The big old imac we gon na unbox it talk about it, see what’s inside and uh we’re gon na have some fun with this all right guys. I just want to say if you got a goal hold on to it and it can get done, it’s easy, it’s, no such thing as hard work, it’s only hard. When you make it hard, you can get anything done in life as you want. You just got to believe really really hard in it. Only if you believe in it it’s going to get done. You can’t tell nobody, because people are going to tell you, you can’t, do it and when they tell you you can’t, do it you’re going to believe it, but if you believe you can do it it’s going to get done all right. So i want to say that’s for my people who follow me. You already know what time it is. I got goals today. You got to go today, throwing these before your boy, Music, Music, Music. This is actually a really huge pc man. I got ta unbox it like this right here right now. Oh hold up y’all see that hello it’s me all right, so this will look like inside. So you unbox it. You can just nice hello, you get this nice cloth. It smells like a cloth. Wow see! Look how thin it is and light it is the weight ain’t bad at all, it’s real light all right.

Next, we got the keyboard the mouse, the outlet oh we’re, gon na – go through all of this. Oh all, this! Yes, yes, what else we got i’m gon na unbox everything one by one. Here we go here. We go right. Oh almost hold up one more time, all right there we go much better. All right, let’s start with the big boy. First, this is actually the power adapter 143 watt, that’s that power two outlets. And oh, you also got that dialogue, hey okay, now i’m playing this. This is the ethernet chill y’all chill we’re, not going with the dial up, okay and then also i like how it’s blue that matches. You know the color coded imac that you got so since i got the blue, the whole thing is actually blue and hopefully the camera is actually doing this justice. Yes, it is yes, look at that. Blue! Oh, oh, oh, what the hell all right! So next it comes with a blue, lightning, cable, slash, usb type c. Next, you got the magic mouse here and on the bottom it has the the color coded in it. Also, yes, it do. It has the blue stripes and it has a little bit of a shade of blue. It looks silver, but it’s like a hint of blue and also here is the power cables that come with it and then last but not least, you got the keyboard itself. Look at that nice keyboard that nice blue shine again.

It looks silver but it’s, actually, blue. Last but not least, you can’t forget the best. You guys hate the best for last right, stickers, okay, so now we’re at the imac. This is actually the 24 inch imac and yes, this is huge man. This is really huge, like it’s hard to put on my table, as you see it’s kind of hard to fit everything into the camera, it’s really big, so that’s a good thing right. You know the big the better i just love buying apple, because you know you just keep pestering apple. You keep telling apple hey once it’s coming out: hey what’s this coming out: hey what’s, going on apple, hey what’s, going on apple until they get tired of you. You know keep pestering them and then they finally release it. You know and that’s why i’m just really really excited about apple. I love these time of the years when apple released a stuff and you just like oh baby it’s here it’s on the way it’s coming and the thing that i hate about buying apple products is waiting. Give me what i want give me what i want. You know what i want you just don’t want to give it to me. Give it to me. Ah yeah here we go, this is nice! Oh my gosh! This is so nice, like. I wish you guys can see this in person it’s so nice. This looks really nice. I like how they finally added color to it, because i could be getting real boring lately.

So i like the blue, which i think about the blue. You know it looks nice right. I was so close to getting the orange because that orange got that that color, but i said nah man i’m, going to get the blue and just keep it pushing all right. So first thing: first let’s talk about the keyboard, so this is the new mac keyboard. It’S different it’s, portable wireless, really nice, you got the usb type c port right here. You have the on and off button right here. Next what’s new with this one is that it has the fingerprint scanner. Now, if you don’t have this version of the imac, the 24 inch mac, you will not get the fingerprint magic keyboard now, i’m, not sure if you can buy it separately, i’m sure but i’m sure later on a year, you can buy separately. But currently, at this moment you cannot buy this separately. You have to buy it with the imac 24 inch model and that’s pretty much. It it’s really light it’s, nice it’s, color coded with your imac. And lastly, what i got to say about the keyboard. It has 10 hours of battery life, alright, so next you got the magic mouse again. This is really nice. You got the on and off button right here and also you have the infrared right here, all right, so that’s pretty much the mouse and the battery life. Also 10 hours and the lifetime duration will probably last you between three to five years before you need a replacement all right, so the best place to start is from the back.

Of course, you got the power button and when it comes to the 24 inch mat, you have not only the two lightning cables. You also get an additional two extra ports and those ports are being the thunderbolt three. And lastly, you got your power cable outlet right here and also how can i forget – you do also have a webcam right here and it’s. Finally, finally, finally, tony great all right so with the power plugged in let’s get it started: oh that’s, nice that’s, nice. Yes, sir, yes, sir, here we go yes, sir we’re going to turn that mouse on we’re going to turn that keyboard on next you got migration assistant. So with that you can actually transfer your data from your old mac or your previous mac. Your old pc to here and even from a windows pc, so listen, android windows. Dell. We got you, you can transfer all that stuff from over there onto here. Okay, i know you want to and trust me. We knew you wanted to that’s why we got y’all and now siri has new voices, let’s, listen to them. Hi i’m siri choose the voice. You’D like me to use whoa hi i’m siri choose the voice. You’D, like me, to use whoa hi i’m siri choose the voice. You’D like me to use you sound like sonic, the hedgehog hi i’m siri choose the voice you’d like me to use that’s what i’m talking about something familiar.

Who are these people, man and now, like? I said this now has a touch id and a touch id it’s right here in the corner, as you see just like the old days. Oh man welcome back, and this is actually my favorite i like to have audio, but what this is. This is actually light mode and dark mode. You know, light mode is normal, and if you want to get you know really freaky, you can go to dark mode. You know what i’m saying: once you go black, you don’t go back, you know what i’m saying or you can do auto and what auto is no. This is the best way to explain auto mode, Laughter, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. Yes, all right guys. That was actually a lot. This this mac is actually a lot all right. This is big. You can do plenty to it nice and thin, like look how thin this thing is. You know it doesn’t even show like look at this. This is how thin the whole display is. This is crazy, look just just as thin as the phone man. That is crazy. Look look at this man just as thin as the phone like that is crazy, just as thin. So now, i’m gon na go over the specs 24 inch display m1 chip, and with that m1 chip is just really obnoxiously crazy, like especially in imovie and also in final cut pro. It really does help in the pro apps to you know, help create movies help with the rendering, with the rendering that helps you know, push the movie to you, know, save a little faster um, smooth out all the skits and grits and cuts in the movie.

So it can be, you know nice flawless and smooth um they’re, just gon na you know the colors are gon na, be nice it’s gon na really help perform and push out the movies performance and help you know push it towards. You know things like 4k and 8k with this m1 chip all right. So next we got the facetime. The facetime is actually 1080, which is great um, like i said you can see like the frizz in my hair. Just look at my hands. You can just see my hands just this nice quality into this max, so you finally get 1080 nas 720. You know i paid really a lot of money for my laptop, as you guys know. I love my laptop but that’s 720.. This is actually finally finally 1080. Like finally, 1080p great graphics, great things, so you guys can finally go on ubu. You know what i’m saying talk to some some people on there it’s like going crazy uh, we don’t, we don’t, use google, no more zoom yeah, you get the zoom right, zoom zoom zoom come on in. Do you want it? I don’t know that’s we not on that listen! You can probably face time. You can webcam stuff. You can do webcam stuff on here. Okay, webcam stuff, like you know, yeah yeah, webcam, stuff, okay, okay, okay, we’re, doing that right, we’re doing webcam stuff right all right. Yes, give me a freaking break guys, you got the magic keyboard, touch id it’s up to two terabyte of storage and it comes with all sorts of colors.

Yes, it all comes with sorts of colors, so i got the blue. You can actually get the green, the pink, the silver, the yellow orange giant goliath. I got that purple phone that purple was fire. I ain’t gon na lie yeah, i think the purple might be nice. Oh man guys. I recommend the purple okay, this, this low key looks silver like let’s. Let’S, be honest, it looks kind of silly. I recommend the purple, so you got an m1 chip. All right explain that. So you got the eight cores cpu with four core performances and the four core efficiencies. So what that is with these cores now let’s say you got a lot of tabs up some cores gon na be going crazy, but the extra for the efficiencies it’s gon na be helping pushing it through to make it keep going so it’s gon na try to Help prevent crashing 4.5 k retina display. So, yes, we are going beyond that 4k into 4.5 k. Okay, 500 nits, brightness 500 nits bright, so i don’t know what that means: 1080 facetime hd camera with the m1 image sensor processor. Like i said you see me, you saw my ugly face and yes, you were just amazed on how clear i looked. Okay, yes, i know i know it’s crazy. It can shoot up to 6k resolution. So yes, not only you can catch people in 4k. You can catch people up in 5k and 6k.

6K is actually used in movies. Yes, real movies, that’s crazy. So, yes, you can. Actually, you know take this. So, yes, you can actually take this big computer and, like film it like a camera, like you know what i’m saying you can just film it like a camera yeah, you can do all this right feel me like a camera nah i’m playing. I don’t recommend that at all okay dude do not do that audio all right, so we got we’re gon na play some music. Okay, we got to. We got ta test out this audio all right, so i i don’t know what else to play. So this is the person i came up with Music pop it pop Music speakers was ahead. It was just uh, it felt basic. We already said this, like i said: if you get the lesser end model, you get the two thunderbolts, but you get the higher end model. You get the extra two ports, so you get four ports in the back like we already showed and for the inputs you get, you know the magic keyboard the magic mouse. Like i said. If you get the high end, you get the magic mouse with the touch id and numeric pad ain’t gon na numeric pad or a tracking pad. I didn’t get that all right, guys um. This is devon up i’m out thanks for watching. I really do appreciate you guys. I honestly do like i said guys it don’t stop on this channel.

We keep going on this channel right right. We keep going right, we don’t stop. What do you guys think about the imac yeah it’s like it, which i think huh huh nice? I think it’s really nice. I, like it um i’m happy with my purchase. Oh lord, everybody have some fun with this all right, guys, i’m out thanks for watching. I really do appreciate you guys, i’m out let’s devon up i’m out throwing pizza for you boy. I got gold today, you got goals today, guys, if you believe in yourself, it’s gon na get done seriously believe in yourself, trust in yourself. Okay, it’s gon na get done. It’S, not hard. You’Re gon na have a little bumpy road, but it’s gon na get done. Trust me, if you trust in yourself anything is possible. Anything can get done. Okay, just got ta believe in yourself, i’m out.