This is, of course, the cover, so the 11th gen of the hd10 here uh then we’ll also compare this to the old case as well uh. So it should basically be the same, but the tablet for this year looks a bit different uh, so you have the built in stand. Of course you can move two different ways like that or like that. Of course, i’ll show that off here uh, i love amazon’s simplistic, that nice looking packaging here, rip that off it’s very easy to get in and out of, and then i have the denim color here so it’s, a nice blue, the smiley face there. That shows you how you can bend it and put your tablet in there. So, instead of horizontal or vertical and of course we got the spy for so i was broke for a second there. I have a spot for your camera there. This entire thing is nice and blue, so that’s cool nice feel to it just like the old ones. I’M. I am a bit disappointed. As for the 2020 hd eights and hda, plus they had the cool national geographic cases uh, but for this year they don’t have that that’s, not yet uh. So this benz, you don’t, have it like that, of course uh one. The tablets in here will be better. I like that before we have it like this, so i think these are my favorite cases out of any tablet cases they’re super nice.

This is plastic. This is actually the fabric and there’s your smiley face down there, and then you will get with the dual speakers. Just like on the hd8 from last year, it’ll the sound hit that and kind of come back out towards you, instead of just going out into nowhere land, so it’s very nice, then here is the case from last generation. So for the 2019 fires uh mine is a bit beat up now and this one is, i can’t remember what what they call this one charcoal or something like that: uh, but it’s, the black. So you can see the camera is gon na, be in a different spot. Now, of course, of course, they have to change it up, so you cannot use the old case and then to this one, the speakers just kind of came at the opening here, so it’s kind of like into nowhere or again on the new one. You have it where it’ll kind of come back at towards you, so it should make the sound a little bit better if it actually helps. I don’t know but that’s what it’s supposed to be for uh. Otherwise it has the same. Mine has definitely been deflated over time. It doesn’t really work out so well anymore, but again, it’s been a few years since i’ve had this last couple years, uh so and then you can see because the new dimensions of the new dimensions of the tablet, the old one’s, a bit taller and line that Up a bit better, there i mean the new one will be a little bit wider though so.

This is the 2019 version of the tablet and of course it will not fit into this new case. It’S too big, just like the new version of the tablet. We’Re not into the old case, because it’s the case is going to be too big and doesn’t mean too wide and setting the table would be too wide for that. So, if you do have the 2019 version and buy yourself, the 2019 version do not buy yourself. The new version of the case, and vice versa, so and to a couple differences here. This one has a smiley face, the other one has amazon and then the little smiley face underneath it and standing with the inside. Here you have amazon little smiley face where the new one has the smiley face, and then again the camera is in over here instead of over there. Otherwise they look pretty much the same again and the dimensions are a bit different and of course my colors are different. Uh do stay tuned for my to my channel i’m gon na be making a crazy amount of different videos. Once i actually get the new tablet here, uh i have about 10 plus uh videos with comparisons. Unboxings set up all that good stuff reviews uh that i’m going to be making so do stay tuned to my channels, i’m, going to be doing a whole bunch of coverage on the new hd10 and hd10 plus i ordered both of them uh from best buy um.

I should be coming either today or tomorrow, so stay tuned guys. As always. I appreciate you watching hope you guys have a good one.