Lenovo Legion Tower 5i (T5i) Review: The BEST Budget Pre-Built Ever?

t guy how’s. It going listen, we’re in the middle of what i call a pc hardware, drought and it stinks right, it’s awful it’s, very hard to find parts right now. But but don’t worry our good buddies over at lenovo um. They got the hookup right if you’re in the market, for a […]

#PART-1 Update Stok 2 – 3 Jutaan Toko Hamidah Computer | Februari 2021

Ya: jadi layarnya sang kecil, cocok, bagi, kalian yang menginginkan, laptop dengan, mobilitas yang tinggi, dan mudah, dibawa, kemana, mana ya, laptop Lenovo, thinkpad ini, ke, 2 kosong satu ini, kita, jual, dengan, harga, 26, juta dan untuk fisiknya, masih, mulus, kokoh, mulus, dan kokoh, ini, dan juga, uniknya, Karena mempunyai dual klik kanan dan […]

Resiko membeli laptop CHINA Tanpa Merek. Murah Berkualitas Tanpa Garansi

000 Waduh mahal ini, jadi, sekarang, AliExpress, kalau, kita, pesan, laptop gitu, tidak, dikirim, melalui, pos, kalau, lewat, Pos biasanya ongkosnya gratis dari dari Cina tidak, ada, biaya, tambahan, tapi, kalau, sekarang, laptop itu dikirim, melalui FedEx, satau, Hai, jadi, pajaknya, cukup, mahal, ya, ya, hai, hai, Hai, Nah, dari, China, sendiri menggigit, clear harganya, […]

#eTuisyenBantu UNBOXING TABLET TECLAST P20HD – Tablet Terbaik Untuk PdPR

00, tercapai lagi yang belum Bridge the Please go to website dubidubidam www.itucash.net kisu, kepada, jiwa, sekalian, jangan, takut, Hari, Ini saya bukan alwandi, geometri, tambahan, Hari ini, saya, nabrak, video yang lebih, menarik, yaitu, saya, akan, amboxsing, ada, Blade brand of Lidya depan ngisi pegang Istiqlal branch, ikhlas model, pipefy SD dengan, berse 20, […]

Mini PC CHƠI GAME Core i7, Ryzen 7 VỎ KÍNH RAM 8GB ~ từ 2tr

My tnh c bit: l cc gii php, gi, r, nh gn, ang c rt, nhiu, ph huynh, v c anh, em hc, sinh, sinh, vin ngi. I lm Tm mua nh mc gi, hp, l d s, hu v, hi vng, video, ny s, gi, ng, ch, nga, cho, anh, em c bit; l […]

12K for WhiteCat tablet, mrekk going insane, osu! Catch new PP record & more! – osu! Weekly #142

Shall we, after the recent pp update the top 25 highest pp, plays, has changed drastically completely changing the maps? The scores were set on the go by movement map and by kirian lost the love to voting out of two thousand seven hundred and more votes more in two thousand have voted no in […]

Sharing some of the features of Amazon's Fire 7 Kids Tablet, 7" Display

7 kids edition tablet. This is made by amazon.com, and i purchased this for my niece when she was about two two years old, getting ready to turn three and she really enjoyed this enjoyed. The other videos on here a lot of the adore, the explorer videos and some other uh videos that she […]

HP Laptop 15 11th Generation Intel Core i5 Review – The Mundane Laptop

How goes it another day, another video in today’s video we’re, having a look at the hp laptop, no really that’s, literally what hbs have to call this guy it’s just called the hp laptop 15 inch. Now, with that being said, it does have a model number for this particular configuration. We’Ve got intel’s […]


Lo que no podremos utilizarlo con mviles que sean micro usb ni tampoco con iphone. Lo que hace este accesorio es bsicamente convertimos el mvil en una nintendo switch obviamente, estticamente hablando ya, que nos aaden dos mandos, laterales, estilos jones, para poder, disfrutar de nuestros, juegos, android, bueno, ya, vemos, el dispositivo presentado en […]

PS 3000 Retro Arcade Gaming TV Stick | HDMI | 10K Games | Under £50!

, what an ambitious name for a product. This has, of course, nothing to do with the playstation. It is in fact a small retro gaming stick plug it into any hdmi tv or monitor and enjoy over 10 000 retro classic arcade games built in now. You can play from a whole bunch of […]

How the BEST handwriting recognition app works (Nebo review)

I will be reviewing one of the best handwriting recognition note taking apps called nebo. I am always on the hunt for new note, taking apps and always testing new ones as well. So when nebo reached out to me, i was super excited to try it out and see how i can incorporate it […]

How to get a get your own Microsoft Surface for very cheap (2021)

The first one is these devices when they’re broken they chill for a lot cheaper. Considering the price of new ones, so a new one, a surface book new it’s over 1 000 pounds for the cheapest 1 000 with a one to eight storage space, and something like this with a broken screen goes […]