Damn you know the performance the main highlight here: it’s the mini led xtr, like boy, oh boy, it will look gorgeous like just by imagining it like it will look gorgeous but there’s, a small caveat which we’ll talk later in this video, so it’s powered by an M1 chic and the xdr that we can see in the 6k, like the display that’s produced by the apple like that’s beautiful display, so the same display will come down to the mighty ipad pro like. But there is a caveat that’s. The only thing which i’m kind of upset about so basically the m1 chip is the same that’s put into the mac it’s the same eight core, like that’s, the baseline. You know it’s the macbook pros chip that’s put down or, like you can say, the imac mini or no sorry it’s, not the imac mini i’m. Sorry it’s, the mac mini. You know, i’m. Sorry that was the sleep of tongue yeah moving into it has 1 000 nits of brightness and 1600 in the big brightness. Also, pro motion is supported with p3 color gamut, like you, can see one ten thousand of mini leds like that’s a lot like it’s, an individual pixel lighting like it’s kind of an oled but advanced that’s. What i can say like it’ll, you don’t, have great contrast: ratio that’s what they are trying to achieve. But this is the caveat. The 11 inch comes with the normal earlier, which was produced like the retina basic that’s, the basic one.

So but it will support promotion and p3 crude on, but it’s capped at 600 nits. You know it was an led panel old kind of meh type but that’s, if you’re paying the premium and like. Why are you even differentiating between like 11 inch and the 13 inch like, but they have to do it because they have to sell it, but this is one of the most innovative feature which i have seen that they put in white camera over, like i will Show the video uh in the front facing camera which automatically adjust according to the situation like if you are moving something or if another person have came like it will zoom in and out like that’s center stage. You know they give apple knows how to give beautiful names so yeah moving to the cameras. We have two cameras: the 12 and 10 megapixel so it’s same so, if you’re liking. What we are posting kindly consider subscribing please that would mean a lot so moving into the we have lighter scanner. We have seen it in the iphones it’s fine, thunderbolt, thunderbolt isn’t a new thing, it’s fine, so we won’t talk much about it, but the only thing which it can push out is pushing 6k resolutions directly from that teeny, tiny port boy, a boy that’s a hell Lot of thing pushing from that small thing, so here we have get wi fi six support, that’s a big thing: wi fi six! It might not seem like it’s a big thing, but it is indeed you can’t neglect, wi fi, six, so moving into, we have a color palette: change black to white it’s, magic keyboard, apple, pencil, endless possibilities whoa.

It sounds great, though i cannot debate on this, but yeah like this is how i love how the ipad looks like like annotations and like oh boy, travel, pencil, but there’s. A sad news. Also in good news earlier, like the second generation apple, pencil will be supported, but it’s just still the same after pencil, so you can see the connector over there attaches magnetically. We know that we have seen like older, ipads it’s, fine, nothing new in two new colors that’s, the magic keyboard, not the iphone, not the iphone, no it’s, not icons. Ipad yeah we’ll have like conversations like this that’s. What make this this is kind of a podcast. You enjoy it so yeah. Moving to you can see the design like someone is designing, someone’s, writing down everything, more reasons to go and pro, oh, damn, here’s, five studio quality microphones. I bet this is one of the most beautiful things, also supporting dolby atmos boy boy. Very whole ipad pro it sounds beautiful, like okay, we have it. Two terabyte improvement of storage. Doesn’T mean a lot two terabytes, but you have to pay the premium. Okay, it’s, environment, friendly too. If you have a lot of check marks. Oh, i love the smiling. That was cute, so it’s kind of moving into the end, but no we are not done yet. We are moving to the tech speaks. So here we have the 128 gigabyte, 256 512 one terabyte and the two terabyte model.

So you can see it’s 5.9 for the smaller thickness and six point. Something also please consider subscribing if you are liking the content and do like the video. Please don’t mean a lot so moving into so gosh apple included the 21. I thought they would include the charger, but they did that’s quite a respectable bounty and bonus points for the apple. Oh here you can see the liquid retina xtr versus liquid retina display. They have tried to show that it’s not a big thing, but it is indeed like there’s, a difference of 600 to 1000 nits or 1600 it’s like that’s a 1000 massive gap here’s a mighty beautiful m1, which i know it’s worth bragging about, like m1 chips, are Like when you use them in person, they are worth bragging about. So here is a m1 chip with eight core four performance for efficiency: cores eight core gpu, 16 car neural engine, eight gigabytes or 16 gigabytes of ram. Depending upon the situation and the specs that you choose, you can see the cameras. Cameras are like it’s, fine. You know it’s apple, they will click phenomenal pictures like oh it’s, a no bummer, so video recording great thumbs up. You know how there i i’m not talking about what’s there in older things like we’ll move into the new things which they have include like the center stage. I love center stage, but i doubt you’ll be getting support over like whatsapp and something like what we use in daily life, because here in india, most peoples are like focused in whatsapp.

So we have nano sim and ecm support and lidar face id it’s normal, something which you see so yeah uh continuing that point. I doubt people will use that like they will they restrict it to the only phase time if we, if they give it to whatsapp like that’s, a crazy great thing they will be doing like everyone in the masses will be able to use like because everyone has A whatsapp let’s be honest in india or in like any of the countries which is not apple, centric like they, they will be using whatsapp, not. But if you are on facetime, you know the experience they have the hardware software everything under their control and you get the best of the abilities. So here, after a long, not long it’s, eight minutes of something. So we came to the conclusion, like oh it’s, worth upgrading, if you’re thinking to upgrade to imac.