I have reviewed in 2021 from the perspective of an artist, a graphic designer and visual content creator now to keep this video short im just going to name one or two selling points and deal breakers for each tablet. In this video, i will tell you which tablet, in my opinion, will give you the best value for your money and which is the best tablet to get. And then i will go through each brand and some of the tablets that those companies have made and released in 2021.. Let me start by saying that my recommendations are going to be subjective because people buy tablets for different reasons. The features that i value may not be the features that you value and i would consider myself to be a budget conscious consumer. So in many cases i may actually recommend you go with the previous generation product if it can offer you the same experience, but at a lower price point. The tablet that provides the best value for money in 2021, in my opinion, is the xiaomi pad 5 with the xiaomi smart pen. This tablet is us 350 on aliexpress, and the pen is 70 us dollars. So we are looking at a total of 420 dollars for that amount of money. You are getting a beautiful looking tablet with 120 hertz display with beautiful colors, fantastic ordeal. Running android 11 has really smooth performance. Overall, there is minimal wobble with the lines the main issue.

I have with this pen is the lines dont taper smoothly, so the lines they taper quite abruptly. If you draw real fast, sometimes you can get the lines to taper nicely, but most of the time, the lines they taper quite abruptly. But that did not stop me from creating this sketch and this sketch. You can definitely see slight wobble with the lines but its not that bad its just that the lines cant taper. So when you are drawing hair, for example, where you want the lines to taper or if you are drawing grass blades of grass, the lines will not be able to taper that smoothly that sharply. This tablet has six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage. There is no micro sd card slot. The drawing performance is not going to match apple pencil, which is more accurate and has better pressure sensitivity. However, as an overall package, this is a tablet i can recommend easily for anyone who wants to create casual art or sketching. I bought this tablet solely for review purposes and each day or each time i look at it. I just think to myself. This is such a good tablet. The best tablet of 2021 is obviously the apple m1 ipad pro because of apple pencil, which is very accurate. The apple pencil has minimal initial activation force, and this allows your lines to transition from thin to thick and back to really thin very easily. The m1 processor is really powerful, but the thing is apple.

Ipad pros have always been very powerful, which is why im showing you the 2018 model here by the side, because im actually still using this, and this older model provides the same drawing experience as this newer model. The 12.9 inch is using minilet lcd, whereas the 11 inch is just using the typical lcd. Both tablets have 600 nits maximum brightness. However, with the mini led, you can play hdr videos with true hdr effects. Up to 1000 nits, the base model 12.9 inch m1 ipad. Pro is us: 1099 apple pencil is sold separately. This is us 129 and for the money you pay, you get 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage. It is quite pricey, however, its worth the money, its a beautiful, looking tablet with solid build quality. It can last for a long time. However, if you want the best value for your money, i recommend you go with the refurbished model. 12.9 inch ipad pro from 2020 refurbished models can be purchased directly from apples website depending on availability. So if you take a look at this previous generation, which has six gigs of ram versus the eight mix that you find on the m1 ipad pro, but it has 256 gigs of storage two times more compared to the base model of this m1 ipad pro. So you get slightly less ram, but you get significantly more storage and the price savings is quite significant. Having mini led is nice when you are watching hdr movies and the overall display is slightly brighter relatively speaking, but i dont think you are missing out.

If you dont have mini led – or you can wait for this to be available on the refurbished store and get it at 15 off. The reason why i have two ipad pros is not because im rich, but because the power button on this older unit is faulty and occasionally it will power on and off randomly by itself. So i cant sell off this faulty unit. Im thinking of selling this off, but if i sell this off this unit, im very sure is going to misbehave even more so im keeping this as a backup im actually using this more often because it still works. Lets move on to talk about tablets from other companies, so this is the huawei mate pad pro 10.8 huawei has also released the midpad 11 in 2021. The strange thing is, the midpad 11 has a 120hz display, whereas this pro model has a 60hz display im, not sure why there are some differences in specifications, but the overall user experience between the midpad pro 10.8 and the midpad 11 is essentially the same and the Midpad 11 is cheaper, so go with the midpad 11.. However huge deal breaker is there is no google play store? Huawei has their own app store, its called the huawei app gallery, and this app store has many chinese apps, but for drawing apps that are in english. The variety is extremely limited and for many of those apps, some of them actually require google services.

So without google services, sometimes you may not be able to log in. You may not be able to backup your file, or maybe you have purchased some items within the app without google services. You cannot restore those purchases developers. Also dont update the apps in the huawei app store that often, for example, with concepts this app hasnt been updated for more than a year, whereas this app in the google play store was just updated last month and also in the huawei app store. There are a lot of fake apps with the same icon, but created by fake users. Lines from the huawei m pencil can taper really beautifully very smoothly. However, there is noticeable diagonal line, wobble or jitter so other than the pen issues and the lack of google play store. This is actually quite a good tablet. I like how it feels when im holding it in hand. More specifically, the curved edges here feels really nice. In terms of the feel, this tablet definitely has the best feels when you are holding it in hand. Lenovo released a few tablets in 2021. This is the lenovo tech p12 pro, which is also known as the celsim pad pro 12.6. I have also reviewed the lenovo yoga tab 11., so for this p12 pro it looks and feels and performs very similarly to the samsung tab, s7 plus, which was released more than a year ago. So this tablet is actually quite lit in the market and because its so similar to the samsung tab, s7 plus, which is a fantastic tablet.

This is a fantastic tablet. The price for this is us 699 dollars. Sometimes you can get it at 629, with the pen, the lenovo precision, pen, 3, bundle in usa. Unfortunately, the line quality from this pan isnt that great initial activation force looks good, but you can see the lines they have very visible wobble. I wont recommend you get this for drawing purposes, but if you are not into drawing this is a pretty good android tablet. It has a beautiful display, fantastic audio quality, usb c micro sd card slot. Good performance has support for external display and has desktop mode just like samsung decks, and it has 8 gigs of ram. Lets talk about apple again, in addition to the m1 ipad. Pro apple has also released two other tablets in 2021 ipad 9, which is priced at 329, us dollars and ipad mini 6, which is priced at 499. For the ipad 9, you get 3 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage for ipad mini 6. You get 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage. You can, of course, pay more to upgrade the storage. The main reason to go with ipads is apple pencil, which is very accurate, very sensitive and has probably the best drawing performance among portable tablets and the app ecosystem within the apple app store is fantastic. There are so many graphic design and drawing apps. The variety is just much larger compared to what you can find from the google play store on android tablets.

All the ipad models are worth the money. In my opinion, there are now so many different ipad models of different sizes and prices that you can probably find. One within your budget, as long as your budget is above 400 us dollars. The ipad 9 has a rather dated design by todays standards compared to other android tablets and the ipad mini 6. Has this issue with the jelly scroll or screen tearing when you are scrolling web pages, while holding the ipad mini in vertical orientation? The effect is more noticeable in real life than what my camera can capture and it affects all units of ipad mini 6.. If it doesnt affect you, thats great, if you cant see it, dont go look for it, because once you see it, you cannot unsee it personally. For me, thats, the first thing i noticed when i was browsing web pages. The only tablet from samsung released in 2021 that i can recommend for drawing purposes is the samsung tab s7fe, which is the budget version of the samsung tab, s7, plus the look and feel and the drawing performance you can get with the fe that tap s7fe is Similar to the tap s7 plus official retail price for the tap s7 fe is 529 us dollars and for the s7 plus right now you can find it at 699 dollars. So thats almost 200 us dollars difference to me the only visible difference i can see between the tab, s7 fe and the tab.

Sm plus, is the display on the fe. They are using a 60 hertz lcd, which still has pretty good colors on the tab. S7 plus they are using super amoled with really vibrant colors, so the visual quality, the image quality that you can get with super amoled display is better. You can expect pretty good drawing performance with the samsung s pen as well, i would say the apple pencil has slightly better sensitivity, especially when youre drawing with very or minimal pressure. You can still get thin and thick lines very easily with the samsung s pen. For some reason, this s, pen, thats included with this tablet, um doesnt work as great compared to the norris digital jumbo, where i can draw thin lines really easily. So you can see the line variation from thin to thick its more obvious compared to what i can get with the samsung s. Pen. If i were to compare this with the apple pencil, i would say you can get the same line quality that you can get with the apple pencil. This is really that good, the temp s7 plus is going to have better performance with graphics, intensive gaming and heavy multitasking, but for drawing purposes the performance is similar to the temp s7fe. So those are the tablets. I have reviewed in 2021. The two tablets that stand out for me would be the xiaomi pad 5 and the m1 ipad pro. There is one other tablet that i wanted to review, but i couldnt because its not released in singapore, yet that is the microsoft surface.

Pro 8., i have heard and read good things about the new surface pen, its supposed to have better drawing performance, but i cant say much until ive seen it and test it for myself, so that surface pro 8 is going to be released. In a few months time, microsoft is really slow in singapore, so i hope to get a review unit and test it out in greater detail for you guys.