So what comes in the box and is it any good let’s find out? Oh that’s, heavier than a small laptop should be what’s up. Everyone. I’M. The everyday dad – and if i can figure it out, you can figure it out. So enough. Talk i’m very excited about this. I do really like windows laptops, but intel is kind of boring right now, so ryzen’s kind of where all of the excitement is at and we already checked out the asus g17. You know about a month ago. It was pretty good, but it was really big and i, like smaller laptops, so the g14 promises to be a small laptop that you know also is very powerful, so i’m super excited but let’s see what we’ve got. We do have the oh it’s in moonlight white, the 5900 hs, not the hx 16 gigabytes of ram one terabyte solid state drive and i bought this off of the best buy website for about 1500 bucks. I think, which also makes it i mean that’s expensive, but it’s, a pretty good value for an rtx 3000 graphics card and the cutting edge amd processor, so let’s see what’s in here ready. I do like this box. I, like this box way better than the g17 there’s, the laptop that is way smaller than i guess i thought it would be. I missed out on the g4 last year, which was kind of frustrating to me because it seemed like a very good laptop, and you know when it came out this year.

I just had to get it so in the box republic of gamers republic of gamers. Ick of gamers join the okay, well that’s kind of weird, so in the box we got the laptop. We got whatever’s in here, there’s, probably some documentation. Oh okay g series, gaming, notebook pc, leave a review, get rewarded. I do like being rewarded. I also like congratulations. I also like being congratulated on my purchase. Thank you safety precautions in search of incredible warranty card. Nobody cares about that stuff. What do we have in here? We have the power cable, nothing below that and okay, the power brick, so that’s everything and much like the g17. I kind of feel, like i mean there’s, not very much stuff in this box, but this box is awfully big and it takes up a lot of space i’m kind of getting on team eco friendly. So maybe we don’t need, as big of a box to you know, have the small amount of things we have. We have this power brick, which is way smaller than the g17 power. Brick looks like it’s, a 180 watt option three prong cable here now gaming laptops. I do prefer being charged with their own power, brick because there’s only so much power that you can send via usbc or thunderbolt 3. So, like the xps 17 from last year, there were reports that if you got the big graphics card and the big processor, when in use like video, editing or stuff like that, you would have problems where you weren’t getting enough power to the laptop.

So the battery would drain while you were just using it normally. So i do if we’re gon na have a beefy processor and we’re gon na have a beefy graphics card. I do prefer having a traditional power brick instead of trying to make everything super small with usbc and that’s. There we go power, brick done so let’s get to the star of the show, the laptop. I love this moonlight white. I love how that looks. Republic of gamers established 2006.. Here we go well that i thought we would pull down like that, but i guess that is not how we’re gon na do this today. Here we go all right. We do sides, then, where did okay sides and then that is not how i envisioned that going at all, but this feels so good and it’s. This is a 14 inch laptop. The g4 is a 14 inch laptop but dang that feels fantastic. The top feels great. The build quality – i don’t like this – this right here, this republic of gamers established 2006. I really wish that was not here, because that just breaks the the nice matte white finish of the top, and just this glossy that’s kind of tacky asus, take that off the next one. Take it off how’s the bottom. This is all metal like. This is not plastic, the top is some kind of polycarbonate or plastic. The bottom is metal, which is sweet ooh. Also, the screws on the bottom are philip said: they’re, not some kind of like proprietary screw, which i’m a very big fan of.

What do we have here? We have power, hdmi usbc headphones and we have usbc and two usba. This is such a small, laptop and it’s got all of these ports. It looks like it also has. A very beefy cooling system here looks like the intakes. There fan here, here’s the out right here, man. This is so i just like holding it. You may have noticed, we haven’t opened it yet because i just i’m so impressed with how this feels to hold i’m. Very excited about this uh laptop boom. All right. The excitement is dampened a little bit on the body here. I’M. Not a big fan of how this body looks. There is well there’s, not very much flick, there’s, some flex to it right there. Can you see, can you see that there’s some flex there but down here, feels fine? I like how it’s ergonomic a little bit so as you open up the monitor it lifts it up and gives it a little bit of an angle kind of like how the macbook air is angled. It’S got a full hd. 144 hertz refresh rate it’s got the dorky stickers. Thank goodness, we got the dorky stickers they’re, not even aligned correctly like if you’re going to have dorky stickers on here at least put them in line properly. Can you see that that’s, a i’m gon na i’m gon na give you some qc dings on that one keys ooh, the keys feel pretty good.

Actually, if you remember the g17 had phenomenal keys, probably the best keys that i’ve ever felt on a gaming laptop got. The little inverted t shift enter got all the stuff we do not have. Are these the speakers right here, that’s not going to be good? Maybe these are speakers on the side. We’Ll find out we’ll crack this open in a second um. So if we got that for speakers, the screen has some flex to it. Overall, though i mean it looks pretty good for a 14 inch gaming laptop i’m very impressed with the with how this looks ryzen 9 5000 let’s crack this open and see what kind of upgrading we can do to this now. There’S a lot more screws here than i normally see, but let’s see let’s let’s open it up, and hopefully it continues along the line of the g17 being incredibly easy to open, because i would what i would like to see the reason i didn’t end up using The g17 as much one, if you saw the videos you heard my problems with the vr setup that i’d like to use, so it didn’t get used for that and it was so big if it wasn’t going to be used. As like my mobile vr system, then what was the point right it’s just to like if i’m gon na be at the house? I’Ll just use my desktop. But what i like about this is it’s small enough, and it should still be very powerful to be a mobile gaming, potentially even video editing rigs.

It does have a one terabyte solid state drive standard. Look if you’re a brand, if you’re a company that makes laptops. Please just use phillips head screws in the bottom. Don’T use proprietary, crap and don’t use stuff that you might not have around the house, because one of the, if you’re, buying a windows laptop one of the best parts like one of the main reasons to get the laptop, is to upgrade it yourself later, like you Saw this thing has 16 gigabytes of ram, which you know is not very much so i can always buy more. Hopefully we don’t know i don’t know. Yet if you can upgrade, i try not to do too much research onto a laptop until i can put it through my paces and give my honest impressions without being influenced by somebody else uh. So i don’t actually know what we can upgrade in here yet, but hopefully it’s a lot all right. It looks like we got everything let’s crack, this puppy open, okay! Well, that was a pain in the butt to get open, but there we go. We did. We did succeed. No laptop has yet defeated me, but there was some kind of plastic thing that we definitely broke opening it up. So you can see the bottom big, uh, big old, copper plate right. There got the intakes. This is just a really nice piece of metal. Okay inside here we’ve got wow. This is beautiful.

I love opening up laptops because it’s, just all of this stuff is so gorgeous inside of it. Okay, so we’ve got the ram there’s just one: stick there can’t just be one stick of ram in here: here’s the cooling system, so we do have a traditional heat pipe cooling system. We don’t have a vapor chamber in here one sticker ram. What is this? Okay? There’S the solid state drive, so it does look like we can upgrade the solid state drive but it’s just the one. So we figured it out so there’s, eight gigabytes of memory, soldered onto the board itself, and then you can replace one stick. So the g14 kind of a weird way for a laptop to go. But at least you can do some upgrading yourself. So you could put a 32 gigabyte stick in here, giving you 40 gigabytes of ram, which it’s not going to do as well. Dual channel wise as it would, if you had the two sets of identical ram together, but you can do some upgrading yourself, which is pretty nice and then we’ll have to see like how all of this performs when we do. Maybe we’ll do an upgrade video on this here in the future. So if you’d like to see an upgrade video on the g14 leave me a comment below and we’ll, you know we’ll get to that all right. Let’S put this back on let’s, get everything back together. So we can turn this thing on and see what it actually can do.

Okay, so we’ve got the g14 all back and assembled so let’s go ahead and turn this baby on boom. Let’S see how everything looks when it is in fact powered up and ready to go. Oh got ta plug it in and man. I do much prefer the smaller power bricks like don’t get me wrong. Obviously, if you’re gon na have a big honking gaming laptop, you need a big honking, brick but it’s just so much nicer to have a small brick like this. Guy has okay turn turn on. Please there we go all right, you’re plugged in uh turn on on g14 power on. Are you gon na you’re gon na turn on um? So i do not know why it is not turning on so it looks like i can see that the battery’s charging i can see that it looks like it’s supposed to be on. I can make that turn on and off by uh, holding down the power button. Well, uh crap, we might have a uh, we might have a dud on our hand, okay, so what we did is we held down the power button for 60 seconds to discharge the battery plugged, it all in turned it on again and then now it’s working so But that’s very concerning to me that the laptop wouldn’t turn on at first so we’ll keep an eye on this and i’ll. Let you know if this happens again, the g14. You know any product you buy.

Shouldn’T have an issue like that. So i’m hoping it’s just like an initial turn on hiccup, but we’ll go from here: what’s up cortana hi, there, i’m cortana and i’m here to help i’m gon na mute, you cortana, i’m. Sorry initial use of the laptop. I really like the keyboard. You can tell. I mean one of the cool things about having a fast refresh rate monitor. You know we do have 144 hertz here, as you can see, you’re not going to be able to see this, unfortunately, because the way that you know i’m shooting this video i’m shooting it in 30 frames per second, so you won’t be able to see the difference, But i can definitely see the difference that it’s, nice and smooth right here, that’s, not a bad level for the fans to be i mean it is it does suck that the uh we’ll skip this. It does suck that the fans are on we’re, not really doing anything. However, comma, the noise is not bad, like the noise in the g17 bothered me, the noise here so far, it’s not awful, so here’s the thing right. I really am excited about this laptop, because this could be my new portable everything machine. This is the laptop that i’ve looked forward to most in the beginning of 2021 there’s, just so much cool stuff out there right now, especially with what ryzen is doing fingerprint where’s. The fingerprint is this: the fingerprint am i not seeing this.

It says sensor, but i don’t see a sensor. Am i crazy? Oh okay, the power button is a sensor. It doesn’t look like one but uh that’s, pretty cool windows is finishing setting up and i’m. Not you know i’m kind of digging this it is. It is disconcerting that the fans are on so high when we haven’t done anything. Yet you know it’s working out the uh, the kinks. What is going on here? Okay, it is pretty stable. I do like i said when we initially checked it out. I do like the angle of how this is set up. One of the things that i don’t like about laptops is when they have this jagged edge right here and i’m doing a lot of typing. It can hurt my wrist well. This has a rounded edge here on the side and the way that the monitor goes back and lifts everything up. I bet this will be a very ergonomic computer to type on which i’m an office worker typing is kind of. Like my jam that’s the thing that i do more than anything else, so i do not like the build quality of the top here. This does not feel good. This feels very cheap, very cheap and it’s already got like a smudge on it, and this feels bad. I i can’t, i cannot lie to you folks. This is very plasticky. Doesn’T feel good. The trackpad is all right, but oh there we go mac os big sur background.

I am kind of a big fan of that. Maybe later the keys feel fine, like the keys, feel fine to type on, but they feel themselves just cheap, which is kind of weird, because, like this feels good, the bottom feels fine. This does not feel good. This is where we’re gon na spend all of our time. You imagine they would spend a little bit more money here. I mean i get that we’ve got some obscene specs in this thing and it’s very small, so we’re gon na have to make some sacrifices somewhere, but this seems like a weird spot to make those sacrifices. The trackpad is awfully small, so let’s see what we’ve got under the hood and then we will give our initial impressions. Nvidia software license agreement. Everything’S a software license agreement anymore. Okay, so we do have the geforce rtx 3060 laptop gpu, hooray, okay, zephyrus g14 amd ryzen. 9. 5900 hs. We do have the 16 gigabytes of installed physical memory, so eight is hardwired to the laptop and you can upgrade eight yourself uh page space and then let’s make sure that we do have our this pc and then 933 gigabytes 933 gigabytes. So we do have a one terabyte solid state drive, so this does seem to be like a very attractive little package for a travel power. Machine i’m cautiously optimistic. I really really like how small this is. Everything feels good when it’s closed. This right here is such an incredible package.

I love that we’ve got all of the i o that we’ve got two usba usbc hdmi usbc power. I love that that is a good amount of i o to have on such a small computer. I do not like the build quality right here. This is probably the most disappointing thing physically. For me, this is terrible like this is straight up awful. I also am nervous about that powering on and off thing that we had a problem for earlier, so let’s see let’s just turn it off let’s turn it back on and see if it’ll turn back on let’s fingers crossed. I shouldn’t be this nervous. If the computer is going to turn on or not when we uh turn it off, okay, it did turn back on so that’s something i’m gon na keep an eye on i’ll. Let you all know when we do our update videos on if that was just a fluke at the beginning or if that is an issue going forward. So what would you all like to see leave me a comment below. Let me know what you would like to see out of the zephyrus g14 with the ryzen processor and the new rtx graphics card. I am so excited about this. I know i’ve said that a lot in this video and if you like this video and you’d like to see how the bigger batter cousin of this holds up with the strix g17 i’ll leave a video for that right here.

So click.