Every time i get one in – and this one is no exception – say hello to the brand new case that i just got in from the company teenie owl and i think you’re gon na like this one. Now they make this for both models of the ipad. But i have this one for the ipad air it’s also going to fit the ipad uh 11 inch, the pro it’s going to fit that model as well. But i think you’re going to be interested in this one because, as we all know, the air comes in different colors on the back in this case, it’s, probably one of the best clear shell cases that you can possibly pick up for this device, so let’s check It out Music, all right, so this is what we are dealing with. This is the case itself. This is from the company. Teenie owl and we’ll jump right into it, because we got to unbox it. We got to take a quick look at it and we got ta basically tell you everything that is going on with this case. So from start to finish, the unboxing process is really not an unboxing it’s, just the unpacking. So this is what we’re going to do. Take that out take the packaging off sit that to the side, take this out and boom. That is the case. Now you can see looking at it, it looks like you got some air bubbles, but that is a an actual protective film that’s.

On the back of this, so you don’t have to worry about it. No air bubbles, no issues with this it’s, just a protective film that i got ta take off now. Let’S do this, because we got the ipad sitting over here and the case. You can pick this case up anywhere from about 13 to 15 bucks, depending on when you buy it and where you get it from you can pick it up on amazon. I’Ll drop a link below so you can check it out and i’ll actually drop a link below to their actual website. So you can go and look this one up yourself with the new ipads coming out. I think you’re going to be interested in getting something like this, especially if you’re the minimalistic type person you’re going to enjoy this so let’s. Do this, dropping it in and noticing the fit very snug. No issues with that fit feels good, looks good, and this is a no yellowing no issue case. So you’re not gon na have to worry about it. Changing colors that brownish, yellow color with time you’re gon na stay clear coat all the time now. Let’S. Do this. The bumpers, if you take a look at those bumpers, they are extra thick. You don’t have to worry about anything banging your edges, because this thing nice and sturdy. I know that was kind of loud, but nice and sturdy on the edges. No issues now over here you do get a raised lip.

So very, very nice raised lip on those edges. So if it ever goes face down, you only get the case. You don’t get the actual tablet screen just the case. All right got that out of the way now we don’t have a cover on here, so we don’t have to worry about the auto sleep weight function, but what we do want to talk about is the ability to use your apple pencil on the go. So here we go, attach it and right there up top, you do get the apple pencil charging symbol. Let’S try one more time attaching it is charging. It is good to go. It’S portable, no issues there now let’s see how strong this is, because the average person, if you’re just walking now i’m, just shaking it and nothing is happening so magnet, is very strong. Very sturdy. Now i will say that your pencil is not as protective on the outside, but with a stronger magnetic connection. You do have a better chance of not dropping this, so the magnet is strong on here, uh it it holds up, but i would still suggest you like keeping this in a bag if you’re gon na carry it around just so you don’t accidentally like like, if You hit this hard enough. You can knock it off, but everyday travel everyday, carrying moving it around it’s, not jumping off it’s, nice and secure. But, like i said, if you walk past the door and the door hits it, you can knock it off now, that’s, even with the case off just remember, the apple pencil is always most secure when it’s in a bag.

There are no issues with this case. I, like it a lot um, let’s let’s, go ahead and let’s do this get that off. Now, if you look at the back, it’s, not it’s like a frosted bag on there, uh it’s not completely clear it’s, more of a matte frosted material type. I, like it it’s nice, it looks really good it’s, nice and clean and it’s a very minimalistic case. You do have protection for your camera that sits right up top. Now i will tell you: protection from the camera. Doesn’T come from this cutout right here itself. Protection from the camera comes from the bumper on the back, so it’s, like the it’s kind of like the ipad, is sitting down in a sandwich. There’S a raise back here and there’s a raise back here and the ipad kind of sits down in there. So you get a nice protective lip on the front and you get a nice protective lip on the back. So, no matter what side you got it sitting down on your camera’s, not getting damaged on the back and your screen is not getting damaged on the front, i don’t think you can ask for any more with a case. This is probably one of the better clear cases, one of the most protective clear cases that i’ve seen in a while. This thing is nice: it’s cost effective, like i said, you’re gon na be able to pick it up anywhere from about 13 to 15 bucks, depending on where you get it from, but it is a great asset to have if you’re, that minimalistic type person.

This is gon na be the way to go. This case is from the company teeny hour. I will be sure and drop a link below, so you can check it out for yourself. Hopefully, this has been able to help someone out until next time. Please continue to give me that big thumbs up be sure to hit that subscribe. Make sure you click that bell, so you get all these notifications. I told you guys i would have tons of ipad related stuff coming in the next few weeks, and this is the start of it. So hopefully this has been able to pique your interest and you can come back for more and more and more on that ipad series.