Today we have the HP Envy X360 Convertible laptop.. This 2021 edition premium laptop, is brand new to the market.. So, thanks to HP for sending me this review unit., This is not a sponsored video.. The box has a minimal design and shows the laptop and HP branding. Inside the box. You have the laptop some manuals and an AC power adapter.. However, you’re still able to use your USB C charger., The HP Envy 15 focuses on laptops and products specifically for creators.. The model for this laptop is 15 eu0097nr.. Although this color is shown to be black on the website, it’s not really black. More like a grey.. The logo is creatively shown in the middle.. It has an aluminum body made from recycled materials.. Even the packaging is recycled.. A very environmental friendly initiative by HP. There are 2 hinges, 1 of them, with the ‘ENVY’ display and a heat sink in the bottom.. This is a 2 in 1 laptop, so it can be easily used as a tablet or a laptop.. On the left side. You have USB A HDMI and USB C ports and an audio jack.. The USB C port is not a thunderbolt port.. On the right side, you have an SD card reader, USB A port and an ac adapter port.. You get a 15.6quot screen with a screen to body ratio of 89 and ultra slim bezels.. The touchpad is 19 bigger and placed in the center compared to other laptop brands.

. It has a slippery and sleek feel to it. The power button is made a bit harder to press.. This is to avoid accidental shutoff. For extra privacy. You get camera shutter and mute mic buttons. These options, secure your privacy and safety.. Overall, I like the organized keyboard. Layout. One annoyance was that the location of the fingerprint reader is down with the arrows. I’m used to it being on the top.. This laptop weighs 4.11 lbs 1.8 Kg.. I really like these 2 in 1. Designs. Display features 15.6quot IPS, FHD display and 400 nits. For a base model. You’Ll get 250 nits.. This touchscreen laptop is equipped with BangampOlufsen speakers for the best audio, which is what I have in my Audi.. This video footage is on the HP, webcam. Judge the video and audio for yourself.. This laptop has an AMD Ryzen, 7, 5700U processor and 16GB RAM.. This specific model, 15 eu0097nr costs 999 plus tax for a total of 1093.. The base model has an AMD Ryzen. 5. 5500U processor and 8GB RAM., I ran a Geekbench 5 test. Cpu scores are 969 single core score and 5990 multi core score.. The GPU score is 8085.. I recommend this laptop for creators and editors, but not if you work with large files, because you don’t get a graphics card. Same thing for gamers. Recommended for casual gamers, not for professionals.. This laptop will be available in India in 3, 4 months for approx. 100000 Rs.

Wireless technology, specs Wi, Fi 6 and BlueTooth, 5.0 combo. Battery life fast charge and 50 in 30 min. Battery life 12 hrs for video, playback, 11 hrs web browsing and 5 6 hrs. For editing in 4K. Again, this is not a sponsored video.. This laptop is a loaner unit for 14 days. Overall I’m impressed with this laptop. Shoutout to Anuragsingh0017 for following me on Instagram and subscribing to my channel., Make sure you follow and subscribe also to hear your name on this channel. And this completes today’s video.