I hope you all are doing good in this video. We are going to unbox a new laptop and see the specifications before that. Thank you very much for all of your support. If you’re watching this channel for the first time, please support and hit the bell button to get more updates from us before i talk about the laptop let’s check with alexa what he thinks about it alexa. Can you tell me about dell new inspiron, 15 7000 model? Here’S something i found on the web: according to techharp.com, the delos veron 15, 7000 7568. Two in one laptop amazon is a premium convertible laptop that is designed to switch effortlessly between the standard, laptop mode and a tablet mode. As you heard, from alexa that’s a laptop. We are going to unbox and have a look at the specifications before that. I would like to show you: what are the laptops i have? Currently, you will see the first one. This is a dell inspiron, very old model, i5 third generation yeah, and i bought it on 2011 early 2011. I would say it is running more than 10 plus years now, it’s, absolutely working fine, there’s, no issues at all i’m. Very much inspired about del inspire on laptops models. The screen was scattered when we were traveling, it was in the suitcase, so i’ve just replaced the screen, and i have changed the battery. Apart from that, the laptop is working absolutely great and it is very old laptop which i have currently and you will see the next one is hp, envy laptop, it is again a i5 fifth generation laptop and you would see in the back.

This is a bit more advanced model, it is a dell latitude i5 7th generation and again this is again another advanced model. Lenovo thinkpad. It is again uh i5 7th generation. So these are the models i currently have addition to this, the new laptop i bought it recently. That is purely for my personal use. I will be using for analytics work and video editing, purpose, let’s, go and unbox and have a look at the specifications. The laptop was delivered from dell factory in europe, so it took longer than i expected. I have ordered some time during the mid of january month and delivered to me on the first week of february this month through dhl parcel services. The first one is uk power. Cord and then we have rechargeable dell active pen in a nice box, then we have got the power adapter, which connects to the laptop, and we have got the main unit. The inspiron laptop 15 7000 series, two in one Music. These are the accessories we have got inside the box and then i can see we are left with few booklets here. We have inspiron 15 7000 instruction manual, which will help you with the quick installation steps, and then we have a safety and regulatory information. I bought it for 1360 pound. This includes mcafee live safe 12 month subscription one year, accidental damage protection one year collecting return service and microsoft office 30 day free trial. I must say the laptop – is slightly heavier than what i thought guys as you can imagine.

It is 15.6 in size and solid built. It may slip out of our hands, so we need to handle it with care. Let’S open. The tiny little box contains the dull rechargeable active pen. Model number is pn771m. I believe it is compatible with all dell models but exclusive to inspiron when it comes to the rechargeable, as it has a small compartment which fits in nicely when it’s not in use. The new inspiron 15 7000 is powered with 11th generation intel core i7 processor, which has 12 mb catch and up to 4.7 gigahertz clock speed and comes with intel iris, max graphics, memory of 4gb lpddr4 technology, which is part of the new 11th generation intercore processor family. This new inspiron model comes with full of advanced features: powerpre integrated with fingerprint reader thunderbolt 4 usb c type, connector, ultra hd 4k wba touch display webcam privacy setter dell, mobile connect and cinema. This is an upper mid range budget, two in one foldable laptop with loads of features equivalent to pricey xps models. This one sits between the more workaday inspiron series and the very desirable it comes with pre installed windows: 10 pro 64 bit and 16 gb onboard lpddr4x memory and 1tb nvme solid state drive on the left side of the unit. You will see power connector and the power indicator, light and hdmi port version 1.4 and usb 3.2 generation 1 type a and we have powerful, thunderbolt, 4 usb c connector with power delivery and display port on the right side of the unit.

We have headphone and microphone. Combo jack usb 3.2 generation, 1 type, a port 3 in 1 sd card reader. It has advanced wireless connectivity, wi fi version 6 and bluetooth version 5, which is faster and more efficient. When it comes to the keyboard, the keys are in grey color, nicely visible backlit keyboard with numeric keypad. The layout with space is enough and the keys have a decent amount of travel. Unlike other laptops, the new inspiron 15 7000 two in one, feels like a genuinely premium slim design on the rigid hinge that holds up the laptop’s flexible display. The power button is neatly incorporated into the keyboard and integrated with the fingerprint reader that allows you to log in with a single touch. It has a vibrant and vivid touch screen, adopt the h2h display, like dell’s, very own xps product and the thin bezel do wonders for the 4k screen. The new inspiron has smart sensors with adaptive thermals, which uses advanced, algorithm and accelerometer to know when your laptop is in your hands lab or on a desk. This allows it to intelligently adapt its thermal profiles to the situation plus it’s smart enough to unleash full power when stationary on a desk dell active when such an amazing stylus is the fact that it supports 4096 different levels of pressure, sensitivity and it can magnetically attach To device this two in one’s, striking exterior, is engineered to keep you looking sleek and stylish its premium metal chassis and the palm rest ensues.

The main body of the device is solid and comes with waves, max audio for a rich audio experience. Overall, this is an all in one laptop fits my budget with loads of compelling features, and next gen technology i’m happy to review the performance over the period soon that’s, all for today’s video. If you like it, please give a thumbs up and subscribe our channel, and if you have any questions, please leave it in the comment box. I’Ll get back to you soon. Thank you for watching, see you all in another.