flashes and the led lights that you guys usually see all over the internet. But they also make audio products as well and today, i’m reviewing the godox w mic. S1 kit not only comes with the transmitter and […]

M1 MacBook Air Long Term Review | 150 Hours of Use

Okay. So there is a lot of hype surrounding the macbook air, in fact, so much that everyone just screams m1, m1, m1 and i’m here to tell you that the hype is real. M1 is not a cpu. Basically, it is a package containing the computer’s 8 core cpu 7 to 8 cores of […]

This Console Sized Gaming PC Is Amazing!

, if you’re a regular viewer of the channel. You know i love these small form factor gaming, pcs and when these were initially released, i just couldn’t bring myself to pay for a price for something like this, but luckily i found one refurbished on ebay for 6.29 and i had to jump right […]

2021 Macbook Pro M1 A2338 Review + Gaming Tips

Oh with that um it’s doing a little review, so there’s something it’s pretty nice laptop. But there are some things that you should know before you get into it. So this is the laptop um. I bought a case for it um. So obviously you know hands whatever and i’m getting a film protector […]

Further frosty nights, but with more rain on the horizon | WQ Farming Forecast 17th April 2021

Some parts of the uk are close to seeing a record breaking number of frosts uh for april, so it’s been astoundingly cold over the last month or so it’s been particularly dry as well. We have seen a lot of dry weather around many places, seeing little rainfall over the course of the month. […]

Review Lenovo Gaming 3i

Welcome to back to my channel let’s introduce myself. My name is malianwar. You called media. I come from in sampang. My mayor is information system faculties of engineering university of reno yo, madura. Okay, i will take video review. The nfl gaming ki for this video next check it out. Okay, this is unifor […]

Top 10 Best Laptops for Business and for Gaming} Review 2021

As with all xps products, the display on the xps 13 two in one is just incredible. The biggest thing you would notice is a refined, infinity edge display it’s on its third generation it’s, a 1610 aspect ratio, so it’s, actually seven percent larger than before. They actually have almost a million more pixels […]

Text To Speech App 📜➡️🎙️ Voicemate review

If this product is good for you or not good for you and remember, i’ve made for you exciting bonuses, these bonuses are going to make the use of this product easier, more effective and efficient, so you’re going to like this product when you buy it along with My bonuses, so let me take […]

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 Install and Review for Mi Max 3

Now the the flashing steps are going to go for. In detail guys so simple instructions, i will write them in the description box below or in the comment box below. So you have a step by step of what to do, but i’ll also show you in the video of how to install and […]

Overhead Video Tutorial: How to Shoot Top Down Video [UPDATED!]

If you’re seeing value in this video make sure you’re giving it a thumbs up, it really makes a huge difference and all the links to everything we mentioned in this video. You can find linked in the description box below let’s jump into it. A top down camera angle is great for getting your […]

Top 5 Best Portable Hard Drives Reviews 2021 [RANKED]

So if you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description down below now. Let’S start the video, if you are looking for the best portable hard drive here, is a collection you have got to see. Let’S get started number one most popular […]

TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter

This is a wireless adapter it’s, a usb adapter uh. If you can see it has a 180 degree angle for the antenna um, we got good connectivity with this one. So we have a couple walls we’re going to be testing it on and, of course, there’s instructions how to set it up and […]