This video is sponsored by skillshare the platform to learn all the creative skills. You’Ve always been interested in learning. The first 1000 people who join with my link in the description get a free trial of skillshare premium. So you can explore your creativity today, okay, so the model i have is the fully specced everything except for the storage. So i have the 8 core: m1 processor, 8 core gpu, 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage. But before we talk about performance, let’s talk about design the biggest change to the imac in the last 10 years. This thing is ultra thin, thinner than an apple watch, or about one and a half iphone 12 pro maxes, basically it’s very thin. Of course, i got the yellow one and it’s kind of a bit of a gold in some lights, especially the stand but it’s honestly beautiful. All the colors look pretty sweet, in my opinion, there’s no space, gray or matte black, but silver is even quite nice. It looks very industrial just awesome now the white bezels and the chin honestly in person using this computer. They don’t bother me at all, definitely in the renders and the press images they’re a lot more exaggerated and jarring for some reason, but in person it’s gorgeous the whole design makes the computer feel like a piece of furniture or home accessory, and it feels warm and Inviting, rather than cold and blank and it’s clear that that was intentional, the computer even says hello when you first turn it on and because of how it looks.

It allows this computer to almost transcend beyond the office or the desk space. It looks great in a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, coffee table – why not and because it’s so thin and light and everything is built in you – can kind of move this around your home space like an ipad or a macbook. Now you got to plug it in, of course, but this computer fits into home environments so incredibly. Well, it doesn’t really stick out like a piece of tech and just feels like it belongs in living spaces. Now the design is obviously not for everyone, but it’s awesome to see apple, embracing color once again and going heavy on it. Even accents of the operating system also match the color of the mac. You have alongside pretty much everything in the box and the box. The stand is tilt adjustable, but not height, adjustable or rotatable there’s, a headphone jack on the side, which is nice to have and easy to access, but makes plugging and speakers look a little bit awkward at the back two usbc ports and two thunderbolts or usb4 ports. On this model, there’s of course no other ports on the rest of the computer, so you’re gon na need one of those adapters for things like an sd card slot hdmi port stuff. Like that interesting enough, though, the ethernet port is actually on the power brick, which is actually kind of smart for homes and setups and may help with organization and cable management.

The braided color coordinated power cable also attaches magnetically to the mac, and i hope we see something like this for the next macbook pro but of course, designed to actually pop out because this it stays locked in the display up front is 24 inches and four and A half k resolution it’s glossy and the glass covers the entire front of the computer as it is glossy you’re going to see some reflections in brighter rooms, but viewing angles are pretty solid at first, i was kind of worried. The 24 inch display would feel a bit too small, especially coming from a much larger display that i use on a daily basis, but it’s really not bad at all creative work day to day work just using this computer. The 24 inch display is kind of a nice medium middle ground size. The panel gets very bright, colors are beautiful, vibrant and accurate and it’s crazy, sharp. Even if you don’t like how the front of the computer looks having this level of display is almost worth forgetting about the chin and bezels it’s, truly a beautiful panel, the speakers get quite loud with decent mids and balanced highs. The bass is even decent too. They sound good, now they’re not going to replace an external speaker setup with a subwoofer or anything like that of course, but if you don’t have the space for external speakers or just don’t want to have them. This has everything built in and speaking of, audio quality.

You’Re hearing the microphones from this computer right now in stereo, and they do sound pretty good honestly you’re, also seeing the video quality from the front facing 1080p webcam on this computer, which is great for video conferencing. Videos just like this or, of course, photo booth. The keyboard and mouse are also included here and the keyboard is updated and looks great it’s very compact. The corners are rounded it’s, also yellow, of course too, and this thing is super lightweight and doesn’t slide around in the table at all. The travel is good, but will be a lot more shallow than what you’re used to if you don’t use an apple keyboard on a daily basis. The fingerprint scanner is also a great touch and works fairly fast for logging in or making purchases the magic mouse is. The same as before, just color coordinated, same gestures, same click, same everything and yes, the charger port is still in the bottom. Okay, let’s talk performance, you know fast and instant things are on ios. Imagine that, but on the mac that’s exactly how it is and going from an intel machine to this, it is immediately noticeable. Turning on the computer, it starts up incredibly fast and day to day performance opening apps scrolling around just using the computer it’s very snappy and smooth most apps, just pop open instantly, especially ones that are optimized for apple silicon and the casual apps that aren’t yet optimized. You wouldn’t really know, of course, some things are not that smooth if they’re, not optimized like premiere pro and indesign they’re, just okay, so that’s daily usage and for most people, they’re gon na love the speed of this machine for all the things they do on a Daily basis, and while this isn’t really aimed at people who do more complex, intensive work with their computers, i wanted to still really push the m1 processor to its limits.

Most of the more intensive apps i use are from apple and adobe, and i have a lot of work happening all at once. So thankfully, this computer came in at the right time and i was able to really test out how this performs for those projects. Final cut is the reason why i still use a mac because it’s not on an ipad yet and honestly, the editing experience on this machine is surprisingly good. No real slowness or lag processing and playback, always very quick, and the thing is dead silent. Most of the time when the fans do kick on they’re decently, quiet as well, i’ve been working on a few long and intensive edits and i’ve really been pushing this computer testing out the performance and, if you’re, seeing this video, it was edited entirely on this mac. Then, with photoshop working on some mock ups for my website, even editing the thumbnail for this video, it was pretty smooth. I even opened up some more complex projects, reworked some of the graphics tested, a few things out and didn’t really have to wait or deal with much of any slowness while using photoshop on this computer. Now one of the coolest things about apple silicon is the ability to run iphone and ipad apps natively on the computer and it’s pretty incredible. So you just go to the app store and you can download mac or ios apps and if you’ve already bought them those purchases transfer to the mac.

Although some apps are just not available on the store like instagram or youtube or snapchat gmail, so it’s still a bit mixed what you can actually download, but most things they’re there. What all of this means ios apps on the mac in concept. What it does is expands the mac app store, gives more variety and, of course, desktop. Specific apps will be better on this computer, but the ios apps that do run on this computer are very smooth. Okay, so the imac is finally exciting. Again, you have a computer with a super friendly design that fits beautifully into many home environments, it’s ultra thin and modern. That runs incredibly fast for day to day tasks and the more intensive ones. If you choose to do so, and doesn’t cost a stupid amount of money for what you’re getting the overall package here is actually kind of reasonable. Now the design isn’t for everyone, of course – and maybe you want a bigger screen for your day to day tasks, and maybe a laptop, still makes more sense for your workflow. But if you’re spending a lot of time at home and you need a solid computer for your daily work – it’s hard to find one that offers this much value power and looks this good all at once. What i’m really excited about, though, especially with this computer? Being this good is the future of apple silicon and the mac i’m hyped for the new macbook pro the new macbook air, the new imac pro mac mini i’m, just excited only time will tell what the future holds for the mac.

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