Install the Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire Tablet

All of that can’t be installed from the amazon app store, but because this tablet technically runs android, you can side load the google play store onto this fire tablet and have all those awesome. Google applications directly on fire os and i’m going to show you how Applause? Okay, so, in order to install […]

Asus ZENBOOK DUO 14, lo ScreenPad si RINNOVA! Anteprima CES 2021

I prodotti ma siamo riusciti comunque ad avere con noi uno dei nuovi notebook annunciato da asus proprio pochi istanti fa all’interno della conferenza, stampa, che si appena conclusa parlo ovviamente dello zen book duo, nella versione da 14 pollici che andiamo, a scoprire insieme un pochino pi da Vicino come negli anni passati anche […]

The Impact of Pen Use – Low Formality Thinking

In fact, there are so many papers on the benefits of handwriting that it’s hard to know where to start. In my last video i mentioned travis smith, a former teacher from melbourne, who presented a talk based on the educational research that explains the power of the pen. Travis talked about a scientist from […]

TECH I USE DAILY IN 2021! | My Current Tech Setup

And today i am going to talk about my entire tech setup i’m. Going to tell you guys, the tech that i use in my daily life and for each item i’m going to tell you whether i’m happy with it or if there is something else that i would rather replace it with and […]


Ms remedio que codificar con el procesador y ste. Pues nos va, cara, al aire porque, bastante tiene ya, con el resto de la produccin bien para esos casos que son muy habituales. Se me ha ocurrido utilizar un codificador externo algo que prcticamente todos tenemos la idea, es sacar la imagen, ya, producida de […]

5 Best 2 In 1 Laptops You Can Buy In 2021

The same laptop you use to get stuff done can then become the tablet you kick back with when the stuff is done and you’re on the sofa they’re also really useful for students, business, travelers and commuters, and for using in places where normal laptops aren’t an option. Adding a stylus opens up even […]

UN BOXING DARAZ Android TV Box Wireless Remote Review 📺

They have this qr code for the easy download of app and also they have a qr code for tracking the parcel which is on the receipt. Let’S open it and see how it’s like it’s a 5 star supplier, and we ordered this android remote air, remote mouse, and this can be used with […]

Tips & Tricks For The iPad Air 4

I can only imagine how popular this really is and why not right when it borrows all the best features of that more expensive ipad pro, but the cost still remains at the mid tier level. Sort of so here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to get the most out […]

6 Altavoces que DEBES CONOCER | Xiaomi, Tronsmart, Divoom ¡100% RECOMENDABLES!

Esta razn a partir de 2021 ir atrayendo los altavoces ms interesantes que vayan saliendo al mercado y precisamente por, esta razn voy, a empezar el ao, muy fuerte. He decidido escoger los seis modelos ms interesantes que estado por donde, los ltimos meses y tenerlos todos unidos en este vdeo 6 opciones que son […]

Samsung Tab S7 Tablet | Review (120 Hz!!!)

hello. Everyone welcome to my channel. I am daniel look at what i have today. The samsung tab. S7 tablet. I almost returned it and before i do a quick unboxing and show you some key features. I want to tell you a story about my razer phone and it’s the same as my tablet, […]


My beginning will be as bright as the sun come won’t you come along and it feels so bright. It’S, like luck is raining on me, go and follow your heart doesn’t matter. How far there Music me is time baby baby now i know baby baby got ta go. There is so much love […]

Dell Latitude 7000 Series Unboxing

The new latitude 7420 let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s inside so right. When you open the box, you see the power cord. This is your standard three prong power cord. We have the adapter. This is a 65 watt adapter with the usb type c connector, and then, of course, you […]