So, of course, the ipad ipad mini beside me. The apple watch as well as the new iphone. So all that coverage coming to the channel be sure to subscribe. If you already havent. This unboxing, though, is all about the entry level ipad. So this is the 9th gen ipad now and in my opinion this was maybe one of the more underwhelming announcements not to say that it isnt important, because this is the best selling ipad, its the cheapest ipad, that you can get. But we kind of saw bigger upgrades say coming to the mini that got a brand new design refresh, whereas this og ipad still carries the same footprint. I believe this is out now for five six seven years. It remains the only ipad in the range that still uses lightning and still has touch id, but well get to that in a second, we will do a quick unboxing to see whats inside and you can see kind of on the box. The little ipad silhouette same design, like i mentioned, available only in two colors, so the space, gray and silver and the ipad unboxing is very standard. Stuff weve got, of course, the ipad up top underneath weve got the classic user manuals warranty info designed by california in apple, if thats, the first time, youve heard it here on the channel its kind of a running joke. Maybe i should develop a shirt or something that says that, not too sure if anyone would actually buy that.

Let me know, but weve also got the quick start guides and a little sim card slot tool, because i do have the cellular version as well, and apple stickers in white youll still get two nice to see that we havent reduced the box size of the ipad. Yet youve got a 20 watt charger and a lightning to usbc cable nice to see that apple didnt, slim down the box and get rid of the charging cables like they did for the iphone line. And here is the ipad as it boots up. And you can see cellular version its got this little black band up top, but very iconic design for an ipad, its kind of what we know. What we love setup is super simple and weve got that classic touch id button up front. So this is the last ipad that still features a physical button were now moving away from that going into face id, but i know theres a big following on the actual little button i know with kobig. You typically have to enter your passcode on your iphone, but the more updated ipad air and that new ipad mini has touch id built into the top little button. The on and off button now and i will say coming from the ipad air, the ipad pros. Obviously, those are more expensive devices, but going down to their base level model. I havent seen bezels this big in quite a long time, and i know that apple is always working to reduce bezel sizes.

I wouldnt have minded if they kept that touch id button, but kind of shrunk, the top forehead its massive now, the side bezels, which are still a tad bit chunky, but i can give them that its just the front top forehead. I know that front facing camera has been improved: a new 12 megapixel ultrawide. We now have center stage but um. I still dont think it takes up this much space because we have that same sensor on the ipad airs and you dont see this giant forehead across any of the other ipad lines. So i think apple, maybe next year could kind of slim that down make it. The same as the side bezels, just personal preference, what youre getting inside has also been updated, so it now comes with the a13 bionic, so that came with the iphone 11 11 pro its a couple years old. Now, though, apple gives you numbers 20, faster gpu performance, thats, of course, compared to the previous gen entry level ipad. But what makes this nice? They still keep that low price point, so 329 bucks and, of course, 429. If youre here in canada, i know that our dollar sucks with that you get double the storage, so 64 gigs, and i know that still seems a bit low but crazy to think that last years, entry level ipad started at 32 gigs, which was ridiculously too small. I think for that base level option you can manage to get by, whereas last year 32 gigs was almost a no no youve still got the same all day battery life and that 10.

2 inch display, like i said it, hasnt really changed dimension wise and we now Have true tone so that will actively change depending the time of the day or depending on the color of the light. So at night time it will become a bit more yellowish. You wont see as much blue light a bit easier to see, or i guess manage on your eyes and probably the biggest support coming to the ipad is now the inclusion of some accessories. So you still are limited to the first gen apple pencil because it still has lightning on the bottom. It still has that really weird charging mechanism, so once youve got it paired, you need to stick the og apple pencil into the bottom, and you can now slowly start to juice it up once again, the only ipad that can still do this, not the most clever Design and you always have to watch out if you actually snap this youll – probably wreck your lightning port. So just let it juice up, let it sit on the table off to the side, but with that said, you still get a really great writing experience and although the first gen apple pencil is quite old now its not as responsive as the second gen, i still Think this is better than any other tablet: slash stylus combo weve, seen on the market and especially because you can get by at 329 the apple pencil, an extra 100 bucks.

I think this combo is a lot more attractive, whereas last year youd have to get 64 gig options, so thats 100 bucks more you kind of get what im saying it just becomes a lot more entry level and a lot more budget friendly. You also have the option to pair it now with a smart keyboard and well slowly get this out. It now becomes a lot better to say, browse the web of course, hammer out emails. Do i think the ipad can be your only device. This is where it comes down to the limitations of ipad os, and even if you were to grab the more expensive ipad air, even the thousand dollar ipad pro, i still dont think you can be as versatile and get as much done as you need to get On say, a laptop ill create a separate video, comparing every single ipad line, but until ipad os truly becomes more versatile and less like ios and, more like, say, mac os. I still think this is a secondary device, but as say a student, maybe if youre in high school or if the max that youre doing is just word, processing, checking out your emails. Of course this becomes a great media device. The screen is great. If you want to use the apple pencil to draw, then yeah the ipad can definitely get by but say someone like myself that does a ton of video editing im over on final cut.

There is still nothing that comes close to that experience on ipad just yet, but i do think a lot of people will agree with me on that, but anyways this is the entry level ipad apple always says this is the best selling ipad and i think its Just become more attractive now, with that increase in storage, with the accessory support and still keeping that price point at 330, the chipset has been improved, the performance is great, and unless you have this side by side say the mini the pro the ipad air, you wont Really notice too much in terms of stutter, i think thats, just a testament to how good ipad os is over. On the cameras, like i said, weve got that big improvement coming to the front facing camera. Youll notice that the most in things like facetime, of course, having center stage to include multiple people, if you are that person that takes selfies, still think it looks weird, they look half decent, maybe a tad bit fuzzy, but i wouldnt be too nitpicky with this. On the back, youve got the 8 megapixel rear camera. Like i said, dont be that person that takes photos with your ipad. I think its the weirdest look. I see a lot of tourists doing it. My mom is a very guilty person that does that as well. So mom, if you ever watch this im, sorry for uh laughing at you, but you do look a tad bit strange.

I do wish we got a bit of a design refresh, especially with that front forehead im not going to cry about touch id. I still think its a great option to have, and i do still think the entry level ipad has a solid place in the ipad lineup, especially coming in at that price. Its way, cheaper than any other option that you can get – and i know a lot of people do want to see the ipad mini unbox. So that will be the next vid make sure youre subbed. That video is next on deck and weve got all apple stuff. Apple watch, series, 7 and, of course, iphone 13s make sure you guys are subbed. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and ill catch.