So if you guys notice, look at this beautiful little omen! Oh oh man! Now they have like a glass blueish logo i’m, not quite sure where it is, but it does have the old logo embedded in laser in there. So it’s kind of looks like a three dimensional aluminum base logo or something like that. But i, like it very slim down very slick um. It doesn’t turn on at all. It just stays dark and it just pretty much is a mirror that’s all it does so. Let’S continue all right just to let you guys know this is the power um for the actual system, it’s 200 watts on it all right, um, very slim, very small. It seemed like the older omen. Um they hadn’t changed the design um. We still have the three prong connection here and then, of course, the slim down version of it beautiful design that they have, if you guys, notice this um. I, like this whole speakers up here, that they have it’s they’re all indented in the air. I like that this is really really slick, um the whole other, the power buttons over here now they they don’t, have a 10 key, but it feels like a 10 key. It feels like it could have had a 10 key command key, but they they kind of left this empty space here, of course, um 11th generation. I course i7 um, geforce, uh 300 hertz displays a lot. They’Re asked this is a lot.

This is really extremely a lot for any kind of gaming out there where most of the games are 144. You know everything out there is is under 60 now these days, but you know vendors, creating more um, uh, better realistic games, more movements, more of uh graphical games – are coming now, so maybe in the future. This is going to be a really good workhorse for that uh right now. The 3070 is a really good video card, as it is uh. Maybe the 3080 will be better if they start promoting them, pushing that out, but uh prices right now. This laptop is really inexpensive for its for the price, so i like that they have everything all built into one. I love it really slick keyboard, not that loud it’s, pretty quiet um. These tend to like kind of like curve, uh easy to put fingerprints. If you notice, i just put one right here: um, not that bad. Now the camera let’s take a look at the camera. The camera is really small. Seven, seven, twenty um, two audio connections – uh they’re, not always the greatest they don’t, concentrate the cameras. On that i mean, if you really wan na stream, i would say: just buy a external drive, an external camera instead of this one. So this is only pretty much for basic uh, really regular meetings and training and that’s about it. But if you want to see details in and and and quality, this is not going to be good for that.

The camera is quite interesting. Now i do have some light in front of me that’s. Why you’re able to see it perfectly fine um, but overall, the audio i’m, looking at it’s pretty high, so i’m going to lower it down just a little bit? Maybe so the camera pretty good details i’m impressed with the camera. You know it’s uh it’s, not your normal 720 camera like it said it, the specs, but it’s a little bit better. You guys see more of my gray hair on this one. So this is a video from the actual camera so and you can see a little tiny dot turning on but other than that hope you guys enjoy it all right. Let’S go ahead and take a look at one of the sides. I’M, going to start here with the type c um usb type c here, then we have a micro display port, which is considered a thunderbolt in the mac world. Then, of course you got your ventilations here and then you have two usbs on this side. So that’s pretty much it all right, let’s take a look. So here is an sd card reader, your 3.5 jack for your audio, your headsets or your mic. It depends if you have a digital uh. You have your hdmi connection here and then you have a usb and then you have your rj45 connection in here for your ethernet connection and then at the end, you’re going to have your power source, and this is where you can actually connect your power connection.

All right, so you have your slick back out here. This is where all the heat is ventilating out. So if you normally have something near it, it might suck the air back in through the bottom course and it’s going to be hot air, so make sure you have no obstacles in front of the system in order for the system to actually keep working uh. What i see most of the times people put this in locations where not a lot of air comes in, especially on the gaming system. You actually need a lot of ventilation going around. So all right, let’s take a look at the back of the actual machine. If you guys can see good ventilation right now, it has that extra lift. I like these extra little lifts that they have here, so more air could be flowing in there. A lot of machines are missing this and they just put in pretty much some rubber ends and that’s it. But this one puts the rubber ins they put extra lifts in here, so they could make sure that they get enough suction in here. So the all the air is going to go in here and it blows it out i’m going to demonstrate you guys with a thermal camera. This is plastic based so it’s and it has a mixture of aluminum and plastic in the system itself in the other side. So, like i said, the base is the base, if you guys can see this part right here.

This is aluminum, but then it’s covered by plastic that’s. What i’m in so it does have your nic card in the back. You can see it, but other than that. I like that they put the rubber ends here and it looks very well all right, so let’s go ahead and take a look at the omen right and it’s very simple to um describe some of the stuff in here it’s. Not that hard, not that difficult, but it looks awesome in here so there’s, a couple of things we’re going to talk about first of all, gpu is somewhere in here. Most likely is on this place right here. Cpu is right here. If you can see the four brackets that’s, holding it uh, sometimes they’re lined up side by side depends on on the way it is now. We do have two 32 gigs uh memory chip so easy to remove. Take it out that’s it very simple: you can replace this, but maximum 64 gigs on these machines. I mean they don’t. They don’t have anything higher than that right now, at the moment, um they do have two m.2 slots i’m going to open this one up right now, so you guys can see a little bit more and there is some thermal tape that you got to be aware. Uh it’s pretty much just sticking there to hold the action to cool the actual m.2, so we’re going to take the whole thing off here.

It is and if you notice, it’s kind of glued in there, but look at that that’s the tape, the thermal tape we’re talking about now. This is a cheap imitation. Two terabytes um inland – i don’t know what it is so nvne ssd two terabytes on the system itself and now, to put it back, just make sure that the copper is not showing this plane and pretty much facing it down now this these they has two little Tooth in the back that grab on to the the corner, let’s put some more details in here, so battery wise, it’s, a large battery, but unfortunately only lasts around four hours or less than four hours. If you have, if you’re playing games, you’re gon na get around two and a half hours, so batteries a little poor uh, they don’t have enough space for a larger bike, but it’s very simple to replace. You have to remove it right here and, of course, you follow all the little triangles here. It tells you exactly where all the screws are now you could buy this on amazon. You could buy the cheap, inexpensive battery uh just be aware that there’s, a lot of vendors out there that are just you know, putting out taping up together some batteries and make sure you guys, review and and read some of their comments and make sure that they Have some sort of feedback from customers like you now on the second one? You have your second m.

2 here this one. There is no space in here there’s, nothing right now, right now, but you’re able to do another drive in here and, of course they give you the thermal tape right now, don’t take out the plastic if you’re not using it, keep it as in, as is mvne Again, uh same setup right here on the other side, but easy to replace easy to remove. Now a lot of people have put this system on rain uh. I do not recommend it if you’re gon na be gaming, pretty much um storing areas, the files of the games are a little difficult, sometimes to get a little large. Maybe dividing the game in the os will be a good addition, so you could have the os on one end. Maybe storage on the other one depends on what you want to do now. Some people do raid controls, but if one part of the system overheats and it’s not valid it’s, going to be hard to regain those files back so um depends how you want to rate them. If you do some sort of brake control in there, it’s very difficult to recover, sometimes especially the whole module fails. If this system had another module, i would say, go ahead and do that, but because there’s only two, i wouldn’t recommend that that’s another thing. Now the fan the fan spread it sucks in the air here and it blows it up to the back of course, uh.

This part right here at least once in a while, come in and open it up um, because it gets a little dirty i’m. Putting a picture here how dirty it gets sometimes and and people have to clean them up once in a while. So the only thing you can upgrade in here it’s pretty much the memory and right now we have 64 gigs, as it is maximum memory 64. battery. We have two mdnes that we could replace and on top of that, sometimes they able to replace the thermal paste so on this one. If you ever have issues about replacing thermal paste on these machines um, you can look at one of my videos. I have they’re pretty much the same as other ones and very simple just to remove all the screws on this particular model. They made it a lot easier because, on the other mother on the other system, you had to actually remove one of the fans that was connected to the plastic and it was a little tricky because you had to bring it down and push it back. Uh, in this case, it doesn’t look like that. It looks like it’s straight out. You can pull the things out and replace it now um. It shows you a couple screws in here. Of course, when you take out the whole thing, the the cpu and gpu are are solder in so you’re not going to have an issue when you clean them up.

Add some new thermal paste if that’s required um if it starts getting overheated or if it’s too dusty in here, where not enough air is passing through you’ll see it when system starts shutting down automatically or giving the indication of overheating so that’s what happens? Most of the times, if you’re working in construction or architectural or you’re building the three dimensional games, this is a great system to work with. It has a 30 70, but it has a punch now. The 30 80 might be a little different on the line, but there’s there’s not available right now in the next generation. A couple weeks from now, after this videos comes out uh, it might be available by now, but at the meantime, we’re looking at the latest and greatest that hp has out there, and this is it i like what they did, so they got rid of the mechanical Space they they pretty much streamline a lot of things easier made it easier for for somebody to replace things. I like that they have uh it’s easy to even remove the shell itself um. I had no issues removing a couple of screws popped out and automatically we’re able to see all this stuff. All right, we’re gon na do a 4k view of the of the actual screen. How well it works, and i turn off all the lights in here. So you guys can see a little better of the quality seems like it’s working really well.

I’M, you i’m getting a use of 4k video from youtube. Um don’t see any lags or anything like that. It looks like it’s well made. It looks really good. So hopefully, you guys enjoy that little video and let’s go ahead and continue some more tests. All right, we’re going to play the audio, see how loud it is, at least in the intro. My other channel so let’s go ahead and do a video intro of the older omen. So all right today, we’re going to do a video testing on the audio part of it. So let’s go ahead and play a video that i from one of my channels, so we’re gon na go ahead and play it it’s loud it’s, loud i’m. Your host. It is all right, we’re going to take a look at the omen, uh interface, that it comes with right and there’s. A couple of things that you need to be aware of um one. You need to have access to the microsoft store in order to make the latest update to this interface, if not you’re, going to be based on the older one now here, if anything, that has a hp omen logo or it has a base out of it, it Could be a headset, it could be a handheld, it could be. All sorts of things are based out of hp. They will reconnect to the system that’s pretty much uh. What they try to do is standardize this something so let’s go.

Take a look at the system here, if you notice there’s a lighting sound effect here, and it says to download so we’re going to go ahead and do that automatically. It starts downloading from their interface into this system, interface and we’re, going to grab it once it installs we’re, ready to use and configure everything to work with our keyboard. All right here is our interfaces for the actual keyboard, very simple. To use you can just drop down and you could interface and change the colors right now, um right now, rgb lighting is in for a lot of these people, but just to let you know it’s going to drain some of your battery, you could change modified to Even the breathing mechanism, if you see it, look i’m changing it all. This is happening as we go along interact too so nice little feature they have but um like. I said if you’re gon na be without a power for a while, you want to maybe shut this down and save some of your battery. If you want to be gaming, especially after you’re hearing all the fans, the fans are a little loud we’re, also going to do a sound test too. On top of that, all right we’re going to start a test with the audio right. Now, if you can see it, we’re running it and we’re going to try to see if we can maximize we’re going to do a benchmark. At the same time, we’re going to see if we could run it, so we could get the maximum sound and see how long it gets and all right we’re getting about 105 on the actual system itself.

105. um the heating source is, it seems like it’s coming from the center part um, you can see more more. The heat is not dispensed uh right now. The heat’s coming off from this side course so we’re putting the little mic a little bit off right now. You can see where all the heat’s coming from so besides the back it’s, also blowing on the side of it and see the other boy which is not picking up any heat. Most of the heat’s coming out dispersing on this side, all right so we’re reviewing the back of the machine right underneath of it right guys. It goes a hundred and eleven hundred and thirteen, and if you can see all the air that’s coming in there, it’s intakes and it’s, taking it all out right there. This is underneath this is where all the stuff’s supposed to be sucking in and then in the back of it cold air. Here, cooling off everything. Thank you for watching the channel and i hope you got some information that you’re looking for and please don’t forget to subscribe. So we could bring more content like this and hope to see you on the next one.