. I got some images that jared’s tech, let me know, were made public on lenovo’s site and we’ll be reviewing those so um. Of course, this is the legion seven eyes design. This is the 2020 legion, seven and uh. You know we’ve had a lot of reports like legion seven. I hinge failure like this is not a com like uncommon issue. You know i have my video here there’s a lot of people complaining about hinges on reddit um. Plenty of images of it exist. It’S very unfortunate um, but yep. So this is the old bad design. Let me explain why this design is bad. So you understand. Basically we have a thin piece of aluminum here. This is aluminum by the way: it’s, not plastic, so you have thin aluminum and you have this very like thick. I think maybe steel or maybe it’s also aluminum. You know hinge mount and this hinge mount screws into the hinges that you know: go around and it’s adhered to this metal so you’re, depending on the adhesive between these two it’s, a very small mount, and you know when the lid flexes that can compromise the adhesive, Because if you’ve ever put like, for instance, uh, this is a good example. If you have these materials at home, get like a uh, get a plastic like ice cream, lid and hot gluey like quarter or a penny to it. And if you twist, the lid a little bit you’ll see that the glue comes off really easily but it’s like nearly impossible to get to pull off just pulling out directly that’s the kind of forces that a laptops litter under when you’re opening and closing it.

So that’s why the hinges will fail just because it’s a small surface area, it can’t, really support itself and it’s very easy for basic hinge movements to peel it off, and i think they probably also had some issues with like low quality adhesives or something it’s. Not exactly clear – and i haven’t talked to lenovo – hopefully uh jared will get more info about that. I’Ll have a card up top here for his video when that comes out, especially if there’s anything insightful there and otherwise i’d. Just tell you to watch it anyway, but let’s talk about uh, the new hinge design. So this is the 2021 legion sevens hinge. So we had these maintenance manual shots early on and it was kind of hard to tell what was going on with the design. But then we got some more follow up design pictures and you can see here, we’ve got what looks like a big metal bracket here or just a metal bracket of some kind directly connected to the hinge itself screwed in well. This will screw into the bottom cover and then this is a directly adhered to the aluminum. So you know this design is more of a design than last year. I mean you can’t really get much worse than this disaster in terms of lack of design. I mean these looks really sloppy. This looks very purposeful and i have a feeling that this will last a lot longer. You know i wouldn’t say that this is 100 confidence like it’s gon na last, but i would say that you shouldn’t, really worry about it right away and, as usual, just be vigilant.

If you hear any kind of clicking anything like that from your hinges – and it feels like it sounds like adhesive peeling in there definitely get it looked at by lenovo and hopefully hopefully, they’ll replace your lid i’d always ask them to just replace your whole lcd assembly And that’ll fix it, but you know you never know again check out jared’s video on it. If he doesn’t get any info about that uh, it would be interesting, video for sure but yeah. So if you’re here for the 5 pro um we’re going to talk about that as well, so obviously we have this hinge design here. It’S we talked about this last time. This was the old photo. I was looking at where you know. We’Ve got these screws here and they’re screwed into something we can’t really see it, and you know we have this zoomed in shot where you can see it’s zoomed to some kind of plate there, and it looks interesting but, like you know, if this is the whole Support plate i’d be kind of impressed, but we’ll actually get a shot of this here in this uh lydia video i’m, not sure where this comes from, but uh discord, user sent it um on uh discordant, and you can see this plate goes all the way throughout. Here – and this honestly is pretty substantial so for the five pro i’m – not exactly worried about hinge failure either. You know it’s it’s, similar to the 7i design, where it’s like this screw mount thing, but it’s over a much larger surface area.

So the chance of failing is a bit lower. Of course you know if i find any instances of failure. Please do check the comments below i’ll have a pinned comment just in case and i’ll probably redo this video. If something does come up, but that’s, basically yeah. I think the five pros design is fine and i think the new legion seven design is probably going to be all right. Um now it’s, not as obviously poor as uh last time. So again, look at the comments, i’ll, let you know if i find anything. Of course read other people’s comments. If people are like, oh, i got my legion, seven uh 2021 model and it broke the hinges peeled off or that you know something like that. Then, for sure look at those um and let me know, come to my discord and bother me until i do something about it: video, wise but uh, yeah that’s, basically my opinion on the hinge design so far. Uh. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments or any critique or input. For instance, if you are like a material scientist or something i’d be more than happy to talk and figure out, what lenovo might have done wrong last time, what they might have done correct this time. Just let me know in the comments – and i really appreciate it anyway – that’s it for the video.