My name is cole coccomus and welcome back to my channel. So this is the brand new silver m1 ipad pro alongside the white magic keyboard. Now i know you’ve seen all the crates here on youtube about the 12.9 inch exterior display, but i think we’re, leaving behind this beast of a form factor that is the 11 inch. While i was a little tempted to drop the extra money in the high end model i’m, just in love with the portability that this thing offers before i was using a 5th gen ipad for school. So this is quite the upgrade i’m sure what you’re all interested in is the new m1 chip that was put inside keep in mind that you’re getting the same processor, the new macbook pro air and imax are all rocking, while my workflow so far, hasn’t been anything Extremely crazy i’ve definitely seen the power that this thing offers recently i’ve been playing a bunch of clash of clans on my iphone. So this was one of the first apps i downloaded with the 120hz pro motion display. The game runs butter, smooth and looks great, but i’ll get into more detail about the display itself. In just a moment. My last few instagram shots have been edited on here in lightroom and it’s been a great experience paired with the apple pencil. Editing photos has been a walk in the park. One of the biggest benefits of this 11 inch model over the 12.

9 is the price it starts at 7.99, as opposed to 10.99 for the bigger one, you’ll likely want to pick up an apple pencil magic keyboard to pair alongside it, so that already adds 330. As far as storage, both models start at 128 gigabytes, which is honestly quite disappointing for a pro device. I think that 256 is much more reasonable. I personally went with 512 gigabytes because i think it’s a good amount for me to store enough photos, videos, games, movies and other things like that. If you decide to go for either one or the new 2 terabyte configuration you’ll get a bump from 8 to 16 gigs of ram. But honestly, this thing does a really good job at multitasking that i think you’d have to be doing something extremely demanding for you to really require that much ram. So i mentioned earlier that here on the 11 inch model, we do not get that new mini led exterior display, which does kind of suck, because i’ve heard a ton of good things about it. Apple’S reasoning for not including it was that, in order to fit the new screen, the ipad would have to be heavier and thicker, which would ruin the portability of the 11 inch model. While this is a fair point, because the 12.9 inch model did actually get about a half a millimeter thicker, i do expect that in the next year, or so, we’ll probably see the new 11 inch with the exterior display and then they’ll take another thousand dollars.

It’S still sporting the same liquid retina display as the last model, but honestly i don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think the screen is fantastic. 99 of the people who use this ipad will not notice much of a difference day to day. If you’re, not watching a bunch of hdr content, i don’t really think it’s a big deal. I was genuinely surprised at how sharp everything looks on this thing. It can go up to 600 nits, which is still pretty bright, while it’s not new to the device. The 120 hertz promotion display is really great. I mentioned that i’ve been playing clash of clans on here, but games that take advantage of the refresh rate, look and perform amazing. The design is completely unchanged from last year, but honestly, i think it’s really clean and didn’t really need to be now talking about the white magic keyboard. This thing looks amazing. The magnet on the back gives the ipad a really cool floating effect. The butterfly switches give just the right amount of feedback and are super comfortable to type on. You also have no problem working the dark with the backlit keys using the ipad’s ambient sensor, they’ll automatically turn on when you’re in a dealing of that room. However, in my testing i was never able to actually manually change the settings while at first i was a little bit skeptical. The trackpad feels very natural and works well on ipad os functionally it’s exactly the same as last year, just with a new color.

Also, if you’re wondering the old magic keyboards will still work fine with this ipad, because the footprint didn’t change, while it looks damn clean i’m, not sure how long it’ll stay like that. But despite that, i had to stick with the white and silver color scheme. I’Ve been going with my apple products alongside the keyboard, you know i had to go. The whole lineup is the apple pencil this time around there’s, no new version, so the second gem honestly other than a possible space gray, color i’m, not really sure what they change. It’S super comfortable to hold in your hand and is extremely responsive when i’m drawing on screen, i feel virtually no latency. The cameras on here are actually quite good, but i don’t want to make it seem, like i’m, advocating for anyone to lug this around to take photos. The new 12 megapixel front facing ultrawide camera features a true depth sensor and 122 degree field of view. Also, this ipad introduced a new feature called center stage, which allows the camera to track and follow you so they’re, always in frame when you’re in a video call. This is honestly a really cool feature that works super. Well, it does a great job. Staying in your face, except when you’re in a dark room, which is to be expected, apple still, didn’t decide to change the awkward position of the camera on the left bezel, i found that i often cover the sensor with my finger when i’m trying to use face Id it’s, a bummer that we didn’t at least get the touch on desensit built in the power button, like is on the air, but i guess i’ll put that on the wish list for the next model.

On the back, you have a 12 megapixel wide and 10 megapixel ultrawide camera alongside a lidar scanner for ar the new thunderbolt port is extremely fast, allowing you to transfer files much quicker than you could with the usbc port from last year. It can also be used to connect to an external monitor if you want to really make this thing to a computer, but you will get those ugly black bars that are worsened by my ultrawide monitor. You can even connect it to the pro display xdr. At 6k resolution, but i think that may be a tad bit overkill once again. A benefit to the underdog 11 inch is that it’ll actually drain batteries slower than the 12.9 due to the display. This is great for students like myself or anyone who needs it to last, while on the go in the box, we get a usbc cable, along with the familiar fast charging, brick that you’ve seen the last couple iphones, even with all the power contained in this tiny Machine, i think it’s really restricted by ipad os. You don’t have that same professional software, like final cut pro premiere pro or xcode, also file management on the files app just isn’t great. At the end of the day, it is still kind of a tablet. I do have high hopes that for wwdc21, which is just a couple weeks away from when i’m recording, this they’ll learn some exciting news about ipad os 15 or, i think, that’s, what we’re on but anyways.

This is the 11 inch m1 ipad pro hands down the most powerful tablet on the market that has the same processor as the new line of macbooks. I do think that, because of the limitation of ipad os that i just mentioned, if you’re coming from a 2018 or even 2020 model, it may not be worth the upgrade. This is my first ipad pro, and this thing is definitely future proof easily gon na last me for the next four plus years, but then again, i kind of see myself splurging in the next refresh next year, so stay tuned to the channel. Let me know down in the comments, if you’ll be picking up the new m1 ipad pro for yourself for those who made it to this point in the video i want to say thank you. I really appreciate it if you enjoyed and want to see more tech content for me in the very near future, be sure to drop a like and subscribe with bell notifications.