I know 27 inch, heaven with launch so we’ll talk about it. So basically it’s a great machine it’s launched with the new m1 with a lot of colors. Like you can see here, we’ll be choosing between different colors, like you can have a look it’s beautiful. I love the colors. The only problem is the white bezel around the display that’s. The only problem you can see that and the logo is being removed from the front, so you can remove that part also, but they haven’t done so. If you like, this kind of thing, you can subscribe to the channel, but let’s continue so it’s kind of bit awkward that they haven’t removed the part that’s down right there, but it’s fine, it’s, thinner, like 11.5 mm, like that’s, pretty thin, i can say, and the Most interesting thing: the m1 chip it does everything like it it’s, a single chip that does every single thing, like wow, also that’s, an another addition that we have lost like how many kilos it’s showing it’s five kilos like that’s, crazy it’s, like damn like, like i Don’T think so you won’t be carrying around it, but it’s damn like so here. We can see that all the type c ports and the charging adapter it’s now type c it’s 2021 and you can see the power button too yeah. But the interesting thing is it’s kind of a magsafe it’s, a magnetic that directly plugs into we won’t be removing it like in terms of like macbook, but it’s beautiful, it’s 4.

5 k display earlier it was 4k, so that’s an another addition that’s something beautiful they’ve done. I know it’s, not the mini led because you can see here it’s the retina display it’s, the same old lcd but it’s bummed up in resolution 4.5 k it’s, not that great but okay bearable so it’s 500 nits of peak brightness. But the main thing is p3 color gamut is supported, that’s, an a very good thing. Also 1080p, at least we expect you are paying like crazy amounts like 1300 dollars yeah. You expect that in india it’s like one over a lakh it’s, you expect that so the studio quality microphones that are like very beneficial i have seen in like tld, it’s very beautiful. I haven’t experienced it personally, even though i own a mac, but i haven’t experienced that so six speakers sound audio that fills the room. Oh yeah boy, oh boy, i make speakers. I have listened to the 27 inch 5k boy boy. It sounds beautiful, it’s the same with yeah you can see that apple tv subscription is like shown. Also, please subscribe to the channel if you like this type of content like we’ll, be telling you about every single thing, about upcoming things and all yeah, so let’s continue it’s and one big sir. Everyone knows that big sur is not a big thing right now, but it’s a great addition. So you can see there is they claim every time 85 percent cpu faster let’s see how it does in real life usage safari they brag about safari, but and then everyone has to use chrome.

You know that’s how it is. This is how the world works. So here are a bit of apps that i personally use final cut to edit this video microsoft word safari, facetime there’s among us, the venture resolve photoshop and there are a lot of apps like oh there’s calm. There is, like i don’t, know, there’s. No, so i don’t know that zoom and to list fantastical to trello that’s slack by the way and twitter imac iphone. Quite the pair like we know it. Why are you even telling us this thing like? If a phone calls comes into like your phone? It gets automatically shown in the mac and in your ipad, like every apple device. Even the watch gets ringing, so it’s kind of like they’re, showing off the airdrop boy about everyone knows how airdrop is such a beautiful innovation by apple but let’s not brag about it. So this universal clipboard, i don’t know i don’t think there’s a point showing you this, like maybe they are targeting the new users, the only problem that there’s no apple logo, but there is bezel. Please remove that ugly bezel. I hate it. I don’t know what apple were thinking while designing this keyboard. This trackpad, like they look cartoonish right now. I know the keyboard looks a bit okay with the uh background, color and all with the face or with the touch id i’m. Sorry for that, with the touch id it’s, what we expect like and yeah touch id has been there from 2016 macbook.

So here we expect so that’s. Then, if you like it, please subscribe to the channel like. That means a lot from me and if you do like the video, please hit the like button.