Oh with that um it’s doing a little review, so there’s something it’s pretty nice laptop. But there are some things that you should know before you get into it. So this is the laptop um. I bought a case for it um. So obviously you know hands whatever and i’m getting a film protector and a cable detector. But besides the point um just protecting it, um a little bit of things for the mac. You got your uh, your touch id right here, um and that lets you log in obviously, and then you got your sky bar or touch bar, i mean, and you know you can do all your stuff if you’re typing you use emojis whatever, like that now i Heard that you could play video games on this um process is really fast. Um downside so basically see that right there boot camp click into it. It’S going to say this, bootcamp assistant cannot be used. This map doesn’t support, who can so with that? What you’re going to have to do if you want to run the games or whatever um you are going to have to uh, do a few things. So you can go to this website um, and this lets you play the games with the mac. It does cost money, it costs about 40 bucks, whatever um it’s. Basically, like you have linux it’s like a wine, basically um, which mac os is sort of like linux, or you can do parallels, which is about the same price and honestly you’re, going to be better off because you get an actual uh windows.

10. You know uses out like actually use 1010 um, which parallax is kind of cool. You can see that right. There um, i usually do full screen, but you can, you know basically touch pad right here, so you can put three down swipe. Get the mac three down! Swipe get the windows um that’s one way to play games on it. So oh, no it’s, it’s, a pretty nice laptop. The benchmarks really really are amazing. Um. If you see this right here, um that’s your tabs for um each tab, you got so you can use that to control it. Whatever um it’s been running, pretty good. I’Ve only had it for a few days um, but you can go in everything syncs up facetime. Whatever um pretty nice, big slurs, pretty good um and you play uh fortnite right out the back. There are some games like uh kodi, black ops 3, which is specifically made for mac and uh fortnite, which is made for mac too, also, which is kind of nice. Um, because you know um, i don’t know about you, but i like playing games so, but all in all it’s it’s worth the money. In my opinion, it really is um, as you see it’s quality. You know um recommendation on a case. I bought this case from best buy um. Some people say recommend case some people don’t. Apparently it puts wear and tear on your mac, but if you use your laptop it’s going to be pretty warter either way – and the case is just going to protect it so that’s up to you, but all in all, is it worth the money? Yes, it is for sure, definitely worth the money um and you can still.

You can still do the things you want on pc too. I got u turn on here. Um.