This video i launched back in april it’s got just over 7k views and there was a lot of comments that came through on it. So in this video i’m going to deliver my full review i’m going to go through the comments that i haven’t answered yet and i’ll uh revisit the comments that i believe will be of use to the audience. So the way that we’re going to do this is i’m, going to start with the comments and then we’ll go into my full review where i’ll be judging it on build quality performance, visual experience, creative abilities, battery performance, heat management, functionality and portability. Each of those criterias are rated out of 10, so that means it’s an out of 80 score. A few key notes before we begin below in the comments section and in the description of the video there are time stamps. So, if there’s anything that you don’t want to see, so you don’t want to go through. The whole comments with me then use the timestamps below to either skip forward to the battery test or the actual full review itself without wasting any more time let’s get into the comments. Donovan, taylor or ryan bryce cool name by the way. Hi, i have a question: is it touchscreen? Is it compatible with any pen thanks? I am so sorry. It took me so long to get back to your comment there. Uh honestly, i did not see the notification for that question.

It could have been and i’m not just shifting the blame on my son like if he gets handed my phone. Sometimes he swipes he doesn’t know what he’s doing yeah. So he just does anything on the phone um, so apologies. But yes, it does have touch screen and it is compatible with the deluxe pens. There will actually be a section in here where i actually listed everything off, which is better instagram, 14, 5406 or instagram 14. 5410. Now i need to ex i need to hydrate before i can explain this, which is better now. I can’t tell you, which one’s better because it’s down to what your needs are so, for example, and without me, going into my data files uh for me to tell what the difference is between the 5406 and the 5410 um. For those of you who don’t know those numbers are basically the chassis number, the last two digits, so there will obviously be a difference with them if those numbers are different but which is better will be completely down to you. So, for example, the 5410 comes in a twin one version, which is what this is, and the 5406 might not be a two in one. It could be a clamshell model again without going into my data files. I can’t actually tell you what the actual differences are, but the fact that those two numbers are different there’ll be a difference in them and to find out what’s, better it’s down to personal preference.

If you give me a bit more um as to what you’re wanting or wanting it for i’ll be more than happy to help, but thank you for interacting with my video and yeah, now om nom. Now this guy. Thank you for all your engagement by the way. Uh om, i really appreciate it and yeah. Thank you so much and i hope you are happy with the machine that you bought shivam sahil. Thank you very much. This was indeed a great first impressions tutorial, dude. Sorry, it took me so long to get back to your question by the way. Um is your 50 watt hour battery over here you have your ram slots over here, which you can upgrade. So if you want to upgrade your ram you’re more than welcome to this right over here is your m.2., so sako, raja, thakur, raja i’m, probably saying that wrong. I’M. Sorry dude like voice, not me if i am saying it wrong, i’d like to say it right. So review that one go for it um what the price of this laptop, my friend, i assume you are meaning price and honestly that’s a hard question to answer whenever people ask me that i’m like. Why are you asking me it’s like go to your dell website and it will be there like? I’M. Sorry guys, i don’t have the cost of this device throughout the entire like world. Sorry, but the easiest thing for you to do is go to your dell websites and go to your local retailer websites and check the prices there.

Man, like the price i tell you, is not going to correlate to unless you’re in the uk. If you’re in the uk, then i can tell you but wait: are you in the uk it just in case you’re in the uk i’m just going to tell you that the 5410 so i’m going to do what i just told you to do right so And i’m, just gon na go here type in 5410. Um 549 is the lowest i’m seeing it here. I hope that answer helps if it’s not and you’re in a different country. Man, google, it yourself like the effort. It takes you to ask me that question. You could literally type it all right. I watched your video because didn’t you buy the pen doesn’t work. I think i replied to this. It doesn’t come with a pen. You have to get it as an add on pay. Fever is actually going nuts right now. Could you please let us know what the bandwidth of the usb type c is the um okay let’s find out? What is that question? What does that even mean you guys think i’m smarter than i actually am jesus guys? I just put pretty videos together. That makes sense simply like share i’m, not entirely sure if this is what you meant, but i can confirm for you that it’s a usb 3.2, so it’s, the gen 2 version. So 20 is the bandwidth, 20 gigabytes, gigabytes, i’m, pretty sure, that’s gigabytes.

I hope that’s good, but you know what i am going to highlight your comment and it’s right now. So karen, why did your name have to be karen? Carrolls are getting bad reps nowadays. I don’t even know why i just remember waking up one day and i went on my phone and karen just kept coming up and i feel like he’s just given such a bad rep. I remember one time: domino’s actually gave free pizza away to. If you could prove that your name is karen, but you know what karen thank you for being the karen to be the highlight of this video, so the battery video let’s go so the video that you’re seeing right here is a time lapse of the instagram 142. In one now this is with 40 brightness and 40 volume. It performed very well considering the first four hours and 30 minutes it was performing on high performance. I then later changed it into battery saver, but even still, then it lasted 6 hours and 17 minutes and only got to 15 of the battery life. Alright. So back to this, i like this brand abdul alima like when it comes to the windows market, like an apple market, they’ve got the market to themselves in it. So when it comes to the windows market, i do think um. Dell is one of the top ones. Samsung is just coming into the market. I think they’re going to be huge.

Chandra doesn’t come with a pen, i think australia, 5410 i7. They are providing pen as well. They could be like um. Omni was saying that he’s getting a pen with his purchase, so they could be just adding it like the additional um pen that you normally have to buy, maybe they’re, just including it in the price which one is better. Dell, 5410 or dell 7400 really get confused between the two. This is quite important. Actually like this is, is that the first number is different. Now, when the first number is different, then you know you’re going to a different level of a dell product. What i’m going to do is create a dell brand training which may be helpful for some of you guys. So if you do want to watch that i’ll put a link up there, but in short, the dell 7400 should be a more premium device. Thank you very much for your comments, sir, and thank you for that feedback. You know, but the configuration and all of that stuff. I appreciate that. I really do like that means. You watch my video you’ve actually taken the time to try and help me to give proving advice. So thank you. Nikhil mishra, please correct your camera focus cameras, autofocus correct my auto focus. It’S auto focus you can’t, correct, auto focus it’s, auto focusing so this is the part of the video now, where we’re going to be going through my criteria, checklist for the inspiron 14, two in one right, so we’re gon na be checking out the build quality performance.

Visual experience, creative ability, battery performance, heat management, functionality and portability and then give that a rating out of 10 so without wasting any time build quality what’s it like so i’ve rated it a 6 and that’s, because the build quality on this machine is better than you’d. Expect right, but i’ve been the average, so six is literally just pushing above the better than you would expect and that’s, because the way that it looks it looks a lot more premium than it is like when you first pull out the bag and everything it looks. Like it’s made out of shiny metals and it just looks premium, but when you get your hands really on it, you will start feeling that you know what it’s made out of really high grade. Polycarbonate plastic, so it’s still durable and will last you a while, and you know what it can put up with some battle scars, be careful because, as you can see over here, i have got a slight dent on the machine and they’ve pointed this way. You’Ll be able to see it better. Let’S move on to performance. Now performance gets to five because that’s what it is it’s an average performing device. It does everything you need it to. Don’T expect extreme performance for office work for school work. This example level five. My advice when it comes to gaming on this machine, if you do any high performance, competitive gaming, this is not the laptop for you, as you can see from my gameplay of apex over here.

It struggles to even keep fps rates above 60, just choosing my character. If you do games like rohala or minecraft games like those intel’s iris, is more than powerful enough to handle those tasks. As you can see, i actually get some great performance out of it. So let’s talk about visual experience next uh i’m, giving this a who’s trying to go into something i’m, giving this a six now. This is because there’s a lot of factors to this that make it above average one is the cinema color. If you don’t know what that is, i’ll put a link up there and you guys can check out what the dell features are. That comes with the machine uh. Secondly, the reason i’m giving it the above average mark uh, is because this display it’s, actually a beautiful display. Now it’s got quite a bit of glare on it and everything, but the actual display itself is really nice and if, even when you interact with this it’s smooth, i like it so visual experience, six solid, six, so let’s move on to creative ability and i’ve. Given this a 5 because there’s a few things or there’s, one thing that it does, that is really good and the rest is not so good. So the one thing it does well is the fact that it’s it has the ability to have an active pen. So you can use an active pen on this device. You can be creative with it now, if it didn’t have the active pen feature, i would have rated it a three, because the screen itself is not 100 adobe rgb.

Nor is it srgb in any form of way, so the colors that you see on the display are not great for content creators, because the colors you see on there will not be the same or will not look the same when you go to publish it on To or whatever platform you’re looking to publish on whether it’s youtube or film so yeah, this is not a creator’s laptop, however it’s a great machine for you to get into creating. So if this is a starter machine for you to get creative to work, then yeah by all means go for it. But, however, if you’re thinking of it to be something serious that you follow up, then there are other options available. If you want to know what those are then leave a comment in the comment section below, so i was really impressed with the battery performance of this machine and that’s, because even from a mistake that i made to from the beginning, it still lasted over six hours. Now, for me to explain this, let me try use my hands um, so you have five options when it comes to your battery usage, you have battery saver performance whilst battery saving balance performance high performance when the battery test started for the first four and a half A half hours it was on this stage over here, so it’s, using quite a bit of power, even when it doesn’t need to so after four hours and 30 minutes into the actual test.

I then moved it to this stage over here, meaning it was conserving battery more than anything else. However, even though i changed that i made sure that the volume remained at 40 and the brightness remained at 40 and even then it still delivered over six hours. So i would say if you are traveling and you want a multimedia device, this will be ample to launch you on a six hour, binge watch if you’re traveling somewhere next, we have heat management, so heat management on this device was well adequate that’s. All i can say the vents over here are very useful, um and and when you open up the machine, the vents are actually pointing up towards the display, which means that the heat is traveling away from you at all times, and then you’ve got the ventilation from The bottom as well so heat management, it’s, average functionality, functionality is scored very high, and that is because it gives you ample functionality. So you’ve got my hands going the wrong way. You’Ve got usb type c, usb type, a which is a 3.0 port hdmi and your power slot. Not only that, if we flip the device around you’ve then got a headphone jack, another usb type, a port and then a micro sd card slot functionality is there, but the reason is scored higher is because it has an extra feature such as this mechanical webcam, shutter And then the final score is portability. Now portability is a six, because i remember having a 13 inch laptop and it was pretty much the same size as this.

So the fact that i’ve got a inch, bigger and it’s pretty much the same size. I don’t know how that works, but it works so portability for this device six out of ten all right. So now you know how i scored this device. So who is this laptop, for, i would say, it’s for the person either studying or wanting a media device. That’S quite portable someone that does very light gaming. They would love this device. The easiest way i can put it is the dell inspiron 14 two in one is for someone that’s on a budget, but wants a great experience right. One caveat that i do want to put in there: the scores that you see up there are actually in correlation to the price that the machine costs. So at the time of filming, this device cost 550 pounds at the entry point and it can go up close to a thousand pounds now those scores that i’ve given it are based on the price of this machine, if you’re buying it between 550 pound and the 700 pound mark right. Once you go into the 750 plus market those scores, i would definitely change like everything will be taking the hit down, but then, once you go into that price market, there are other options available for you. Don’T, forget you: don’t always need an i7 processor or you might not need as much ram as you think. So. The best thing to do, or the best way to get the most out of my channel is to let me know what you’re, after what you want to use it for, and i can best advise you that way so yeah that’s, the inspiron, 15, 2 and 1 That’S my views on it uh.

If i can help you with anything or you want to ask me any questions, all the details are in the description box. Any questions on this video leave me a comment who knows, i might make another comment.