The latest tablet from microsoft that adopts the new surface pro x style. Now i also have the signature keyboard with slim pen 2 here, and this came out about a week or so ago. I ordered it as soon as i could, but it was delayed a little bit because of its configuration, so the configuration i picked up youll see here, says surface pro: 8 11th gen intel core i5 with 16 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage. It comes in platinum, but theres also another color available as well. You have graphite or platinum, and it ranges from 1099 to 2599. This one is three hundred and ninety nine dollars. The keyboard is an additional 279 with the pen, so things here are fairly expensive. Youll see it says: windows 11 also lets go ahead and unbox it so well open the packaging here weve got a nice little pull tab to rip open the plastic here, and this does come with windows 11, like it says, so. Its got the newest or latest version of the operating system lets go ahead and take the top of the box off there. We go and nothing there heres the tablet itself its a little bit heavier than i thought well talk about that in a moment and then inside the box. Weve got a couple different things here. So weve got microsoft surface pro 8, its just a little quick start guide here and then it says safety guide and regulatory and then also well, nothing else here, really so thats it just a little diagram that theres booklets well set that aside – and this should be The power adapter so lets take a look at that.

So well open it up here, and these are pretty typical every year from microsoft very similar. So we have the ac adapter on one end and then your normal adapter on the other, to plug into the power adapter here and then youve got usb a here on the other side. And then you have the proprietary surface connector. So not really anything different here. So theyve been consistent with that lets, set the box aside and take a closer look at the surface, so heres the surface itself, and it has little icons all around it to show you where things are located, but lets go, go ahead and unwrap this here. So take the cover off there. We go and heres the surface itself, so its got thinner bezels this year, which is really nice and on the right hand, side. It looks like weve got our power sleep, wake button, weve got two usbc connections and our surface connector on the bottom. You have the connector for the keyboard. On the other side, you just have a headphone jack as well as a volume rocker above it now on the back. You have a camera, and the camera on the back is a 10 megapixel camera that can record 1080p and 4k video. If we open up the kickstand here, youll see it opens like that, and we do have an ssd inside lets. Take a look at that. So, instead of having an sd card slot, we have a replaceable or removable ssd.

So we can push down and then theres the ssd. You can see its 256 gigabytes in this model, it unscrews and if you can find these, they offer up to one terabyte. But if you can find those you can actually replace it yourself. So the kickstand, if we press down it, wont break it does feel like its going to but theyve engineered. This hinge to be very strong and its really nice, its very rigid and then around the outside edge youll see we have a vent and then on the front we have the windows, hello setup, as well as a forward facing 5 megapixel camera with 1080p video inside. We have wi fi six 802.11 ax as well as bluetooth 5.1, so we have wi fi, six and all of the latest wireless standards, as well as a 51.5 watt hour battery thats good for 16 hours of usage according to microsoft. So, im not sure it will get that kind of usage, but lets go ahead and, put this aside and open the keyboard since well need that to set this up itll make it a little bit easier, so heres the keyboard lets see if we can open this Here, theres a little pull, tab and youll see it. It says alcantara, so you either like that or you dont. I actually tend to like the fabric on it. So its whats used in many cars, everything from tesla to ferrari and everything else so lets go ahead and remove that and see what weve got now this time around.

This comes with the pen and thats why its 279 dollars so its included. You have the slim pen too and, as you can see here, you just have a little thing here as far as your pamphlet for the keyboard and then the keyboard itself. This is available in different colors as well. I kind of liked the black color and then you have the pen with a magnetic hinge and it just says microsoft on the other side, so it acts as a cover for the display and then youve got your pen. The pen itself has a little button here as well as a button on the back. You can click and the pen tip as well, so thats included with it, and then it just sits in here. Magnetically now well move the box aside for this lets set. It aside and then boot it up so well move that box aside now well attach the keyboard. It aligns itself magnetically and then you can stand it up like this or leave it flat. So it sits flat its up to you or you can just close it to sort of protect the device, so its really nice very thin and as far as its overall weight, its 1.96 pounds. So its not super heavy, and you do have that choice of core i5, like i said as well as core i7, and it has intel iris, xe, graphics, lets go ahead and boot. This up so well put the stand back here and lets boot it up.

Now. This year, the keyboard actually is a little bit more rigid. Apparently it has some carbon fiber in it to keep it light, but also strong, so it seems like it flexes a little bit, but not too bad. Those speakers actually sound pretty good as well and youll, see here it says hello, and then you can select your language here, so you can scroll through languages. Well, just pick english and click yes and its asking me the country now, no more cortana. If you notice that cortanas not asking me about anything here and then well pick the united states, well, click, yes, and then its saying which keyboard do we have united states? Well, click, yes, and you want to add a second keyboard layout – well skip that for now now its asking me to connect to wi fi, i clicked next and now its looking for updates. Now this is the first time ive set up windows 11 from scratch. Ive actually upgraded to it on my other pc, but this is the first time im actually seeing the setup and its quite nice, no more annoying cortana, although you do have accessibility features here. If you want them, if you click on it, youll have the option for easier to use. You have an option for a navigator or a narrator, magnifier high contrast and more so thats nice, and then you have speakers. You can turn them up or down. So it says please keep your pc on well wait just a moment.

While it completes here now its asking me to review the license agreement. Well just hit accept or we cant move forward. Now its asking me to add my microsoft account so ill. Do that now, ive added my microsoft account its asking me if i want to use windows hello to verify its me just by looking at the display so ill say yes, setup its one of my favorite things here with this, so well, look right at it ill! Just tilt it here and thats it im all set well hit next, very simple, and now its asking me to set up a pin, so its very secure that way so ill confirm a pin. Now my pin is entered so well. Give it just a moment here and now its asking if i want to set it up as a new device or restore from a pc ill set this one up as a new device. Since i dont want everything to come over now, its asking for my privacy settings so location, diagnostic data, things like that advertising and well turn that off and maybe turn off the diagnostic data hit accept. But you can set that up. However, youd like and lets customize your experience what youre doing so. This is the first time ive seen this ill use it for gaming, creativity, maybe school, maybe business and family a little bit of everything here. I think so well select that and then hit accept its asking me to back up with onedrive i dont have to, but i already will its something that i use regularly on pcs and its asking me for microsoft.

365.. I dont really use that so well. Go ahead and hit next or no thank you now. Its checking for updates so well give it a moment and see if itll complete here now it says: meet windows 11, while its updating, so its at six percent or so, and one thing to mention about this display is its 13 inches. Its a 3 2 aspect ratio and its 2 80 by 1 920 with 267 pixels per inch. However, it has 120 hertz, but 60 hertz is default, so it has all of those specs. The display looks great as well and does seem to have decent viewing angles. Also, but it is a bit reflective, so thats. One thing i noticed and i do have to say: windows 11 looks much nicer coming from a mac or an ipad and trying this out i go back and forth every day from a pc to a mac. So i use both – and this does look really nice theyve rounded off the corners, given it a little bit of depth. I think it looks great so its just talking about better together using maybe teams and things like that. So it looks good well give it a moment to update and then well get to the desktop and take a look, so the computer booted up and it logged me in with windows – hello, if i lock it and come back in to the computer here. Well, just tap on it and well switch sign in options to windows, hello.

There we go it recognized me and logs me right in and so were on our main screen of windows 11 and, as you can see, its got the same setup as all of the other windows. 11 computers. If i fold this down here, weve got our pen and we can use windows. Inking weve got a menu that shows up at the bottom and then, of course, we can just use this wherever wed like. So if we want to go into an application, we can tap and use this or we can open a drawing application and use it there. So these are all installed by default, its matching the desktop on my other computer, so its syncing that and you can see theres some apps installed by default and they seem to work okay. If i click this button here, it opens up a new whiteboard for me and i can write zolotek and theres a little bit of haptic feedback in this pen, but you can feel it a little bit on the screen, but not as much as i had thought. You might be able to you, have a little ruler here you can use. So if you want to just draw a line here, you can draw a line and its built in just with windows itself, so we can close that click the button and were right back into our whiteboard, so its really nice that we have that option. Of course, this is a typical windows computer.

At this point now, a couple things i wanted to mention is this: does not have any detectable pwm that i could detect anyway. I measured it using 240 frames per second and the screen is not flickering to control brightness. Its an lcd, but the surface pro x actually did control brightness with pwm. This could as well, but i cant detect it at 240 frames per second also. The keyboard is really nice to type on. It has less flex and if i go into maybe notepad here well just go into notepad and maybe type hi. How are you today? You can see? I dont have a normal typing style, but it feels really good. It doesnt seem to flex, and let me move the microphone, so you can hear the sound of it a little bit better. The keyboard is fairly quiet, it has nice feedback and the trackpad actually is quite nice as well. It has a nice click feel to it and its just really nice compared to even the previous generations. It definitely flexes a lot less. This feels more rigid and sounds a little bit better. It just gets a little bit better than it was before and feels more premium and, of course this is an expensive keyboard, so it should sound like that. Also, the speakers sound really good. I played a couple. Videos listened to them. The display looks great operates. It up to 120 hertz, but it does not play hdr videos on youtube, or at least when i tried it.

It didnt show that so if we turn up the brightness its plenty bright but its not as bright as say, an ipad pro with a mini led display, but it looks great and has great viewing angles like i mentioned earlier, so thats it for the surface pro 8, of course, this probably can play some games and things like that, but this is really meant for productivity, maybe taking notes using it for school. You could definitely do some 3d modeling on it, but you do have the new surface laptop studio, thats a little more powerful when it comes to that. But this is a really nice device and of course, if you want to see a full review on it, i can do that. Just let me know in the comments below if theres anything you would want to know about it, but this is just the first look in unboxing, so its really nice. I like this new form factor thats similar to the surface pro x. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below now.