Asus ROG Flow x13 Ryzen 5900HS – The Surface Book Killer!

I like two and one laptops with dedicated gpus. Usually this is the domain of 15 inch models such as the yoga 9i, with a 1650 ti max q, which is only 10 percent faster than the 1650 mux q in the much smaller asus flow x13, even stepping down to a 14 inch two […]

Ketika Xiaomi Bikin Kamera Pocket..

com, langsung, kita review sebuah Pocket camera dari.

M1 Macbook Air and First Impressions in 2021 | Average Consumer Review

For you guys. I want to talk about first impressions. That sort of thing is it for video editing. Those kind of questions i hope to answer today, but yeah if you’re interested in more just keep watching. So i purchased this laptop for the purpose of as a college student, where i do a […]

Top 5 Best All in One Printers 2021 for Home Use, Students, Artists etc. (Buying Guide & Review)

This all in one printer, has all the quality to be a great home printer with its low price, low running costs, good, looking prints, adf, touchscreen lightweight body, compact dimensions and so much more let’s take a closer look while the name of the device has office in It i don’t think it’s enough […]

M1 mac mini review (Buy It)

I finally got a m1 device now i’m still waiting on that macbook air, but i got the mac mini, which is still really cool, because not only is it m1, but also has the latest big sir mixer version, which is really really cool, because i can run Ipad and iphone apps, so yeah […]

Unboxing and Review of XenceLabs Pen Tablet Medium

I want to show you this new digital tablet that i got from the folks at sense. Labs – and this is the senslabs pen tablet medium size, all right, let’s start out by opening the box, so the box comes in a very well protected plastic wrap. I got ta say it looks really […]

REVIEW Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i CARBON, Fiturnya Canggih Banget!

I care Bond Nah jadi Disini yang bakal bebas metode desain nya bisa kalian liat sendiri di sini, Lenovo Yoga slim safeway, karbon, itu dilapisin, sama warna putih, yang B, dari seri seri Lenovo lainnya kalau secara kita, lihat, memang ini, keren, laptope, Cuman, kalau, misalnya, kita, telaah, lebih, Jauh warna putih ini, tuh, tahun […]

How To Shoot Performance Videos Tutorials (Sports, Cooking, Filmmaking…)

Video here are some quick examples of performance videos we’ve created the cinematic movements training in 14 day filmmaker, where i walk through my favorite camera movements and how to do them. The five commercials in five hours, video, where paul and i break down exactly how we shot five commercials for one of our […]

2021 Dell Inspiron 11th Gen Core i7 1TB SSD 16GB Iris Max 4GB 4K UHD Touchscreen 15 7000 2in1 Laptop

I hope you all are doing good in this video. We are going to unbox a new laptop and see the specifications before that. Thank you very much for all of your support. If you’re watching this channel for the first time, please support and hit the bell button to get more updates from us […]

Can Liquid Metal Save the Larkbox pro?

I was using arctic silver, five thermal paste and i’m going to replace that today with liquid metal and hopefully that will increase the efficiency in which the heat sink can soak up heat from the cpu we’ll see if using basically the most efficient thermal paste on the Market is going to make a […]

👉 Top 10 Slim Keyboards For Computers 2021 (Review Guide)

The list starts from grossland remote control, car rc cars, christmas gifts for kids, 1, 24th, electric sport, its strong material and scratch resistance, non toxic, abs, plastic and a glossy exterior. It can hold up well through lots of crashes. Smooth flexible wheels can reduce the friction between the tire and floor despite the […]

Samsung Galaxy Book S Review

While windows on snapdragon devices have a great deal of potential. We adore the concept of a notebook that lasts nearly a whole day on a single charge, boots up immediately and contains a built in ultra fast mobile net. The truth is that lots of the apparatus we’ve attempted to end up the snapdragon […]