This thing promises to be incredibly powerful. Incredibly versatile and it’s got like an edge to edge gigantic beautiful screen, but nothing’s perfect, and there are a few things that i’d like to fix myself on this laptop. So what is it? And how can you do the same let’s find out what’s up everyone i’m, the everyday dad. If i can figure it out, you can figure it out. So today we are going to be upgrading my dell xps 17 with 64 gigabytes of ram and a 2 terabyte solid state drive i’m very excited let’s, just let’s just get started. We don’t need any more chatting. We’Ve already done all the chatting today. We need to see stuff happen and let’s crack open. Ye old toolkit now today, i’m, not going to say that this is necessarily a how to uh. This is just me, upgrading my own personal laptop and showing you that if you wanted to do it, you could do the same. If you are planning on upgrading your own, i would make sure to follow all proper instructions from dell so as not to void your warranty. You know like not drilling out one of the screws because you stripped it uh during your unboxing video, so yeah. This is me going through this now. I know that i’m, not certainly not an expert on any of this stuff. Again, i am the everyday dad i’m, not the everyday, it person uh. So this is just me as an everyday person.

Upgrading this myself and kind of showing you that you could do the same right. If i can figure it out, you can figure it out that’s the whole point right. So, yes, reddit i’m, not perfect! I will not do everything perfectly, but i’ll show you all the mistakes i make so hopefully you can avoid them because that’s kind of what we do here. Okay, now there are a few things that we can upgrade in here, as we saw in the previous video. We could upgrade both of the solid state drives, but i don’t want to do the one that came with the computer. The 512 is perfectly fine as like a work or like where i’m gon na keep all of my programs at the two terabytes really going to be for video files for all this youtube stuff. For me personally, i didn’t feel the need to set them up in a raid or anything fancy like that. So i’m, perfectly okay hold on before we do. This let’s make sure it’s turned off okay, it was turned off. Thank goodness, i’m, not totally crazy. I do. I know some things, okay, and i do know that i’m using the wrong tool for this particular task, but i would prefer to not break this and i’ll use this little rubber thing so it’s not to cause problems. One of the problems, though, of being the first person and apparently the only person on youtube with this computer, is, i can’t, really point y’all to any other creator for benchmarks, which is something that i normally do, because i don’t necessarily find benchmarks to be.

All of that useful, so let me know in the comments what are some benchmarks, some basic things that you would like to know about this pc for our follow up videos. Maybe we’ll do a short like benchmark video tomorrow, where we run through, like cinebench 3dmark pc mark stuff, like that, if there’s something that you specifically want to see and it’s pretty easy to do because i’m, a pretty basic person. Let me know in the comments below and i’ll make sure to get that in the benchmark. Video all right here is the internals of our dell xps. I love how all of this stuff looks now it does look like we can upgrade the ram. I believe we can upgrade the wi fi chip too, but i literally never upgrade any of the wi fi chips here. So let’s start off with the ram first, so i have 64 gigabytes from a company called mushkin mushkin. I just bought this on amazon nobody’s sponsoring this. Nobody provided me, these parts normally i’ll go with like a. What did we do last time i don’t remember what we did last year. I remember we had a samsung drive last year um, but i didn’t go with the samsung drive this time, because i did want to try some of the more budget drives out there: okay, so let’s! This should be pretty easy. They put these little flaps on here, but ram is very simple. To get out you just pop these little things here on the edge see it’s held in by these little metal flaps you just smooth these out to the side.

The ram will pop up and then you can just pull it out. So this is the ram that comes with it. This is a eight gigabytes, one r by 16 d par. I don’t know you all were wanting to see this. So here is the ram chip that comes with the computer and we will take out the other one too it’s the exact same process, pops up, then you yank it out same kind of chip. I’Ll set that over there and now we will take out the same now. You do want to make sure, when you’re installing ram that you use two of the same speed and the same memory size. So this is a 32 gigabyte times two kit to give us 64. it’s, not 64.1 we’re not going to do 8 and then 16 or like 16 and 32., it’s, 32 and 32, 16 and 16, 8 and 8.. That gives you the dual channel benefit for ram and then to put it back in you just slide it in at an angle. There you go, you hear that little click and then you push it down boom that’s. How easy it is to upgrade your rim like it’s, so simple that’s, what i love about windows laptops when they let you upgrade this stuff yourself, it’s! So quick and easy and you’d be crazy. Not to do it because all of the oems charge so much for this stuff, like it’s, so much cheaper to just get the base model with some low amount of ram and a low amount of storage, and then you can just upgrade it yourself c log.

You pop it in boom took seconds. I mean i’ve just been jaw jacking over here. We could have done this in literal minutes. Well i mean we did. We have already done it in literal minutes, but if you’re not trying to make a video of doing this it’s even faster right, i love this and that’s one of the things like as somebody that primarily uses apple computers um. It really sucks that you cannot upgrade those on your own, because it would be very nice to do some of this yourself. Okay, we’ve got the ram now we’re going to upgrade the ssd one. I believe this is the one that was empty. If i remember correctly from our unboxing video now, the reason we’re actually doing this video instead of me just pointing you to last year’s is this is a different setup this year, where you have to take the battery off in order to upgrade the storage which i’m Not a big fan of i do kind of wish they’d let the storage kind of float there by itself. Like i don’t necessarily, maybe somebody if you are a computer’s electronic expert. Let me know in the comments below like why i would want the battery to do this. I mean there could be a legitimate reason like again super super regular guy gary here uh there could be a legit reason, but i will say that i’ve been very impressed with this laptop so far, um.

I was kind of concerned about the 3050. I thought the 3050 graphics card, the the nvidia 3050 that’s inside here – would not be that powerful. But with that video editing, video, we did the other day holy cow. This thing has got some real power to it for being a uh, you know a business productivity laptop like this is not a gaming laptop and i’ve been very impressed with the couple of cinebench runs that i’ve done on this thing. This you’ll see it probably tomorrow, but this laptop is really really impressing me and i got a lot of comments also about like hey. We all know you’re going to go back to your mac. Look i use whatever works. If mac is what works, because mac is what works for me right now, that’s what i’ll use, but there was a time what, like a year and a half ago, where i totally switched over to windows for video editing, because mac os catalina was awful. So i will use what works i don’t necessarily use what’s popular and something i do want to point out while we’re right here. This is what i like about the xps 17 and i’m, really hoping when the xps 15 gets in here. It’S a lot like this too in that look, we’ve already got like the copper plate and the thermal pad pre installed for this. So all we have to do is just drop this in and we’re good to go the same thing with the main drive over here on the xps 15 from last year.

We only had one of the plates with the thermal pad. We just had to put a thermal pad on the drive and find our own screw for the mount last year, which i thought was kind of lame, because these are not cheap laptops, so you might as well just like put in the i don’t even want to Say it’s a cent like the fraction of a cent that that screw would have cost to put it in there that’s what we should have done there. She goes okay, so we have the two terabyte nvme m.2 from inland two terabytes looks pretty good. I love this. Is two terabytes of storage like how crazy is that they also? What is it? Sabrin has eight terabyte versions of this kind of drive like how that’s that’s wild that i mean man, i remember when flash drives were huge. I remember 3.5 millimeter floppy disks and the big what the 5.1 floppy disks before that okay, so to install this it’s very similar to the ram you just do it at an angle. You hear the little you feel that click and then you put it down and it’s installed like that’s. How easy this stuff is that’s. Why it’s such a? I always call it such a huge benefit in the comparison videos between windows and mac. When you can do this upgrading yourself, because it’s so easy – and it saves you so much money like just a few seconds of time, a few seconds of work and we’ve totally revamped.

This laptop like before we started this, the laptop had 16 gigabytes of ram and it had 512 gigabyte of storage. Now it’s got what 2.5 terabytes of storage and 64 gigabytes of memory, which is gon na, be so awesome. This might. This might legit turn into uh. My productivity laptop going forward. The only thing i don’t like so far is just how big it is. I mean it is a 17 inch laptop. What did you expect gary, but i prefer smaller laptops. You know, i’m, a very big fan of the macbook pro 13.. I’M very excited to see that 15, when it gets in. I think the 15 is really gon na. If, because the 15 has the same processor and the same gpu, i think that xps 15 could give my macbooks a very big run for their money. Okay, so the very first test will be: does it even turn back on? Did we screw it up so much that the laptop itself will not turn back on okay alert? The amount of system memory has changed. Okay. That is what we would like to see right. Come on boot back up, let’s come on gary. Did everything right right? Gary did everything right right? The wheels are spinning so far, so hopefully uh. This is uh. This is not turned into a video that we can’t upload tomorrow and we know – and we now no longer have a video for tomorrow, turn on xps, restarting okay, that’s, probably a good sign, getting windows ready wow! We are oh it’s updates that’s.

Why that’s? Why updates hooray? I love updates. I like updates, i just don’t like when they happen as we’re, trying to do something that’s, how you can tell this is live. This is real because the updates are happening if this was all scripted and edited and massaged to make it look perfect. Well, then, the updates would have already happened right. Welcome to behind the scenes. Okay, the computer turns on so far so good right. That is the uh exactly what we wanted to see so far, so let’s actually check out and see. If we have the okay, this pc, okay, we do not see the drive yet we will have to mount it and format it and partition it. If i remember correctly so, let’s we’ll do that in a second, no steam information, okay, yep everything’s still the same, and you can see installed physical memory, 64 gigabytes virtual memory, 73 gigabytes. So we have look at that 64 gigabytes of ram now installed on our computer. Super fast, but what we do need to do first, okay, so it’s actually been about an hour since the last break. We took because i made a little bit of a boo boo that i had to correct and that’s one thing. So this is a new thing that i found on windows 10. So when you’re initializing a new drive, don’t go to storage settings, storage settings bring you. What brings you to this thing called storage space and, if you use that that will then mess up trying to initialize your drive normally so what you want to do is go to partition.

This is what happens when you spend too much time in mac os land. Here we go so now you can see the partition, it sees our drive totally healthy, ready to go. All we have to do now is create a new, simple volume. It sees everything we created, it will format the drive and set it up perfectly. Well now, our new two terabyte drive is working in perfect order, so we have within a few minutes. It actually got done. It then just took me an hour to figure out the mess i put myself in. So everything worked really well super simple to do highly, recommend upgrading your laptops yourselves as long as you follow your manufacturer’s warranty information, but what are some other content you’d like to see on the xps 17? Again, let me know what kind of benchmarks you’d like me to run: i’ve got to provide the internet full of information, i guess, and if there’s anything else, you’d like to see about the xps 17. Let me know in the comments below and if you like this video and you would like to see how this does work as a video editing tool. You can find my video for that by clicking right here. Click.