You will know how we bought it online, how much it cost our opinion about this Notebook and other useful information. In this package. There is obviously the notebook, also the charger, the warranty sheet and information about it. Anyway, I’m Sophia Del Rosario and let’s get started. This Notebook HP. 15S costs 899.90. 109.99. If you want additional warranty support., We ordered it on the unieuro website, with free shipping and after 5 days, the package arrived at our home. Laptops suitable for editing. Videos must have at least 12 GB RAM.. This Notebook has a 2 x, 8 GB memory structure. Thus, a 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM installation a more efficient and reliable model at higher speeds.. It is very suitable for playing games and editing videos. Operating system, including Windows, 10 Home Silver.. It has a 64 bit operating system architecture and the capacity of 512 GB SSD. This will help you a lot and speed up your computer. For those who save only documents or photos. The capacity is acceptable, but it is little for those who download many movies and videos, so I suggest instead to have an external hard drive. If you want to have this notebook., As we see in the video, it has an 11th generation Intel Core i7 with the maximum frequency of the 4.7 GHz turbo processor.. In 2016 of my unboxing video, we had bought a computer of this kind, but with the AMD Ryzen, which cost less. After a few years of use, we were not very happy with the AMD Ryzen, so it would be better to buy the Intel Core, even if It costs more because it is very well known and has a lot of positive reviews.

Pre installed. Software are Dropbox and Netflix and for trial software updates. There are McAfee LiveSafe, Microsoft, Office, 365 and ExpressVPN.. It weighs 1690 grams, making it very suitable for those who travel a lot or use their laptop outside the home.. At first glance it looks very durable and pretty, but looking at it, it looks a bit made of plastic, but it doesn’t really matter.. The screen size is ‘.6cm or 15.6 inches and has a screen resolution of 1920 x, 1080 pixels.. This is the quality of the Webcam. It is an HP, True Vision, 720p HD camera with integrated dual array: digital microphones. – I am facing the sunlight and, as you can see, the quality is good for those who have an online school or for those attending meetings.. It has dual speakers and I really like how it produces the sound, because the speakers are close to the keyboard and the volume is loud., Paul, David’s, Music Box, Channel quotCHOPSTICKS WALTZquot. On the left side, it has 1 AC smart pin 2 SuperSpeed USB Type, A 5 Gbps signaling speeds.. On the right side. It has 1 HDMI, 1.4b 1 SuperSpeed USB Type C 5 Gbps signaling, speed, 1 headphonemicrophone, combo 1 multi format, SD media card reader.. It has no ethernet LAN connection, but for those who need it, you can also use a converter like this. As an advantage. It has a fingerprint recognition that guarantees secure access and online payments.. According to the website, the Battery life is 7.

25 hours and is fast charging. It has an HP Imagepad with multi touch gestures.. This multi touch touchpad, supports four finger gestures and allows you to scroll zoom and navigate with just one touch.. It has an anti glare panel. Non reflective and low gloss means you will have less glare. While you are outside., it is disadvantageous for those who use the laptop late at night, because its keyboard has no lights., And this is my video. If you liked it click the like button. And if you are interested in my channel press. The subscribe button.