Top 10 Distro Delves Awards!

So thank you very much for the idea and the name of the show, which is a homage to the dundees from the us version of the office. Now i’ve reviewed a lot of distros this year and most of the awards are based on feature episodes rather than live streams in the future. I […]

Phone / Tablet Requirements to play Diablo Immortal

We cover diablo immortal every single day and stream diablo immortal every day over on twitch. If you haven’t yet come through the twitch channel, make sure you do right now. It’S also linked down below in the pinned comments and in the description, so i want to see you guys live so make sure […]

6 Best Tablets 2020

Not only have we seen a number of new ipads hit the market after years of neglect, we’ve also had a fresh wave of android tablets hit the scene with microsoft, expected to unveil a fresh wave of surface convertibles and tablets in the very near future. There’S never been a better time to invest […]

How I take notes digitally: My best apps for PRODUCTIVITY!

Let’S get started Music now, let’s start with samsung notes that one. I really just got it installed on my tablet and i bought it it’s a samsung tablet, so yeah that’s how i got introduced to it, but it’s been working well, i’ve been using it in school. In charge, taking all sorts of […]

A different Laptop at this price point | Lenovo ideapad Flex 5 Review|

Welcome to yet another video in this video, i’m gon na show you that’s a product and come on let’s go into the video Music. This is lenovo ideapad, flex, 5 launched in july 2020. I have used it for around three months. I bought an august and still i’m using it for everything for […]

¿XBOX GAME PASS Goty 2020? / Lo nuevo del CREADOR de SILENT HILL (+ KeNews)

Estas de verdad, muchas gracias, felices fiestas y ojal, podamos tener muchsimos, ms aos para celebrar juntos. Lo que son las navidades, recientemente ser tambin el ao, nuevo y por supuesto. Lo que ms nos gusta disfrutar de los videojuegos en el vdeo de hoy, os traigo como es habitual noticias, variadas tambin opiniones y […]

Huawei MediaPad T5 WiFi Tablet-PC 25,6 cm (10,1 Zoll), Full HD, Kirin 659, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB inte…

Finde die grafik von tab. Auch sehr gut was nicht bisschen gergert hat ist dass der park micro, usb kabel nicht der schnellste, usb anschluss das, paket wurde sehr schnell geliefert und war, gut verpackt einfach super ein, wahnsinns, preis, leistungsverhltnis Musik der tablet, ist sehr gut ich kann nur empfehlen in zwei tage Nach […]

Tablet 10 Zoll, Android Tablet PC Qimaoo Android 8.1 mit 2 GB RAM 32 GB ROM Quad Core CPU, IPS…

Unter 100 euro zu kaufen was dann auch noch qualitativ zufriedenstellend ist aber ich bin positiv berrascht die bildauflsung ist super der ton.


57, pulgadas y 6, puntos 72 pulgadas el nova, 8 admite una resolucin, full hd, plus de 1080, por 2.340 pxeles una frecuencia de actualizacin de 90, hertz y una frecuencia de muestreo tctil de 240. Hertz el 98 prob admite una resolucin de 1.236, x 2.676, full hd plus con una frecuencia de actualizacin […]

[ 2021] Las 10 Mejores TABLETS del Mercado para Trabajar y Jugar

Por menos de lo que cuesta llenar el depsito, a primera vista nada. Ms sacarlo de la caja asegur que piensas bossio monada que ganas de ver vdeos de gatitos entonces lo entiendes y la pantalla de 7, pulgadas cobra vida te das, cuenta de que es mucho tablet. Para lo que cuesta y de […]

Acer ConceptD Ezel 3 (15.6") Review: Content Creator's Dream?

Now the concept d is geared towards content creators and they have some pretty unique designs and really nice processing power under the hood. So they sent me the acer concept, d3 easel yeah it’s, a pretty interesting laptop with a very unique hinge, it’s. A very similar hinge that we saw with the hp […]

ViewSonic TD1655 Touch Screen Portable Monitor – Full Review

We have ahmed again from in depth tech reviews and in today’s video i’m gon na review. The vue sonic td 1655 touch screen portable monitor. If you are looking for options online, you probably came across view sonic portable monitors, so in this video i’m going to help you decide if the td1655 is […]