PC Desktop ALL In One Murah | Acer Aspire C20-830

0 kemudian ada HDMI ada, untuk, memori pada slot USB 3.0 di atas ada lubang kipasnya kemudian di samping ada DVD samping ada, DVD Oke sekarang kita pasang dulu, Kakinya ini, hai, hai, Hai, jadi, kakinya, juga, cukup, dalamnya, Besi tapi luarnya, itu dialas, pakai plastik, ketika ini, alumuniumnya, baja, kita, pasang, seperti ini, dan […]

Barnes & Noble NOOK 10" HD Tablet — UNBOXING!

Music, Music, dave taylor here, and i got my hands on the new 10 inch. Barnes and noble nook. Hd tablet. Now, as you can see, looks a whole lot like the lenovo tablet right, it’s, the tab m10 hd, but it’s designed with barnes and noble or as barnes noble likes, to put it […]

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 13" Laptop – Best laptop for $389, but… | Chromebook Review

, just as in my previous asus laptop review, i will tell you what is this chromebook actually good for, in which case you should buy it, and Also will run through the specs real fast, so at first place. I must say that this lenovo laptop is primarily positioned as a portable work machine […]

Xiaomi reveals Mi Laptop Pro! Watch it here

: this is a beautifully designed laptop. It is also ultra thin and lightweight with powerful performance. It is only 15.9 millimeter feet, so it is very light. It is also dedicated. It adopts the top level processing technologies. For example, we use the 6 series, aerospace grade, aluminum the cnc unibody manufacturing process and […]

BEST VideoBuilder BONUS And Review VideoBuilder Discount

And yes, even the latest cutting edge, avatar and text to speech and lip sync technologies puts it all into one state of the art, app that’s super easy to use and can be accessed via any device and trust me. When i tell you what you can do with it will blow you away, […]

BOYA BY-WM4 Pro Unboxing and Review | Vlog9

I am only using the built in speaker of my phone or camera or my jbl bluetooth phone. So for this part of this video i am currently using my jbl bluetooth earphone, which is clean inside my valves. So please listen very carefully because later on, we will compare it to the sound quality […]

MoBro PC HARDWARE Monitor – Theme Customization Update!

Want to display your PC monitoring data on an external device like your phone or Raspberry Pi and even customize the way it looks Well great because We’Ll show you how you can achieve that with MoBro Before we go into all the details. Let’S talk about what MoBro, actually is., Well it’s short for […]


A few moments later, as you can see, the books are gon na shine. So i ensure guys and tell windows, wi fi, bluetooth usb, so i ensure let’s open the box. I am now linear manipulation, Music, usb usb port tapas data charge, charger, tapos, hdmi status, elect usb port headphone memory, congruent, upgrading […]

4K Microsoft Surface pro 7 + accessories (I don’t get paid for this)

This is where i’ve been my workstation, where i’ve been doing all my uh youtube videos from and uh. I wanted to do a quick review on this it’s a surface pro 7 by microsoft, um i’m, not getting paid to advertise or anything at all. I just think it’s cool um. It comes with […]

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Unboxing & Hands-on [English]

You will enter the PC mode and you can fully take advantages of the inner screen. And thats. The new feature that I havent seen on other foldable phones. Interesting., Hey whats, up Sami here. Its. Finally here Please sit tight and I will be showing you the first real unboxing of Xiaomis, first foldable […]

The Best Tiger Lake Ultra Book – Dell XPS 13 Review

. Now recently on, my channel i’ve been taking a look at a lot of the 11th gen mobile intel cpus with the built in xe, graphics, so far, i’ve tested the 1135 g7, the 1165 g7 and now, with this new xps, i’m, finally able to test the 1185 G7 now i got ta […]

EZQuest USB-C Multimedia 8 Port Hub Unboxing!

At the same time, I love it now used to have one of these devices, but I lost it so I had to replace it.. I picked this guy up at bamph retail price around 79.99, but there is an instant rebate of 20., So a total around 59.99 I’m, not including taxes on that.. […]