This is a 17 ish laptop but what’s wrong with this picture that’s, because this is the lg gram. So around this time, every year, while usually closer to january, they refresh the gram and it gets better and better, as we would hope every year. But this really is the culmination of several years of grandness, so 17 inch thin and light ultrabook and it’s also available. In a 16 inch because 16 inch is the new 15 inch isn’t it and 14 inch sizes. I think the 14 inch probably less exciting for folks, because there’s a lot of very light 14 inch laptops these days, but the 16 inch may be the sweet spot for many of you, but the 17 inch is still quite fascinating. You run a really big display, but the latest intel 11th gen ultrabook made better now with a wqhd plus, which means 16 by 10 aspect ratio. Yeah that’s, the new in thing display that’s, really gorgeous you’ve, got a full dci, p3 coverage, so great for watching movies and also for photo editing and content creation well it’s, something to look at which is exactly what we’re going to do now. So this is again the evolution of the gram line, so it’s 2.98 pounds for this 17 incher, which is 1.35 kilograms. If you go with the 16 inch that’s around 2.62 pounds and the 14 inch is obviously even lighter, if you get the 17 inch or the 16 inch, you get a keyboard with a number pad.

The keyboard has always been pretty good on the grams. Actually, especially considering how thin and light they are and it’s even better now, it’s so tactile and crisp, they increase the key travel a little bit on. This is 1.6 millimeter. It just feels good white, back lighting and well on our model, which is black, very easy to see the white key contrast, but we’ve had the silver models in the past, which is still available more like a dark gray, it’s still quite visible, very large glass track Pad onboard microsoft, precision, as you would expect, that’s good. The design has changed a little bit it’s a bit more, absolutely rectangular. The curves on the corners are a little bit less. You might think that’s a minutia right, but it looks really clean and minimalist and modern. Again, particularly, i think in the black, which does show some fingerprints, like all black laptops, it’s magnesium alloy that’s, how they get it so light. But, unlike a lot of very light laptops, this one has less flex i’m, not telling you it’s. Absolutely super duper crazy, rigid, like a dell xps 15 or something but it’s, not flimsy and flexy and scary, despite the fact that when you pick it up, you think this must be a fake laptop from ikea or something because it’s so light. We have until 11th gen inside so sorry no amd for your amd lovers there. But this is the latest intel quad core cpu for ultrabooks inside you can get with core i5s and core i7s a little bit more of a focus on the corey 7, because this is a premium sort of product and it has intel iris, xe graphics, which was A nice improvement for intel for the 11th gen, where you could actually play older and casual games without having a gaming laptop, not a gaming laptop.

This, though, even if it is a incher. I think the display is really the centerpiece of this laptop though the 16 by 10 aspect ratio is nice if you’re doing content, consumption and watching videos, in other words, you’re going to have black bars on the top and bottom, not huge, but they’ll, be there. But it’s nice for people who are doing content creation, which lg’s focusing on this year, so you’ve got more height to work with, which is nice. If you’re doing video editing or photo editing and you’ve got photoshop palettes floating around and all that sort of thing to be precise, last year’s 17 inch model also had the same 16 by 10 aspect ratio display, but the smaller models did not. They were just the usual 16 by nine. So now all the size models have that same 16 by 10 aspect ratio display wider gamma too, i mean the the gram displays have always been very nice. You kind of look at it. You just want to sit down and watch a movie on netflix or something, but even more so now, but the fact that we’ve got full dci p3 coverage is great for video editors and for content. Consumers, because that’s pretty much standard for wide gamut. Video for photography you’ve still got pretty good adobe rgb coverage for print photography. I should say you can see the metrics on screen. Obviously, if you’re doing photography for the web, then srgb is all you care about, which is also covered in full it’s.

A nice display good contrast, good black levels too, on this ips display um. The only thing is that it’s glossy – and this is a non touch – display now it’s, not that achy kind of glossy that looks like it’s, not laminated. You know like it looks like this plate glass over a display or something it looks quite laminated and not weird or anything like that, but it’s very shiny. So if that’s an issue given the environments, you use your laptop and very bright or something it’s, something you do want to keep in mind. Also ours is non touch and as far as i’ve seen, it looks like they’re rolling, mostly with non touch. They do make convertible versions now too, so those obviously are both convertibles and touch screens there’s, that in terms of performance until 11th, gen quad, core cpus performance is where we expect it’s not leading the pack, though, because lg clearly focused on making this pretty quiet and Not too hot, so they could run the cpu hotter is what i’m trying to say, but they don’t and the integrated graphics on this it’s, not a slouch it’s, just not as fast as say, the razer book, which is on the fastest, with intel 11th gen cpus Inside for ultrabooks, as you might guess thus fan noise is not really much and when you do hear it it’s, not a very big fan so it’s more like a shh rather than a filling your room or something like that and to the touch it stays reasonably.

Cool, which is to say warm, not burning, hot, not ouchy, that sort of thing connectivity is pretty decent. Here we have two thunderbolt four ports with usbc, so yep thunderball docks display out charging in fact this year. Finally, we have a usbc charger. Instead of a proprietary barrel pin charger, though, to be fair, the previous generation gram that came with the barrel pin charger could be charged with a usbc charger. Too we’ve got hdmi on board. We got a micro sd card slot again the nod towards content, creator types and, of course, a headphone jack, so port selection is pretty good for an ultrabook here. Sound is also pretty good. The gram is never disappointed. I mean this is not oh, my god, 16 inch, macbook pro level sound, but the two stereo two watt speakers sound pretty good and we have a 5 watt, smart amp too, to help improve audio quality and theory. Headphone quality as well, and as always, this dcx ultra branded audio on board pricing on this. This is a niche item, obviously, for those who want the most ultra light, ultra portable laptop, which in 2020, maybe not so much of a thing, because we weren’t traveling much. Maybe someday again and the second half of 2021, it will be a thing uh, but even for those of you who just don’t want to wait a lot of weight on your legs when you’re working or whatever it is it’s fine, so you’re going to pay for That now the 14 inch starts the cheapest one at 9.

99, but that one is the only one you can get with the core i3 and that’s. What you get for that price, not so desirable, so i’m, really more. Like 12.99, the 16 inch you can get a 13.99 configuration that’s, pretty appealing with the core i7 16 gigs of ram and a 256 gig ssd or you could spend more and get more storage. Our 17 incher is the most expensive and pretty much it’s. The full figured model you don’t there’s, no like slumming it with a core i3 sort of thing, so it’s it’s, expensive, it’s 17.99. You get a terabyte m.2, nvme, ssd 16 gigs of ram and a core i7 cpu on board, so yeah you’re going to pay for it. But what about the internals? A few things have changed: we’re, going to check that part out now. Okay, nothing says passive aggressively that you can take the bottom cover off, but you’re not going to have fun doing it like a whole lot of rubber feet boy. These are very big tall rubber feet that look like something i won’t mention and beyond the rubber feet that are on the corners. Here we have little metal discs covering additional screw holes which are really annoying to get out. They used to use rubber ones, mostly because there’s very little area to pry and you don’t, want to you know, disturb the paint. Even a sim ejection tool is too fat to fit in the gap, so get a really tiny, jeweler’s screwdriver flat head to do it, and then you can take the cover off magnesium alloy there.

It is, and inside not a super lot. You can do. Sadly, the older lg grams had ram slots, which was pretty exciting and unusual for ultrabooks. They are gone. We do have one teeny motherboard. We have a lot of space right here, which is quite interesting, almost looks like room for a second fan, but no, we have just one fan, which would be standard for an ultrabook with integrated graphics. One thing that is nice, though, is we, have two m.2 slots so to expand. Storage on this becomes obviously a lot easier there and you don’t see two slots on ultrabooks all that often, and they even include the screw there. In case you want to add your second ssd. In there we have a one terabyte fast ssd and ours, sk hynix, which lately they’ve been putting out some good ssds, the very obviously 80 watt hour battery, as they’ve always done with the big white cover on it is right there yeah. There is plenty of space around all this um yeah speaker driver is right there down firing, obviously, and the wi fi card is soldered on in the upper corner. Here, what looks like a separate board, though? I feel like there’s board, underneath here so maybe it’s just that’s covered in this, but that’s what you’ve got for your internals, so how about battery life? The gram is always done decently. Enough same 80, watt hour battery that we’ve seen from previous generations, the 16 inch also has the 80 watt hour battery.

The 14 inch has a 72 watt hour battery we’re, going to speak of the 17 inch, which is the one that we have with the 65 watt usbc charger and despite the fact that we’ve got the same battery capacity as the last generation intel 11th gen is More power frugal, so we are seeing a bit better run times here and i was managing nine to ten hours, doing a mix of productivity, some streaming video a little bit of photoshop with brightness set to 200 nits. Obviously, if you’re running it less bright or doing less demanding tasks or just streaming, video, the battery will last longer. Likewise, if you’re playing skyrim or something like that, yeah your battery run times will be shorter, so that’s the insanely light, as always lg, graham for 2021 and again you get the idea. I like it a lot of course it’s a specialty item. You have to really want something: that’s, not just thin, but super duper light, but if you do and you’re looking for ultrabook level performance and with a now 16 by 10 aspect ratio, despite with wide gamut. Well, you know it takes a lot of boxes and you’ve got thunderbolt 4 on board too they’re doing the right thing, sir. I have to say i’m lisa from mobile tech review, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.