MacBook Pro 2020 M1 13 Inch Space Grey – Unboxing + Review

The m1 chip apple’s own in house custom made chip right for this 13 inch macbook pro, but without further ado let’s get into it. Music satisfy him Music quickly, Music, so this was made for other month april. You can never be disappointed by its quality. Here we got from main man himself for […]

👉 Top 10 Battery Jump Starters 2021 (Review Guide)

The list starts from let’s. Come fitness tracker, hr activity, tracker watch with heart rate, monitor waterproof smart it’s, all day activity tracking, accurately record all day, activities like steps, distance, calories, burned, active minutes and sleep status, but see calls and messages on your wrist receive call calendar sms and sns facebook whatsapp Linkedin […]

Top 10 Best NEW and review GAMES for ANDROID And IOS Online/Offline TheBoxMG Part 05

These unexpected heroes are swept away into the great war that rages on always hungry, for more war makes men mad, but humanity can shine from even the darkest hours and those valiant hearts stand up fighting for love, friendship and honor, Music, Laughter, Music, Music, Music, Music. There is a world right in front […]

ZTE Axon 20 Primeras Impresiones

Ah est para que lo ves con tus propios ojos consumidores y vamos sacarlo de aqu mira que est el smartphone quitamos esto que no es importante y aqu est el dispositivo zt axn 23 am electo rpido, esto, ah est all y se encendi solito como por arte De magia que pas aqu y […]

Alucinantes 🎵, Huawei Freebuds Studio: Unboxing & Review !

Lo que es la presentacin y podemos apreciar, este estuche de huawei, bastante bastante rgido bonito el detalle del logo de huawei, all en esta parte de ac vamos, a dejar un poquito al lado y podemos apreciar que bueno no tenemos mucho, ms pero tenemos por supuesto. Lo que son los manuales e instrucciones […]

5 EASY Digital Art Finishers ⭐️ Lights, Filter, Blur and More + MSI PS321QR review

You know when you reach the point where you’re actually finished with your artwork, but there’s still room for just a bit more magic. All artists have their own unique, finishing magic tricks and today i’m, going to share my five favorites with you. First one is rim lights for character. Illustration like this one […]

How to Start your Digital Art | Art Guide for Beginners

We will be talking about how to start with your digital art and art guide for beginners. So before we proceed with the video, let me just share first, my experience when it comes to digital art and based on my observation, mostly digital artists, actually start with using their fingers to draw me myself. […]


No, he visto que hay aqu as que voy a reaccionar con ustedes aqu en el videito si no las conocen les voy a dejar por aqu un screenshot de su instala porque tiene trabajos super bonito, sus acuarelas se ven sper padrsimas vamos, a ver qu tal, hoy Miren qu bonito aqu dice que […]

Lifelong Windows user buys the Macbook Air M1

The best tablet out there i used to say i like my phone’s android and my tablet’s ipad, because i wanted the best of both worlds and then i started getting an ipad pro, because i was editing videos for this channel. It actually worked out better for me than even a desktop pc, so […]

Tablet 2-in-1 Paket IRIT, Dapet Apa? – Lenovo Flex 5i

Oh ya: touchscreen ini, tentu support, stylus Lenovo, digital pen, yang sudah, termasuk dalam, paket, pembelian Hai semuanya di kiri, kanan keyboard, ada, sisa, tempat, buat, speakerphone, fairing terus sensor, fingerprint buat login biometrik ada di pojok, kanan bawah, jangan, bingung, tombol power, badai, samping, kanan, bersama slot SD Card dan 2 port USB pointogel […]

Surface pro 7 Review (boot loop fix)

It was you know, working, fine and um. I guess one night: it decided to install an update, it was corrupted or it or in the time that it was actually being installed. Um. The update did not um go through properly, maybe based off the fact it didn’t have power, or maybe it might […]

Il PC del BONUS da 500€. Recensione POLEMICA ONDA OLIVER

Nel bonus internet cos’, questo bonus internet praticamente, un voucher da 500 euro lo scopo nobile che lo stato ha deciso di. Dare a quelle famiglie con un reddito isee basso per andare, a connetterle in banda larga e per dargli uno strumento hardware per fare, magari dati di distanza e per informatizzarsi peccato che […]