Overall, this is a great laptop, except for the pen that comes with it. It has some problems and i’ll talk about it later. So let’s take a look at the laptop first, the laptop comes with a type c charger. You can also use a charger to charge your phone or other type c devices. It supports 18 watts and 10 watts fast fast charging. The laptop on the left side of it has a regular, regular charging port, which you are not going to be using because they don’t have that um you’re only going to be using the usb usb type c. Charging port there’s a hdmi port, headphone jack, oh on the right side, right side, there’s, a sd card reader. There are two usb ports. There are usb 3.0. This laptop is largely unchanged from its previous generation, except for the for the cpu it has a new cpu. Is the ryzen 5 0u with radiant graphics is a 12 thread cpu and it’s really powerful. The memory is using for this particular configuration is using um 16 gigs of ddr4 and is dual channel. You see the slot use is 2 and it’s running at 3200. Megahertz for the hard drive is ssd 250 gigs. I think it’s a samsung nvme, Music, wi fi. Oh, it says wi fi 6 here so i think it’s a 156 i’m not sure about that and gpu is got Music. Is that integrated gpu by fast? Okay? There? There are 512 megabytes of dedicated gpu memory and it also uses shared memory.

Laptop screen is a 14 inches full hd touch screen. The contrast is good and the image only looks crisp and clear when you turn it into the tablet mode. The screen auto rotates and it feels soft on hand when you using it as a template. The edges are not sharp, so they are not they’re, not cutting your hand. The screen is really comfortable when you’re looking at it. So if you want to use it for a long time, it’s not gon na cause you eye strain, i bought the laptop for video editing for hd, video, editing and i’m, not sure about 4k video editing. I think i saw some reviews saying the previous generation was good for 4k video editing, but it does not has a dedicated gpu, so it does not support hardware acceleration, and i also want to use the touchscreen and the digital pen that comes with it. I want to use it to take notes on files like pdfs, for example like this one. If you um, if you use a mouse, you can hardly write words on it, but if you have a digital pen like this, it makes nothing much easier. You can write words on it, but there are problems with this pen. The pen tip is loose it’s, not tight. So when i press on it, you can hear the sound it’s loose. So the problem with the loose loose pen tip is when you’re writing on the screen.

It does not give you a lie immediately when you attack when you’re in touch with the screen. Only after you give it a little bit of pressure, then you start to recognize your pen. If you don’t put any pressure on it at all. It won’t recognize it, which is a little bit annoying for me, because it does not feel like a real pen. A real pen should give you a line once you touch the paper, so this one does not. You have to give it a little bit of pressure because of the loose tip and it’s, not it’s, not too bad it’s good for maybe no taking, but maybe not so good. For drawing and this pen is not a lenovo active pen too. It looks like after activepen2 but it’s not it’s, actually called lenovo base pen 2.. You can see lenovo base pen 2 and is using one quadruple a battery. Another problem with the pen is the pen holder. You see the pen holder there’s a hole on top of it. So um you should hold the pen like this, but it often fails to hold it. You just hold the pen like this. I think it you can see. It does not always do its job. So there’s one thing it’s another thing that the designer should take care of to make it easier to hold your pen and also when i try to use it in the tablet mode Music. The pen holder is coming out from the bottom of the cam of the laptop when i try to put it on the tape on the table or desk.

It never lays flat on the desk. All the pressure is gon na be put on the pen holder or the usb port, and it might eventually break the usb port. So some i don’t want to use a pen holder for designer of this thing. You can actually lower the pen holder a bit so it’s parallel to the surface of the Music keyboard, so it will not comes out Music. I think for some people they might think of the pen as a complimentary gift, but for people like me who really wants to use a pen, it really affects the user experience and lenovo. If you are watching my video, i want to give you a quote to bring home with, which is from steve jobs when you’re a carpenter, making a beautiful chest of jaws you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the Wall and nobody will ever see it – you know it’s there you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back for you to sleep well at night, aesthetic, the quality has to be carried all the way through so um this pen and the pen holder Does feels like a piece of plywood on the back of the drawer to me so next time i hope Music, you can make a better pen and a better pen holder and your customer will be happy for it. Thank you, Music.