Finally, a refresh after two years of the old model that looks sort of like a retro iphone 8 with the big bezels top and bottom and the touch id button on the front. This ones sort of more like a smaller version of the ipad air. And it has a whole lot of improvements inside which is kind of exciting, given the fact that, well this year for the iphone 13 family, there havent been such big improvements. We are going to look at it now so yeah its been two years since apple refreshed. The ipad mini but thats, not so bad as the previous refresh for the ipad mini 5, which took three and a half years. So obviously i think apple has realized something, and that says some people just like smaller tablets it used to be years ago. People bought the ipad mini because it was the cheapest way to get into the ipad, but several years ago, apple introduced entry level ipads that started 329 with an approximate 10 inch display, so that became the affordable model and now its for those of us who, just Like it small for those who are old enough to remember the nexus 7, which isnt even really that long ago, that was a cult classic 7 inch tablet. So this one here is 8.3 inches up from 7.9 inches, mostly because again they got rid of the giant top and bottom bezels. There is some bezel around the edges.

Some of you are going to complain its not like really cool edge to edge looking it. I like it because it gives me a place. I can grip without accidentally doing stuff. I didnt mean to do. I leave it up to you as to how you feel about that some people say bah humbug to that some people say yeah. I get that anyway. It looks more modern, at least, but given the fact, the bezels are about the same size as say an ipad air, but on a smaller screen they might look still a little big. The touch id button, obviously isnt on the front, but dont worry for those of you who hate face id, especially in these types of masks, its been relocated to the power button on the edge it works pretty. Well, obviously, when you have a long, narrow button like that, its a little more finicky about placement, i notice i have to push a little bit more firmly on it and itll say rest your finger longer, whereas the front one is flawless typically with with touch id. Also, it learns as you go along and it gets better, so ive noticed it has improved, but not quite as super flawless but hey ill, take it for the smaller bezels. Also, we have square sides, no kidding its a new design, its the same design, language. We have on the iphones and the other ipad, so that kind of curvy thing is gone on the sides it might make it look thicker.

It is not thicker. The footprint is actually slightly smaller. Despite the bigger screen size and the display aspect, ratio has changed a bit as a result, its a little bit longer so its three by two aspect: ratio instead of the old four by three aspect. Ratio suits me fine, its apple pencil 2 compatible, whereas the last mini was apple pencil 1 compatible. So you will need the newer pencil if you wish to use it. There is a magnetic attachment point where it can charge the pencil so easy enough, and if you have a couple of ipads, you can actually switch in between itll just auto pair whenever you magnetically clip it on the display on. This is white gamut p3, which the previous mini was supposed to be as well to my eyes, this looks a little bit nicer, though its 500 and its a brightness, which is not so different from the previous one. I see less of a typical mid range lcd color cast on it, its a nice enough display. You can see the resolution on screen right now and you know some of you might say. Oh i want oled or mini led and stuff. Well, this is not the ipad mini pro, maybe someday there will be one, but given the fact that there is actually a price increase in this with the raising of the specs and putting the ipad mini on par with its larger brethren, shall we say i imagine The prices right so i think, for something that is still accessible, but still for somebody whos enthused about a small tablet, its 4.

99 for the starting price. Now that gets you 64 gigs of storage, which aint that much. I really think it should start 128, like the iphones for that price. You can get it with 256 gigs of storage and as ever at 150 dollars to do them. You can get it with 5g now as well, instead of just wi fi and thats 150. So if you wanted a 256 gig, 5g ipad mini 6, then you could be looking at like 800, which for me is okay. I wont ask for a mini led display because thats too much money already when it comes to the processor. We have an apple a15 cpu, so the latest and greatest from apple thats, nice minis, used to have kind of an older processor and they were a little limping along. You know people who played games would complain so thats good, its clocked slightly slower than the iphone 13 pro pro max, but pretty close and the benchmarks are fairly close within about seven percent, so thats pretty good performance, the ram increases. We have four gigs of ram. Now the old mini had three gigs of ram, which, by ios standards, is ample enough. The display, by the way, is 60 hertz for the refresh rate on this no 120 hertz promotion, again price. I imagine this is why so there it is some people say they see some jelly scrolling when holding it in portrait mode and reading text. That means when you move your finger up and down the scroll text, you see the right side, not keeping up with the left side or something like that.

After using a galaxy z fold which had massive jelly scroll, i havent noticed it that much the older ipad mini had a little bit of that, but holding it in landscape mode instead of portrait mode, it happens with lcds im, not sure theres, anything that software can Do to address that, but it hasnt been enough to bother me when it comes to the charger its in the box. Hey thats great, you buy an iphone, you dont get a charger anymore and its the 20 watt faster charger and weve switched the usbc standard. Finally, so that leaves just the iphone still using the lightning connector now so great interchangeable cables, the interchangeable chargers. Life is easy. You can use your usbc laptop charger with it. Just fine ive been doing that and yay that its a 19.3 watt hour battery and battery life seems to be on par with the previous ipad mini 5., so its youre not going to kill this in a day unless youre, i dont, know doing what gps gaming Or something like that, and typically for tablets, you get days who is it for? Well? Obviously, those who want a smaller tablet, if you want a digital notepad, its like the size of a large notepad isnt it for those of you who want to game but not have your hands, get sore and your shoulders and all that sort of thing. On a smaller scale, it is obviously the right size to be an ebook reader for those who like to read on lcd screens versus e ink screens, its not bad for comics.

But personally i would prefer it depends on the comic youre reading. But i would prefer something still a little bit larger, like the 11 inch or 10 inch ipad for that, but if youre reading manga that actually are in a print format book that are similar to this and those will look well just fine. The speakers are improved too. This is stereo speakers and compared to my ipad mini 5, which ill confess i always use before i go to bed to fall asleep. This one was like whoa that is loud. That is full so for a small tablet: thats pretty nice. Other amenities include wi, fi, six and bluetooth. Five youll only get a gps. If you go with the cellular version on this, so for those who need maps on the go, keep that in mind get the cellular version just to get the gps. Even imagine if you dont actually activate it, should work the gps portion of it. Lastly, there are the cameras we have 12 megapixel on the front. We have 12 megapixel on the rear better than average. Obviously, certainly if youre using this, instead of using your mac or a windows pc for zoom claws or anything else, this is higher resolution. It looks pretty darn good, so its good for that and supports center stage apples new, keeping the focus if youre moving around the room, keeping the focus on you and works with face time and everything else as well, so its not bad.

The 12 megapixel rear facing camera looks like a couple of year. Old model phones, camera its okay, its not bad, nothing to write home about, but then again, tablets, arent, the biggest focus and a single lens on that. So for those who hate making choices you dont have to choose between your focal points and your lenses. There is just one main lens and now something to keep in mind is apple says: it supports cinematic stabilization and they just mean that smooth stabilization of video and that is effective, thats, not the new cinematic mode, the one that racks focus that they showed off for The iphone 13 pro models there, so there it is the ipad mini 6 or 2021 ipad mini. I have to say i like it a lot, but ive been a fan of the ipad minis. This is just the right size thing to throw in your briefcase. In your purse to be your bedside companion, your ebook reader, its great for travel, if you want to take it for no its me, i like to do art. I do procreate, so i take this and its my pacifier on the plane. You know i just do art and all that sort of thing it does all things well, its a fast. The screen is decent enough, its not class leading but then again its not bleeding pricing that apple has on their pro line of ipad. So im happy to say pretty good expensive, though, but its apple right, im lisa from mobile tech review, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and hit the notification bell.