Para dictar clases online se le puede conectar al celular, al computador, o lo puedes utilizar, perfectamente, como una tableta, grfica dora, ideal, para diseo, grfico, miremos qu, tanto nos trae, la caja, es bastante grande y pesada, realmente, pesa, aqu, vemos, el primer, mensaje, gracias, por. Lo que es la adquisicin vemos lo que […]

MI NOVIA monta su PRIMERA líquida custom y ojo, Que no esta nada mal!!😆😆

Se supone que ya te viene todo lo que necesitas para montar. Tu primera refrigeracin lquida de tubo duro la cosa del vdeo, es el objetivo es si t lo montes todo, el mundo, puede montn que lleva vamos a hacerlo pero me refiero, a cualquiera puede hacerlo, no pero yo te digo si t […]

Impresi 2 Lensa Dewa Canon RF dan Kamera EOS R5 Lagi

Canon EOS are five dimana kita sebenarnya udah pernah anboxing bareng sama; si arsix waktu itu kalian, bisa cek videonya ada di sana, Cuman waktunya terlalu sempit untuk kita mencicipi sampai, ke, arfaiz, jadi, waktu, itu kita, sempet, sampai, arsix, doang, ada, video pembahasannya, kalau, kalian, belum, cek, itu Ada juga videonya cuman ya, Kita […]

"Coronil Trials Done On 100 People": Patanjali's Chief Scientist | FYI

Today we tell you everything you need to know about this patanjali’s coronal kit, which they claim prevents and cures covet 19.. There is obviously a lot of debate about this, so we thought let’s do a quick fact check. I actually went to a patanjali store and bought this kit what’s inside this, how […]

The AYA NEO Is An Amazing Emulation Machine! RYZEN 4500U Handheld Gaming PC

U also test some switch ps3 ps2, some gamecube and wii. Now, if you’re not familiar with the ineo, this is an upcoming handheld gaming, pc powered by an awesome little ryzen, 5 4500u cpu actually it’s an apu because it has built in radeon, 6 graphics. Now i’ve done a video on this showing […]

Pas Jadi Tablet NYAMAN, Pas jadi Laptop ELEGAN…

Up to 3000 mbps, dan tidak ada yang bisa di update, dari es zenbook ini, Tapi, menurut saya udah nggak perlu di upgrade, lagi lah ya, karena spesifikasinya udah bisa, dibilang, spesifikasi rata kanan, untuk sebuah, laptop dengan, prosesor serius, seperti ini, Kalau, dari, segi, desain, sayap di suka; Banget dengan desainnya dieselnya mewah, tapi, […]

3 Amazing ideas with Arduino – Compilation

They provide pcb prototypes at very reasonable price. You can get up to five pieces of two layer pcb in just two dollars. They also offer four and six layer pcb smd assembly and smt stencils as well, so upload your gobo file, select pcb settings and order your wi fi quality pcbs in just […]


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Dell Inspiron 7000, 2-in-1, 13.3" FHD Touchscreen Laptop First Impression (BestBuy Open Box)

We are h tech review back with another video today we’re, taking a look at a laptop that i picked up, so i picked this up from best buy uh. When i got it, the price was uh. Uh 699.99. As of today, i see they’ve brought the price back up, but this is frequently […]

Unboxing the Gigabyte G5 i5 10500 / RTX 3060

. So we’ll be doing some reviews on this down the line and seeing what else i can do with it as well. So we have a box in a box off to a good start. Here is our pretty box g5 and then, as i mentioned, i5 1050h zoom. You guys in so yeah […]

Unboxing HP Laptop model: 14t dv000 /HP laptop Review / info you need before buying in 2021

This is the hp pavilion 14t dv000 model.. This is supposed to be a really good laptop. Based on the review. I have read online so I just wanted to share this with you, so you can make an informed decision buying a new laptop., Okay without further delay. Let me start opening this box, […]

Dell XPS 13 9310 2-en-1 : un PC portable convertible de haut vol

Il ya vraiment que la partie interne qui change, la construction, elle est toujours trs trs soigne les finitions sont excellentes on a de l’aluminium bross sur le capot un revtement en fibre de carbone au niveau du clavier et c’est vraiment, trs, russi le clavier est aussi d’excellentes Qualits on a un retour des […]